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We visited with the crew from MagnaFlow on the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour to learn that they're a step ahead of us in solving the issue of building a trick exhaust system for big Chevrolets from the late '50s and early '60s. We're building a 1959 Chevy Biscayne called Post Modern, and it looks like the new MagnaFlow system will be available just in time!
22 Jun 2010
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In this video Brad shows us how to use the "Hot Rod" on our hair.
25 Jun 2010
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Rod Lurie Video Interview Saturn Awards 2010 - For more movie news and interviews go to h -At last week's Saturn Awards, we managed to interview writer-Director Rod Lurie backstage after he won the award for Best DVD Release. While many of you might have missed his movie Nothing But the Truth which starred Kate Beckinsale and Vera Farmiga, it's a fantastic film with amazing performances. While it might be a bit out of place at the Saturn Awards as it's not geeky or sci-Fi, I'm happy he won for this very overlooked film. Anyway, after talking for awhile about Nothing But the Truth, we eventually got to what's going on with his remake of Straw Dogs. He talked about editing the film, the violence, what can people expect, and I asked him when will a trailer or poster be released. He went on to tell me the film features a 25 minute action scene at the end of the film and it's a hard R. We also talked about the TV show he's developing with Kevin Spacey as a cult leader and what else he's working on. Hit the jump to watch the interview:Rod Lurie Nothing But the Truth talk:50 - Has he had a lot of people coming up to him to talk about it now that it's on cable on DVD1:45 - What is he working on now. Talks about his new TV project that stars Kevin Spaceyand it deals with a cult leader2:50 - Says he's planning on being the show runner. Also says he wants to do 12 episode seasons like what HBO and Showtime does3:30 - Straw Dogs talk - talks about the performances, the cast4:55 - Talks about when they were filming in Louisiana and how people camped out at the hotel to get a look at Alexander Skarsgard5:25 - What is the release date. Says it's hazy right now. 5:50 - When is a trailer or poster going to be released6:25 - Not going to Comic-Con 6:40 - Watch as someone takes his trophy7:00 - He talks about the violence in the movie and the rape scene. Says it is a hard R and the ending is "very exciting". Says if you expect the film to be less controversial, you're in for a surprise7:55 - What was the toughest part of editing. Also crazy blond comes up to him to ask for a job%U20269:10 - Says the ending has a 25 minute action scene9:35 - What else is he writing now ttp://Www.Collider.Com
1 Jul 2010
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Monster Jam on Rigs of Rods!
1 Jul 2010
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34 ford hot rod nice bright orange paint job custom crome wheels down towm elmhurst IL hot car sweet ride
7 Jul 2010
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Classic hot rod with a custom exhaust at the KBPI car show hosted by Bandimere Speedway in Lakewood, CO.
14 Jul 2010
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Download File: *******gofreeupload****/DonovenJoenj4587558/FarmVille_Hack FV Hot Rod Tractor is a Windows software that lets you harvest/plow/plant plots easily in Zynga(tm)'s FarmVille(tm) Facebook(tm) application. It uses simply click to other plots legally when user click one of the plot. Your time is precious! It allows you to finish your work quickly in your farm.
15 Jul 2010
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George Hodos featuring Snoop Dogg - Just A Man (Rod Carrillo Rocket Club Mix) Original Release Date: April 1, 2010 Label: Republic Digital Distribution Copyright: 2010 Republic Digital Distribution Genres: House Website: ************/site/clubattitude23/ ATTITUDE Facebook: *******www.facebook****/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=100001210320497
19 Jul 2010
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Kelle spied this cool 1935 Ford pickup hot rod at the 2010 Somernites Power Cruise Power Cruise in Somerset, Kentucky. It's an all-steel tub with a '32 Ford grill shell, a Chevy 350 with 3 deuces, and it packs a 5-speed T5 manual trans. American Racing wheels, BFG tires, and a custom frame give this rod it's killer stance.
24 Aug 2010
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******* Hot Rod House sijaintina: Koko Suomi Lahti. Yrityksen päähakusanat ovat: asuste ja mekko. Lisätietoa saat soittamalla: 045-2632067, tai tule käymään toimipisteessämme osoitteessa: Rautatienkatu 12, 15110 Lahti. Verkkosivuillemme pääset yllä olevasta URL-osoitteesta.
9 Sep 2010
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Shoot energy projectiles out of your...uh...rod, and lay waste onto your enemies faces.
10 Sep 2010
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Follow our work on Facebook ( *******www.facebook****/pages/Latest-UFO-Sightings/107319052619656 ) or on Twitter ( *******twitter****/LatestUFOs ) Huge Rod UFO over Western Peloponnese, Greece 24-Jul-2010 Read more about this sighting: *******www.latest-ufo-sightings****/2010/07/huge-rod-ufo-over-western-peloponnese.html ----------------------------------------- *******www.latest-ufo-sightings****/ *******casinogames.ebettingstrategies****/
8 Oct 2010
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In this episode, guitar teacher Ben Brown explains the virtue and value of Hot Rods drum sticks.
16 Oct 2010
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New Music and Video Release by Lawrence Ramsay & The Wild Berries off the album 'Blowin' Cash'. Hot Rod Lincoln" was originally recorded in 1955, as an answer song to "Hot Rod Race", a 1951 hit for Arkie Shibley and his Mountain Dew Boys. Hot Rod Lincoln was written by Charlie Ryan. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen released a great cover version of this song in 1971. Arkie Shibley, who recorded a series of Hot Rod Race songs, died in 1975. Charlie Ryan died in Spokane, Washington, on February 16, 2008, at age 92. He was a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
21 Oct 2010
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*******Secretformulawebinarblog**** Success Secrets and must know tips for Rod Stinson's "Secret Formula Webinar" Ted Sims endorses 100%.
15 Nov 2010
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ROD STEWART ~sailing
23 Nov 2010
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