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Visit *******www.yummydvd**** or *******stores.ebay****/Yummy-DVD-Home-Entertainment to purchase! Shot on location in Chile, Donald Sutherland narrates this moving portrait of the Chilean women who defied Pinochet’s dictatorship armed only with sewing needles and scraps of cloth from the clothes of their “disappeared” loved ones. Music by Sting.
24 Jun 2008
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14 Sep 2008
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Funniest scenes: Supernatural [2x15] Tall Tales Enjoy! :) You have to be a fan of the series to fully understand these scenes.
19 Dec 2008
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The world of UFOs and Aliens is filled with controversy, speculation and mystery. What are the UFOs? Do they exist in reality or are they drawn from somewhere within the mind of man? Do they they emanate from another dimension altogether or are they ancient archetypes that we have forgotten with the sands of time? The Archetype of the UFO tackles these dilemmas head on, going where few UFO documentaries have dared to go before. As we near 2012, we now need to abandon any previous notions about this phenomenon and delve deeper into this fascinating realm that lures the entire human race toward its future destiny. Be prepared to think again, outside of standardized reasoning and journey with us into a new paradigm on this controversial and mounting subject. Joining O. H. Krill and Philip Gardiner in this search is Nick Pope, the real-life Fox Mulder with his incredible and unique insight from his days leading the British Ministry of Defence UFO Project
16 Sep 2008
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Angelina Jolie plays a mother of a kidnapped child who goes through the corruption of the police and psychiatric doctors who wish to cover up the fact that the boy they returned to her was an imposter while her real child was still missing.
23 Oct 2008
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Say No to Strangers was developed for 1st and 2nd grade children so it is simple and not frightening like many other films of the same genre. In the film, children learn safety rules at school and must apply them to situations as they arise in the real world. A group of kids talk to a man who is trying to interest them in his dog, but the kids walk away. Later, they don’t comply when a woman tries to get them to get into her car, and they avoid a dark alleyway. The film also makes the frequent point that policemen are there to help kids, "Remember, the policeman always is your friend." After their adventures, the kids make posters of the rules they learned.
29 Oct 2008
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MajorAluminumm and Dr S.
28 Oct 2008
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This is some of the sick footage I obtained from the *Freedom of Information Act* from the Authorities. Leo Breemer went through my sister's garbage, looking for "treasures." THis is the resulting footage. Please go to *MISSINGSISTER.COM* & help me find her! Pleasseee! I love Sima so much!
13 Nov 2008
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UFO HUNTERS on HISTORY, Wednesdays at 10 PM. THE REAL ROSWELL - New evidence suggests there was more than one UFO crash near Roswell. On July 8, 1947 at 5:26 EDT, an Associated Press news wire announced that soldiers from Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico recovered a "flying disk" from a nearby rancher's property. The tiny town of Roswell has never been the same. Now, 61 years later, new theories, new witnesses, and new evidence have emerged. The most shocking lead is that there may have been a second crash, and if it can be found, it may finally reveal what really happened at Roswell. For more info, please visit *******www.history****/minisites/ufohunters
20 Nov 2008
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A very disturbing view of the condition of the culture called "Popular". For the love of God, we had better do something about what is popular for our children's sake.
24 Nov 2008
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28 Nov 2008
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Leo Breemer, pretending he was filming a documentary, tricked my sister Sima into believing she was giving him a "tour" of her neighborhood in Queens. He is sick! Please go to missingsister**** to share info and see more video of this predator. GO to MISSINGSISTER**** to help
30 Nov 2008
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UFO HUNTERS on HISTORY, Wednesdays at 10 PM. ARIZONA LIGHTS – In 2008, strange lights in the sky return to Arizona and gain national attention. On April 21st, 2008, one of the most talked-about incidents in modern UFO history opened a new chapter – the Phoenix Lights. At approximately 8:00 PM, several residents reported seeing a formation of four lights that reminded them of the group of floating lights that appeared above Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997. But few realize there was another event reported state-wide during that original evening – a huge triangular object observed by witnesses from the Nevada-Arizona border to as far south as Tucson. James Fox, the filmmaker behind the seminal UFO documentary, Out of the Blue, joins the team as they travel to Phoenix to re-open one of the most reported incidents in UFO history... and find out if the lights have returned. For more info, please visit *******www.history****/minisites/ufohunters
2 Dec 2008
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UFO HUNTERS on HISTORY, Wednesdays at 10 PM. ALIEN FALLOUT - A family drive turns into a UFO nightmare…The UFO Hunters team re-opens this and other famous cases of alleged “alien effects” to determine if UFOs are leaving behind more than just sightings. For more info, please visit *******www.history****/minisites/ufohunters
10 Jan 2009
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Hailey Madison is believed to have ran away Wednesday morning 1-7-09, from her grandmother's residence in Nortonville, KY. Several attempts to contact her since then have failed and no one has reported seeing her since that time. If you have any information that will help lead her to her whereabouts, please contact the Nortonville Police Department at (270) 821-1720.
14 Jan 2009
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UFO HUNTERS on HISTORY, Wednesdays at 10 PM. UFO STORM – In 2008, a plague of UFO sightings erupts in Great Britain. In May of 2008, the UK’s Ministry of Defense made decades’ worth of classified files on UFOs freely available to the public. For more info, please visit *******www.history****/minisites/ufohunters
13 Mar 2009
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