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Gil responds to an email asking for help from the poor child Little Nino.
14 Aug 2008
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The question is not what can Break a Leg do for you but what can you do for Break a Leg
17 Aug 2007
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Accessory Geeks Present: *******www.accessorygeeks****/ *******www.accessorygeeks****/accessory-geeks-haiti-relief-fund.html A 7.0 earthquake nearly takes down a Haiti but we can all show our support by not ignoring Haiti's plea for help. Do what you can to help- even it means to wish for the best. We know you all will show your support because you can always trust a geek. \ If you decide to donate make sure you have an account with us so you may gain Accessory Geek reward points, but it is not necessary to have an account to donate. Thanks to Macboy Productions for intro/outro ***********/user/MacBoyProductions
27 Jan 2010
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Daniel is on the run from being sent to live with the father he does not know after Judge Jarret from Brisbane Magistrates Court ordered he live with him. There is much documented evidence of family violence that Jarret does not care about, and the independant lawyer Amanda Steiner wont convey what he wishes so he has uploaded his own plea for help. Judge Jarret also sent a three year old girl to live with the father who sexually assaulted her and prevented this girl from having any contact with her mother. To top that off he sent another mother to jail for not turning up to court as she had no funds - obviously the higher courts overruled the matter but this menace is still a Judge. About time he got the boot dont you think. Listen to Daniel and what he has to say because the idiot Jarret refuses!
15 Jun 2012
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June 8, 2011(2:20) Democrats distance themselves from Weiner; Saudi Arabia can’t raise OPEC production; Zawahiri releases threat; IU Parents plea for help.
9 Jun 2011
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