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Directed by Wilson Yip (Flash Point; Dragon Tiger Gate; SPL) and starring Donnie Yen (An Empress And The Warriors) in the title role, the award-winning wartime period action-drama IP MAN brings to the screen the fascinating life of the celebrated Chinese martial artist who famously became martial arts master to Bruce Lee and was the first person to teach the close range combat techniques of Wing Chun openly.
4 Oct 2009
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******* has great Wing Chun Books for excellent Kung Fu instruction. A great action flick pitting Ip Man in a fight to preserve the honor of his friend Sifu Liu, while taking on the evil Japanese General intent on starving the Chinese population by rationing rice only to those who can defeat his fighters.
14 Apr 2010
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See Ip Man defend his family, then go to ******* Japanese soldiers walk around neighborhood and see Ip Man's family. Soldiers threaten Ip Man's family, so Ip Man is forced to disable the soldiers.
16 Apr 2010
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has excellent Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction books for both the beginner and advanced student. This action loaded clip features the fight between the Japanese General and Ip man. Ip man has been threatened with death by the Colonel if he defeats the General. Excellent scenes demonstrating how the use of the strikingpractice pole parallels actual combat strikes.
18 Apr 2010
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8 May 2010
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******* has excellent Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction books for both the beginner and advanced student. After Sifu Hung's death, Wallace holds a press conference stating that his death was an accident. Twister proclaims any challenge from the Chinese will be honored because of his good will. Forever honoring Chinese pride and remembering Sifu Hung, Ip Man arrives and accepts Twister’s challenge. Although physically much larger than Ip man, Twister is very tough and able to absorb many strikes from Ip man while using his boxing skills to land many damaging blows himself. Midway in the fight, the British disallow Ip’s use of kicks, which prompts him to remember techniques and lessons from his past. Armed with these memories, Ip man discovers Twister’s weaknesses and puts him away. A great action sequence from this film!
9 May 2010
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Scene de combat du film Ip Man
28 Oct 2010
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The Legend is Born - IP Man (2011) Movie Trailer HD
16 Sep 2011
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Ip man 2 trailer fighting.
24 Sep 2011
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''In the last great war one man defied an empire...'' Release Date 2008 Directed by Wilson Yip Trailer music by Hayko Cepkin / Bertaraf Et Video Clip by Ender Dipli [E.D.] (Ip Man ''ALL RIGHTS RESERVED'' by © Beijing ShengShi HuaRei Film Investment & Management Co., China Film Co-Production Corporation, Mandarin Films Distribution Co., New Film Studio of Beijing Starlight International Media Co. Ltd., Shanghai Film Group, Time Antaeus Media Group) (Bertaraf Et ''ALL RIGHTS RESERVED'' by © Emi Müzik)
2 Jul 2012
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Ip man 4 official trailer teaser
5 Jul 2017
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Una play de faker que se ocurrio hacer esta edición xD. Jugador:Faker Pelicula: Ip Man 3 Editado con: Camtasia Studio 8
8 Mar 2018
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