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This sweet little girl looks so excited as she was to ride the slope. But her excitement turned into sadness.
16 Feb 2018
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This man must be an animal lover which was the reason he trusts blindly to his friends to enter into the hole, I am sure that I should not believe my best friend like this.
1 Feb 2018
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All Seasons Resort Cape Cod 1199 Route 28, South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, 02664 Massachusetts. Close to many of Cape Cod's most popular visitor attractions including beaches, golf courses, and shopping centers. Day trips to the Islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard via ferry are just minutes away. All Rooms gives guests Free Wireless High-Speed Internet Access. Guests can enjoy swimming in Pool, All rooms feature refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, Free Hot Breakfast, coffee makers and cable televisions. Hotel is near several popular attractions, Skull Island Sports World,
19 Jan 2018
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The Eerie Sounds of Saturn!! Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions, which have been monitored by the Cassini spacecraft. The radio waves are closely related to the auroras near the poles of the planet. These auroras are similar to Earth's northern and southern lights. This is an audio file of radio emissions from Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft began detecting these radio emissions in April 2002, when Cassini was 374 million kilometers (234 million miles) from the planet, using the Cassini radio and plasma wave science instrument. The radio and plasma wave instrument has now provided the first high resolution observations of these emissions, showing an amazing array of variations in frequency and time. The complex radio spectrum with rising and falling tones, is very similar to Earth's auroral radio emissions. These structures indicate that there are numerous small radio sources moving along magnetic field lines threading the auroral region. Time on this recording has been compressed, so that 73 seconds corresponds to 27 minutes. Since the frequencies of these emissions are well above the audio frequency range, we have shifted them downward by a factor of 44. The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter was designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The radio and plasma wave science team is based at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. **Source: NASA** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to like this video and subscribe our channel. THANK YOU!! --Facts & Knowledge
21 Jan 2018
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9 popular riddles in the United States/ Can you Solve them? Can you solve the 9 riddles which are so much popular in the United States! They are little bit tricky & funny too. Please don’t see the answer until you figured it out or totally messed up, doing this makes fun watching this cool riddles. Riddle #1 what never asks questions but is often answered? Riddle#2 I am tall when i'm young and i'm short when i'm old. What am I? Riddle#3 The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they? Riddle#4 how many months have 28 days? Riddle#5 what is at the end of a rainbow? Riddle#6 Whats full of holes but still holds water? Riddle#7 I am a protector. I sit on a bridge. one person can see right through me, while others wonder what I hide. What am I? Riddle#8 Whats easy to get into, but hard to get out of? Riddle#9 which weighs more a kilo of feathers or a kilo of bricks?
19 Jan 2018
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Today We are Introducing you How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card? Recreational cannabis sales commenced in California January onwards. But that does not mean you won’t need a medical marijuana card in 2018. Having a #MMJcard assures huge savings and numerous other advantages. In this video, we’re looking at how #cannabis users can #grow eight times more cannabis and turn their land into a massive #marijuana farm with a #medicalmarijuanacard. In case you don’t have an MMJ card, you can apply for one at our website. PROCESS: California’s big moment has finally arrived. Recreational marijuana sales are about to commence in the golden state January onwards. In case you were planning to head over to the nearest dispensary to celebrate New Year’s Day, we suggest you to not get your hopes up just yet. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but apart from the fact that proposed 45%tax on recreational cannabis would burn a hole in most Californians’ pockets, the fact is that most cities are not prepared to roll out #legalmarijuana plan in the first place. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is still developing an online system for businesses to apply for operating licenses. If that wasn’t bad enough, recreational marijuana users further face growing, #possessing and purchase restrictions on their cannabis use. To help you join in the New Year marijuana festivities, we’re here to help you stay updated with your state’s cannabis laws. In this video, we’ll provide a simple, comprehensive guide to show how Californians can purchase and possess higher amounts of cannabis. Legally, recreational users of cannabis are allowed to- 1. Possess up to one ounce of marijuana at a time. 2. Cultivate up to 6 plants, as long as they are out of public view. A medical card issued by a certified platform such as #OnlineMedicalCard, allows users to get instant medical cannabis #evaluations on their email address.
20 Jan 2018
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Concrete paving Houston has become in demand, as its durability doesn’t necessitate ongoing maintenance. In contrast, asphalt pavement is more susceptible to damage. Concrete paving not only eliminates pot-holes, but also provides stronger and abiding skid resistance than asphalt does. Concrete paving is considered to be safer than asphalt, as it is less slippery in wet conditions. Address:- 3015 Greenridge Drive, #30D, Houston, TX 77057 Phone:- (281) 888-8226
24 Jan 2018
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Classic Cycling's compact saddlebag features a covered zip to avoid rain and wheel-spray from seeping in – especially if you want to use it during the winter. It's big enough to house a multitool, tyre lever, an inflator, CO2 canister, patches and multiple spare tubes. Specially designed with the rider's bib shorts in mind. This saddle bag includes only one Velcro strap, strategically placed to avoid areas of contact. This keeps the velcro from rubbing against the rider's bib shorts and potentially causes holes.
29 Jan 2018
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LEDLightExpert com is definitely the popular name amongst all those looking for the ideal industrial lighting solutions at costs that won t burn a hole within the pocket Armed using a team of LED light professionals who re pros in installation and knows the A Z of LED lights prospects can pick from the colossal number of LED Floodlights 400 Watt Metal Halide Led Retrofit DLC lights DLC listed lights LED Corn Lights LED Retrofit Kit Parking Lot Led Retrofit and quite a few more provided in the greatest prices It really is the customer support group of LEDLightExpert com that makes the on line buying spree a hassle free one for the buying enthusiasts LEDLightExpert com is called the best on line seller of LED lights obtaining a selection in its item catalog that spellbound its competitors Having a group that is definitely properly aware of each of the nuances added benefits and positive aspects of LED lighting solutions for commercial desires also as residential ones, offering the best getting ideas of Corn Lights LED Retrofit Kit, Parking Lot Led Retrofit, LED Shoe Box Lights, LED Tennis Court Lights and also a lot much more comes simple to this on line retailer Most of the solutions and parts which are supplied come with a warranty of upto five years and are UL and DLC listed The value tags from the products are so well inside the reach of your clients that heading to this on line location for buyers has turn into a necessity when seeking for LED lighting solutions
6 Feb 2018
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The most amazing hole in one you will ever see.
6 Jun 2006
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The poor animal got stuck in a hole and couldn't get out, while humans hung around watching and laughing.
3 Jul 2006
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This baby is trapped in a hole that none of the men can enter because it is too small. Thank god they manage to get it out in the end.
9 Jul 2006
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He didn't notice the big hole and just fell right into it. He was pretty lucky - watch how deep it is...
3 Aug 2006
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