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3:15 This is an great weighted ab exercise that will work the entire mid-section. Decline bench sit ups are one of my favourite abdominal movements and this is an advanced variation of the decline bench sit up.
5 Sep 2009
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1:14 Proven Abdominal Exercises - Lose your belly fat and get six pack abs - Ab exercises like crunches, sit-ups, and ab machines are the LEAST effective method of getting flat six pack abs
15 Sep 2009
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Core Training | Abdominal Training Scottsdale Arizona with top trainer Scott White: join now:
22 Sep 2009
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Professional football legend Joe Theismann joined leading physicians, patients and advocates today to kick-off "Find the AAAnswers," a multi-faceted public education campaign designed to saves lives from abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), by increasing the high number of people at-risk for this life-threatening condition, to seek a low-cost ultrasound screening. To view Multimedia News release, go to
23 Sep 2009
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Swiss Ball Abdominal Training, learn how to train your Abs with Top fitness expert Scott White: join now:
9 Oct 2009
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0:26 is a site that allows you to freely, anonymously and easily track your life's goals. It features a host of tools to help turn your life into one of distinction across several fields, from health to finances and everything in between. This abdominal side bends animation from our Fitness tracking module.
4 Oct 2009
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6 Pack, Abdominals or Flat Tummy
11 Oct 2009
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The Best Core Abdominal Exercise Stomach Exercise Fitness Equipment ABs The Best Core Abdominal Exercise Stomach Exercise Fitness Equipment ABs
17 Oct 2009
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How to burn abdominal fat
20 Oct 2009
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1:10 FREE Fat Loss Tips Video: Unusual Tips to Lose Your Stomach Fat abdominal fat
7 Nov 2009
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Devon Pollard Abdominal Workout at Golds Gym in Bloomfield, CT
24 Nov 2009
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This exercise works 4 different muscles in the abdominal area. Excellent for supporting your back and developing that 6-pack.
25 Nov 2009
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" And Get Started Immediately Taking Action on the Secrets for Revving up Your Metabolism, Stripping Off Stubborn Belly Fat, and Getting Rock Hard Sexy Abs Weird Tips - Ab Machines | Abdominal Fat"
15 Dec 2009
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1:57 Visit Now to download you free gifts Honest Source - Abs Abdominal | Abdominal Exercises
18 Dec 2009
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Learn the SHOCKING TRUTH about why you are not getting the flat 6 pack abdominals you want. Find out the eye-opening truth that will change the way you LIVE.
23 Dec 2009
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This is an amazing workout routine that you can use! Intense Abdominal Workout!! 11/25/09 Hey hey hey this is yours truly Blake the Elite Fitness Trainer! Today we hit the abdominals!! HOOAHH!!!! We will be targeting the upper abdominals, the obliges, and the lower abdominals. Your abdominals are a very big muscle. So doing abdominal exercises are not going to get you abs. You have to work your entire body, eat right, and have interval training to really see those amazing results. Now will it be hard?? Yes, but we will fight through it and we will succeed!!! Hooahh?? HOOAHH!!!!!! We will do this together, there is no individual workouts, I will be there with you! Now as I have said before, your body doesn’t want to burn fat, it wants to keep it. That is why with the right nutrients and workout, you will be burning fat, instead of muscle. Here are the rules like always: 1. Do the recommended reps!! 2. Take Little or no rest! 3. Focus on completing this Workout! Drive to see the results that you want! Explode your muscles, put them into shock!! Circuit 1: Abdominal!! 1. Basic Crunch with knees up: 30 reps 2. Twisting Crunch with knees up: 30 reps. 3. Russian Twist: 30 reps. 4. Double Crunch: 30 reps. 5. Rotating Leg Raises: 30 reps. 6. Kick ups: 30 reps. Now this is going to help build those muscles, that are underneath that fat. We work all of the abdominals throughout this workout. So doing this circuit once will really build the muscle. Circuit 2: Core and Stability 1. Forearm Plank: 30 seconds 2. Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds. 3. Side Plank: 30 seconds. 4. Spiderman Plank: 30 seconds. 5. Suicide Plank: 30 seconds. So this circuit is for building a stronger core. This is timed because you need stability in your body. Meaning balance for your body. Your core is what holds everything up. So this means the stronger the core, the more flexibility and strength you will have. Now as I have said feel free to do this circuit as many times as you want.
5 Jan 2010
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