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Case Mod Store Link *******www.mnpctech****/casemodstore.html Music: "747" by Lucy's Fur Coat Phenom 2.6 9900 2x 3870 X2 CoolerMaster Copper Sphere CPU cooler WD 400GB HDD 2GB OCZ PC2-8000 memory GB 790FX board 750W PCPC power supply Thermaltake 7" 5.25 Bay LCD Razer Lachesis Mouse Razer Lycosa Keyboard 4 Black SATA II cables (right angled/straight) Pioneer BD Reader + DVD +/-R/RW SATA MS Windows Vista Ultimate
29 Dec 2008
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It's episode 2! Yay! This one's all about Peach and Toad. Codes used are Giant Peach, Ride Peach, Flying Shy Guy Peach, and much more. Music used is The Gameshow. This wasn't the original audio, and it kind of ruins the video, so I'm going to post a video response with the original audio but a different song in the Giant Peach part. I hope you like it and here are the codes. All these codes are NTSC. (YE) = yoshielectron's code (SM803) = my code (O) = other Yoshi Egg in Wet - Dry World (YE) 80346C8B 0025 81346C9C 8018 81346C9E C0A0 81346CB4 4080 81346CB8 4080 81346E5E BA60 Pick up Toad (YE) 8134209C 8019 8134209E 56A4 813420C4 8015 813420C6 B690 80342207 00FF 803421B9 0000 803421BB 0002 81342116 0449 81342256 F3B4 8134225E F3B4 8034225B 0001 Play as Toad (YE) 8134B89C 8019 8134B89E 56A4 8134B8C4 8015 8134B8C6 B690 8034BA07 00FF Goomba Peach (YE) 80341BDD 0019 81341BDE 4690 81341C04 8013 81341C06 9360 80341D47 00FF 80341CF9 0040 80341D4B 0008 You can change the last number from 8 to whatever you want to determine how much damage Peach will do. Boo Peach (YE) 8034209D 0019 8134209E 4690 813420C4 8013 813420C6 9360 81342256 D8DC 8134225E D8DC 81342116 2049 Flying Shy Guy Peach (Mary Poppins) (YE) 8134209C 8019 8134209E 4690 813420C4 8013 813420C6 9360 80342207 00FF 8134225E F8A0 81342116 2041 Play as Peach (YE) 8134B89C 8019 8134B89E 4690 8134B8C4 8013 8134B8C6 9360 8034BA07 00FF Talk to Peach (YE) 81341C68 C216 81341C6C 444A 81341C70 C52B 80341BDD 0019 81341BDE 4690 81341C04 8013 81341C06 9360 80341D47 00FF 80341D0F 0014 Brown - Haired Peach (Daisy) (YE) 80132524 0004 8013252C 0004 81132526 0080 8113252E 0078 801344B4 0004 801344BC 0004 811344B6 0080 811344BE 0078 The Mario Color Code (SM803) 8107EC40 0077 8107EC42 2200 8107EC38 0077 8107EC3A 2200 8107EC20 8800 8107EC22 0000 8107EC28 8800 8107EC2A 0000 8107EC50 0000 8107EC52 0000 8107EC58 0000 8107EC5A 0000 8107EC70 0033 8107EC72 AA00 8107EC68 0033 8107EC6A AA00 8107ECA0 0000 8107ECA2 9900 8107EC98 0000 8107EC9A 9900 Pick up Peach (YE) 81341C56 0449 80341BDD 0019 81341BDE 4690 81341C04 8013 81341C06 9360 80341D47 00FF 80341CF9 0000 80341CFB 0002 81341D96 F3B4 81341D9E F3B4 80341D9B 0001 Ride Peach (YE) 8134209C 8019 8134209E 4690 813420C4 8014 813420C6 2190 80342207 00FF 8134225E D0BC Giant Peach (YE) 813424B6 B200 813424BE B200 813422FC 8019 813422FE 4690 81342324 8013 81342326 9360 80342467 00FF 80342419 0000 Well that's all the codes. If you have any questions on how to use the codes, feel free to ask. Thanks to James Boshikoopa (yoshielectron) for most of the codes. This video was done on an emulator so I'm not sure if some of the codes work on a Nintendo 64 Gameshark. Have fun. Sometimes the game will freeze if the codes are turned on in a place they're not meant for.
27 Oct 2009
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WAKA FLOCKA FLAME - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO For press/interviews: 678-272-0365 visit www.mizayentertainment**** Booking: Black Stiletto Booking - Jamie Dixon - 678.665.9900
18 Nov 2009
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Thank you for your time and thank you for watching. As you may already know, Rhinotire is the best and the most efficient tire protection technology in the world. It is much superior than all other competitors like RUNFLAT or liquid sealers because seals multiple punctures automatically with NO need to replace the tire after puncture - unlike the expensive Runflats, Rhinotire does not affect balance, does not mess up rims or sensors. It is the dream come thru for the bikers and racers. The only down side is that the process of making a regular tire to a Rhinotire is complicated and requires special equipment. In that equipment a special polymer (RhinoPlex) is heated up to a very high temperature, and then sprayed evenly inside a spinning tire. After cooling off, the tire becomes Rhinotire. The polymer will not pill, leak, freeze or move; it will seal the punctures automatically without air leak even from multiple punctures in the same spot, will not affect the balance, will make the tire safer and will reduce the noise by 30%. The opportunities for Rhinotire applications are very lucrative. If you have connections to any of the following: Government- Army, Police and Fire, road maintenance, municipality vehicles and school buses, Fleet vehicles - Rent a Car, Taxis, Armor, Ambulance, Telephone and television companies fleets, delivery trucks, OEM - manufacturers of tires, cars of motorcycles, truck and buses, mobile construction equipment, motor homes, trailers, farm equipment, ATV and recreational vehicles. Insurance companies - Keep in mind that Rhinotire drastically improve the safety, just like seat belts and ABS Breaks Rhinotire is the ONLY technology in the world that allows you to puncture proof tires on demand regardless of the brand or size. Currently we are looking for investors to place properly this exciting new technology on the market. In the mean time, it is my pleasure to present you the start up package and opportunity to become a Rhinotire dealer for your region. This is a limited time offer and will be in effect only until Sept 31, 2010. The prices are as follow: A7-1 Applicator is USD 12,000. One ton of Rhinoplex polymer USD 9900. Optional tire polisher USD 4500 Optional Melting pot USD 2500 (increase the productivity of the applicator by 300%-400%) Optional Spare parts package USD 450 Optional Metal brushes USD 200 per 100pcs. Shipping not included. One ton polymer is good enough to coat 1000 mid size car tires or 2000 motorcycle tires. You should be able to pay off the machine and make profit by selling the first half of that. You also will have the first opportunity to become an exclusive distributor for the region, If interested, email to: rhinotiregmail****.
24 Jun 2011
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Full length version *******badmintonmap****/video/205 Commented by Badmintonmap All England Badminton Open is the only badminton tournament has a history more than 100 years. Before Badminton became an Olympic game and World Champion Game was introduced, AEO was long deemed as the Mt. Everest for badminton players. Even today, when some tournament pays much higher than AEO, it is still widely accepted as one of the only three games where a laureate can claim a 'World Champion', along with Olympic Game and World Champion Game. This game between LIN and LEE has been long waited by most badminton fan around the globe. LIN and LEE are widely deemed as the only two best men's single players today. On the one side, LIN Dan has won 4 All England title along side with any championship he can ever play for, including Olympic, World Champion, Aisan Champion, etc. On the other side, LEE Chong Wei has long been ranked as No. 1 by WBF, but he has won only one majoy title so far: the 100th AEO Men's Single Champion. Will LEE defend his title? Or LIN will won his 5th AEO title? All badminton fans have the same question. I never gamble against badminton game. But if I ever did, I would have bet on LIN. Even thouhg LEE is the only player today who can give LIN a serious challenge, LIN has won majority of the games among two. He defeated LEE in Korean Open not long ago. However, the result of this game is a bit surprise to me. I have to say, this is a positive surprise: LIN's dominance on Men's single now seems seriously being challenged. For so many games I watched between these two greatest players today, I have to say LEE has better defense and net play. But on the offsense side, LEE is always short of those lighting-strike like attack that can win the point against LIN. On the contrary, LIN's explosive smash normally helped him excel with narrow margin. I am very happy to see that LEE finally improve the explosiveness of his attack while still maintaining his strength at defense and net play. LEE use to be too patient to wait for a better opportunity to smash when he play with LIN. This time, he plays much more aggressively and confidently. He now feels comfortable to attack where he use to wait for a better opportunity. And it pays out. As for LIN, his agility is in question. Particularly when LEE dropshot to LIN's right front court, where LIN has to turn his body and play with with back hand, LIN seems to have trouble to response fast enough. After the game when LIN was interviewed by reporters in China, he said he was swarmped by business activities like shooting TV ads recently. Maybe his waist injury also drag him slower a bit. There are some other interesting details here. LEE's coach has long been Misbun Sidek. But this time, we saw one more 'new' face. Rexy Mainaky, 1996 Olympic Men's Double Champion, who is famous for his fast and hard hitting. It seems he gave LEE quite some suggestions. Maybe Mainaky's style did encourage LEE to play more aggressively this time. Another change is LEE's racket, he is using latest Yonex VT80 racket this time instead of Amortec 900p he has been using for a while. Combining aerodynamic qualities of a Z Slash with the thin frame of a Nanospeed 9900 (not as thin as VT70, although the shaft is the slimmest in Yonex range) and given the racquet the head weight of an Armortec, it is claimed by seasoned fans as the best racket in years. Maybe this also gives LEE an edge?
18 Feb 2012
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An expedition to one of the deepest places in the ocean has discovered one of the most enigmatic creatures in the deep sea - the 'supergiant' amphipod. Amphipods are a type of crustacean which are particularly common in the deep sea and are found in greater numbers the deeper you explore. Typically deep sea amphipods are 2 to 3 centimetres long with the exception of the slightly larger 'giant' amphipod found in Antarctica which grows to 10cm. But scientists have discovered a 'supergiant' amphipod in waters north of New Zealand which dwarfs the Antarctic 'giant'. The newly captured specimen measures 28cm -- nearly ten times that of 'normal' amphipods. A 'supergiant' estimated at 34cm was also caught on film. The discovery was made during a joint UK and New Zealand expedition to the Kermadec Trench, north of New Zealand, led by scientists from the University of Aberdeen and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). Also aboard NIWA's research vessel Kaharoa were researchers from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and Whitman College, in America. Using specially built ultra-deep submergence technology designed by the University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab, the team deployed a camera system and a large trap to depths ranging from 6900 to 9900 metres. At depths of approximately 7000 metres, the team were hoping to recover specimens of deep sea snailfish which they have photographed before, but have not been captured since the early 1950s. Voyage leader, Dr Alan Jamieson from the University of Aberdeen's Oceanlab, said: "The moment the traps came on deck we were elated at the sight of the snailfish as we have been after these fish for years. "However, seconds later, I stopped and thought 'what on earth is that?' whilst catching a glimpse of an amphipod far bigger than I ever thought possible. It's a bit like finding a foot long cockroach." 'Supergiant' is a term coined by American scientists in the early 1980s after a few large specimens were caught off the Hawaiian Islands. Despite a few infrequent findings in the 1970s, the supergiant amphipod has not been reported since and has faded into the realms of rare and mysterious deep sea creatures, until now. These new sightings and specimens captured represent both the biggest whole specimen of supergiant ever caught and the deepest point these have ever been found. Seven specimens were caught in the trap and up to nine were photographed gathering around the camera system. The largest specimen caught was 28cm long while the largest seen by the camera was estimated at 34cm long. Dr Ashley Rowden, from NIWA in Wellington, said: "It just goes to show that the more you look, the more you find. "For such a large and conspicuous animal to go unnoticed for so long is just testament to how little we know about life in New Zealand's most deep and unique habitat." Dr Jamieson added: "The surprising thing is that we have already been to this deep trench twice and never come across these animals before. "In fact a few days after the discovery we deployed all the equipment again on the same site and we didn't photograph or capture a single supergiant; they were there for a day and gone the next." Now the challenge for the team is to determine whether these new samples are the same species as those from Hawaii, and then try to establish why, out of the hundreds of species of deep-sea amphipods, these ones have evolved to be so large. The supergiant and the fish specimens are current residing in Wellington New Zealand until later this month when the team's next expedition ends. The expedition was predominantly funded by the Fondation Total in France, with additional funding from NIWA and support from the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology, Scotland (MASTS). SOURCE: **********/news/details-11497.php
17 Apr 2012
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After a fierce battle between Niko and Cops, he decides to surrender to law enforcement to test his ultimate challenge yet. Escaping from Prison. Mods Used Prison Mod: *******www.mediafire****/?vbnmynwwzwn Wondering How I surrender in this Video? Well Download the MOD Pack and download only Ticket.cs and you're done. Credit Goes to HippieCommunist Mod Pack: *******www.gtaforums****/index.php?showtopic=474950&st=0 Realistic Gun Sounds: *******www.gtagaming****/downloads/gta-iv/weapon-mods/9900
24 Oct 2012
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Please keep in mind the Dev Alpha B is not running final software, nor does it have final hardware. Round 2 of the Browser Face-Off is HERE: ******* The Camera Showdown is HERE: ******* Which match-ups would you like to see? Post it in a comment below, and we'll make it happen! Video Details: This week, I borrowed a colleague's iPhone 5. With the help of another co-worker, we filmed a quick comparison video in a meeting room. Since the Dev Alpha B required a micro-SIM and I did not own one, my intention was to connect both smartphones to the Mobile Hotspot from a Bold 9900. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 refused to connect to the Hotspot even though the password was definitely correct (must be a bug in iOS 6). Thus, we improvised by having the Dev Alpha B run off Mobile Hotspot from the 9900, while the iPhone 5 was directly connected to the carrier. Since both smartphones ultimately connected to the same carrier (Fido) the test is fairly accurately. I expected the iPhone 5 to do better because the Dev Alpha B required one more step in getting carrier data. However, BB 10 still came out on top. In addition, the BB 10 OS shown is, not the latest developer release of, which is supposed to be even faster. We will be conducting further tests between BlackBerry 10 and other platforms this week. Which match-up would you like to see? Post it in a comment below.
21 Jan 2013
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Last year 2011 Smartphones Market has been dominating by Google Android and will continue most likely through next year at same time iPhone keeping it's market share and growing by introducing iPhone 4S . The Year 2011 Android OS device was Samsung Galaxy S2 but in 2011 the Galaxy S2 being Challenge by Samsung it's owen device Sasmsung Galaxy Nexus, Follow by HTC One X & S, Sony Xperia S, Motorola Razr X910, and most likely it would be some new rival such as Huawei Ascend D & LG Optimus 4X HD P880. Big failures are Nokia not much luck with Symbian Anna OS & now trying Microsoft Window 7.5 Mango on this coming Smartphone Lumnia 900. Blackberry has lost big time it's market share by introducing same devices such as Bold Touch 9900 & Blackberry Bold 9790.
3 Apr 2013
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Niko as a Robber trys to steal a clothing store which ends up in prison. Niko then escapes and find himself a battle with LCPD. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're wondering what Mods I use for GTA IV PC, well here they are. LCPD Crown Vic: *******www.gtapolicemods****/index.php?/files/file/212-ford-crown-victoria-cvpi-v25v/ LCPD Impala: *******www.gtapolicemods****/index.php?/files/file/214-chevrolet-impala-imp1-v37v/ ENB Series *******www.gta4-mods****/misc/1070-enb-graphic-mod-rev2-f10162 Realistic Gun Sounds: *******www.gtagaming****/downloads/gta-iv/weapon-mods/9900 Gun Mods: *******www.gta4-mods****/weapons Police Mod (LCPDFR): *******www.lcpdfr****/cops/forum/index.php/files/file/24-version-095-beta-1-automatic-installer/ Police Mod (Police Pursuit): *******www.policemod****/iv/ How I Install Gun and Car mods? Here's the tool SparkIV: ***********/p/gtaivtools/downloads/detail? ALSO Here the mods for GTA IV being realistic Mods Used Prison Mod: *******www.mediafire****/?vbnmynwwzwn Wondering How I surrender in this Video? Well Download the MOD Pack and download only Ticket.cs and you're done. Credit Goes to HippieCommunist Mod Pack: *******www.gtaforums****/index.php?showtopic=474950&st=0 and that's it, if you have any questions contact me thanks :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Computer I use to play games on high quality? ***********/site/Asus+-+Essentio+Desktop+/+AMD+Phenom%26%23153%3B+II+X6+Processor+/+8GB+Memory+/+1TB+Hard+Drive/1243364.p?id=1218240378508&skuId=1243364 Wanna Know about my Computer Specs? Go to the site on the above and click on Specifications. Did You Upgraded your PC? Yes Here are the parts I bought to make any game run smoothly on high. Graphics Card: ***********/site/NVIDIA+-+GeForce+GTX+560+Ti+1GB+GDDR5+PCI+Express+2.0+Graphics+Card/2146823.p?id=1218312181329&skuId=2146823 and Power Supply: ***********/site/Corsair+-+Gaming+Series+600-Watt+ATX+CPU+Power+Supply/1073679.p?id=1218217268656&skuId=1073679 And that's basically it, any game would now run smoothly on Rich HD settings. :D
24 Apr 2013
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