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..:: Syntax - Little Love ::.. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sometimes we all war and cry. Sometimes we all kill and die. Sometimes we are running blind. Sometimes only pain we find. I see you climbing mountains high. I see you paint vanilla sky. I see them scream I see them cry. I hear the old souls asking why. With a little love, with a little pain, Gonna work it out, gonna try again... Breathing out a broken breath. Breathing up until the death. Breathing eyes they're shut but wide. Breathing on the other side. Teaching right is right to fight, You'll die tonight... With a little love, with a little pain, Gonna work it out, gonna try again... With a little heart and a little soul, Gonna work it out, gonna try again... Mama had to say goodbye. Daddy's crying he never cries. Sister try to hold your face. Brother young the human race. Flying to a dangerous land. Remembering strength his fathers hand. Landing here to chance his fate. Arriving home it's golden gate. With a little love, with a litlte pain, Gonna work it out, gonna try again... With a little heart and a little soul, Gonna work it out, gonna try again... Children dying for our war! Politician warm behind closed door! Blood red is the common law! Children crying how much more! Feelings move a deeper thought... Feelings are so so distraught... Feelings I see blood red sky... Feelings of just why oh why... Sometimes we all war and cry...
25 Jun 2008
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A little love never hurt nobody, and if it ever did im sorry, invite me to your party, cuz my love will turn your party out!
26 Jul 2009
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Hi ya'll , Paula, Kraft, Equal, RWOP. I wanted to share with ya'll that I was spreading a little love and sharing with my co workers the result of my Chocolate Pudding Cake loaded with Philadelphia cream cheese!! Hope to see you in Savannah!!
9 Jun 2010
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​The Akademia Music Awards "Winner Best POP EP" One World 1 Love "featuring" Guylaine ​/ Juanita Brundidge Put a little Love in Your Heart, Recorded in English, French and Spanish ​ ​ Stand UP for World Peace 'One World 1 Love' has that ineffable magic which characterizes the best EP's to herald from what many now concede is the hardest genre to command; this artist has a huge future ahead in pop.'
26 Apr 2017
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How cute they are, a couple
27 Jul 2007
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This is a fun video I did to show the people how great Ron Paul is and how bad we need him as our next President
31 Jul 2007
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A fun look at all the designs in a silly, old time soap opera style story, enjoy!
10 Sep 2009
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The title speaks for itself, all harmless..just a little fun
23 Apr 2010
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Watch the Official EAT PRAY LOVE Trailer in HD In Theaters 8/13. When did your journey begin? Tell us on Twitter EatPrayLove. Become a fan on Facebook at *******www.Facebook****/EatPrayLoveMo... Visit the official site at *******LetYourselfGo****/
16 Jul 2010
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for kii .. :D
10 Sep 2010
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HaiDang (Nemo) - www.class07ct113****
7 Dec 2010
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... somente um pouco de amor...
7 May 2011
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14 Mar 2012
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By Nabra Lansh (singer-songwriter,composer) Every single child needs his mum. But what happens when a mother has no love to offer to her child ?
13 Sep 2012
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funny molly little cute hamster running in a huge wheel made by cake box. (ps. for the animal right activists, the hamster performed this stunt for a very short time in a well ventilated cake box).
16 May 2007
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somewhere looking for a pet. the little dog is so sweet.
16 May 2007
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