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Patch (Robin Williams) brings joy to the patients in the Children's Ward, but Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton) isn't laughing. TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: ***********/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=Patch%20Adams&tag=movieclipscom-20&index=dvd&linkCode=ur2 Scene: The Children's Ward - *******movieclips****/KtGQ-patch-adams-movie-the-childrens-ward/ Movie Details: Patch Adams (1998) - *******movieclips****/i3SDY-patch-adams-movie-videos/ Cast: Aaron Alexander, Amadeius Cheadle, David Cooper, Jamieson Downes, Bob Gunton, Wesley G. Haines, Peter Idiart, Tim Johnson, Alberto Rocha, Joseph Trefry, Robin Williams, Lorri Holt, Kate Keith, Cameron Brooke Stanley, Domonique Tate, Jena Marie Thomas Director: Tom Shadyac Producer: Alan B. Curtiss, Allegra Clegg, Charles Newirth, Devorah Moos-Hankin, Marsha Garces Williams, Marvin Minoff, Mike Farrell, Steve Oedekerk, Tom Shadyac Screenwriter: Maureen Mylander, Patch Adams, Steve Oedekerk Film Description: Patch Adams is a 1998 comedy-drama film starring Robin Williams. Directed by Tom Shadyac, it tells the true life story of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams and the book Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter by Adams and Maureen Mylander. The film is generally considered a box-office success, grossing over twice its budget in the United States alone. However, it was poorly received by most critics. Plot: The film tells the story of Hunter "Patch" Adams (Williams), a medical doctor who became famous for his unconventional approach to medicine. After attempting suicide, he checks himself into a mental institution, where he gradually bonds with his fellow patients. During this time he is inspired to become a medical doctor, and discovers that he is able to forget his own problems by helping others. Two years later, he enrolls at Virginia Medical University (a fictitious school shot at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus) and he is the oldest first year student. He questions the school's approach to medical care, and clashes with the school's Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton), who believes that doctors must distance themselves from patients. Because of this and other incidents, including a prank during a medical conference, he is expelled from the school, although he is later reinstated. Adams develops a relationship with a fellow student, Carin Fisher (Monica Potter), and develops his idea for a medical clinic built around his philosophy of treating patients through humor and compassion. With the help of Arthur Mendelson (Harold Gould), a wealthy man who was a patient whom Patch met while in the mental hospital, he purchases 105 acres (425,000 m²) in West Virginia to construct the future Gesundheit! Institute. Together with Corin, medical student Truman Schiff (Daniel London), and some old friends, he renovates an old cottage. When they get the clinic running, they treat walk-in patients without medical insurance, Patch performs comedy sketches for the patients, such as wearing thick glasses and pretending to be near-sighted. Corin is fascinated by Patch's talent, and their friendship turns into romance. She reveals to him that she had been molested as a child and had always wanted to become a butterfly to escape her torment; Patch reassures her that she can overcome her pain to help others. More encouraged than ever by Patch and his spirit, Corin wants to help a disturbed patient, Lawrence "Larry" Silver (Douglas Roberts), by visiting him at home. Larry turns out to be far more disturbed than anybody had expected, and he murders her, turning the shotgun on himself soon after. Patch is devastated and guilt-ridden by Corin's death, reconsiders his outlook, and questions the goodness of humanity. He contemplates suicide, but tells God that Heaven is "not worth it" and turns to see a butterfly. He then realizes how Corin mentioned to him that she always wanted to be a butterfly, and decides to continue his work in her honor. Dismissed from the school for a second time because he ran a clinic and practiced medicine without a license, he files a grievance with the state medical board at the advice of his former med school roommate, Mitch Roman (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and must attend a hearing where it is decided whether he can graduate. Patch is able to convince the board in a final speech that he did his best to help the people that came to him, stating that treating a disease of the body is a win-or-lose situation, but treating a person's spirit guarantees a win regardless of the outcome. He encourages medical students to cultivate relationships with nurses and learn their interviewing skills early, and argues that death should be treated with dignity and even humor. In the end the jury accepts Patch's medical methods and decides to allow him to graduate. He receives a standing ovation from the packed hearing room. Even at graduation, Patch cannot help but be a non-conformist. After handing Adams a diploma, Wolcott...
3 Jul 2011
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