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When at IDEX, the largest arms and defence technology sales exhibition in the Middle East, you have certain expectations, which our bespoke custom exhibition stands can easily exceed. Don’t expect any less from XS Worldwide, one of the the leading exhibition stand contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; our clients at IDEX 2017 didn’t, neither should you. Contact us today!
18 Dec 2017
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Wedding is although a great and amazing day for each and every people have many dreams which they want to be fulfilled. Of course everyone wants to make this special day as memorable but if you are willing to celebrate your day in Indian tradition way then you may need assistance of Indian wedding planners in Abu Dhabi. The wedding planners are very well informed with each and every tradition followed by Indian wedding keeping every ritual as an important one. There are number of rituals which are followed in an Indian wedding starting from engagement to wedding reception. Indian wedding planners are professionals and they make every function more than a tradition which fills each moment with lots of enjoyment and make it the most memorable day of your life. Indian wedding traditions and customs which make the wedding more memorable: Engagement: It is an auspicious day when the couple exchanges the ring in front of their family and friends and accepting each other as their future life partner. It’s not less than a wedding reception but not even more than it. It is carried with music, dance, entertainment and lots more. It is not as grand as reception but still a memorable day for the couple which connects their heart with each other for the rest of their life. Henna: Every girl love to apply henna on her hands. A day in girl’s life when she applies henna on the hands for her fiancé which is generally bought by the groom’s family. In this ritual only females from both side family members take part and enjoy a lot with lots of fun, music and lot more and make the day memorable. Sangeet: It is a celebration which is held before the wedding ceremony for the bride-to-be and her friends including relatives. It’s a party in which families and friends from both the side do participate and enjoy the day with dancing and singing. Often people choose the famous songs sung by popular singers or the traditional songs. This party is followed by food, beverages, and dance galore.
21 Dec 2017
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Corporate events require utmost attention to detail. Whether you are organizing an event for 500 members or an outdoor meeting for your colleagues, it’s better to hire a corporate event planner in Abu-Dhabi which can help you in executing your event with professionalism and a lot of care. Corporate events differ a lot form the normal events. Corporate event planners are highly skilled in organizing and helps to run smoothly. By hiring them you can focus on your attendee. Event planners plan and execute a successful event for your company and make it a grand success. Best ways to find the best corporate event planners: Making to hire an event planner company for your day is a great step to ensure that your event will be a success. Finding the best corporate event management company is not an easy task so to help you to find the best event planner, here are few ways which will simplify your search process that perfectly meet your needs and requirements. Clarify the purpose of the event: Before you begin search for a planner, first decide why you are organizing an event and why you want to hire an event planning company. Just be clear with your thoughts and you should also know what exactly you want from an event planners. Here are the key areas in which event organizers can help you out throughout your event. • Venue Selection • Catering services including vendor selection • Entertainment • Communication Start your search: Once you get to know why you are organizing your event and what you want from the event management companies then you can start with the search. You should always look for a well-known and experienced company who can help you out in any situation. Meet with the company: Meeting with the company is very important step. You want to have a face to face meeting with the event planners you have choose for your event. During the meeting just discuss each and everything with the event planning company so that they help you in your event.
10 Jan 2018
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Of course birthdays are special for everyone but making it more special for the day can give happiness to your beloved ones regardless of age and relation. What is your choice of celebration from many choices? There are number of people with different likes and dislikes and also own taste of celebrating their birthday in their own style. If you really want to make their birthday special and memorable then first you need to decide birthday venues in Abu-Dhabi, because there are a lot of venues so from those you need to choose the best venue to add a spark in your party. If you are finding any difficulty to decide then just make a list of venues and segregate them as per the best birthday party packages provided by those venues and then you can select as per the budget and requirement. Tips for making your theme party memorable: There are many things you need to be concerned while birthday party planning in Abu-Dhabi. If you are finding any difficulty in selecting the birthday theme then you can take assistance of birthday organizers in Abu-Dhabi who will guide you properly about the themes, birthday decorations and birthday party ideas which is required to organize the most amazing day of your beloved ones. Below are tips which can help you to organize a birthday theme party: Pick a Theme: The very first thing is to decide a theme for your party. Anyone would love that a favorite theme party has been arranged for them. When you decide a theme it will be easier to go and plan about decoration and the rest arrangements. Just decide one or two birthday theme so that if one doesn’t work out you will have the other option ready. Decide the venue: This makes a lot of difference to all your arrangements. So make a decision that where will the party be held. So just make a list of birthday party halls in Abu-Dhabi and select the best one to make the day more special and memorable. Decoration: Since it’s a theme party you can find many decoration ideas according to the the
12 Jan 2018
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Planning a party successfully is not everyone’s cup of tea. It take lot of time and effort to plan a party which turns out successful. To plan a party which is perfect you need the help of professionals who can turn out your party a successful one. Party planners in Dubai are there to help you out with their team who is creative and also they have innovative party ideas which will give you a light to your party and make your day more memorable and also exciting. Few tips to simplify your party and make your day memorable. Plan and shop early for the party: Planning for the party earlier is very important because you can make all the arrangements on time and never miss out anything. Also you can shop each and everything you want for the day and don’t miss anything in the last moment. Time is very important while planning a party. Start planning for the special day before 4-5 weeks so that you don’t miss out anything. Make use of To-Do-List: You can make a list of the planning arrangements and make utilize of to do list. Just note down all the planning and all the arrangements because it will be very helpful to your party planning and will be an amazing day for you. Don’t make cleaning complicated: Every women is much tensed when it comes to cleaning purpose. But don’t be stressed out for the cleaning purpose. Parties are meant to be fun so don’t ruin your party and don’t get carried away. Cleanliness is very important while party planning in Dubai. Follow up with your guests: The biggest worry every people have about party planning is whether the guests they invited will make up to party or not. So follow up with your guests so that you can make arrangements according to the guest list. And also you can select the party venues according to it.
8 Jan 2018
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The New City next to Abu Dhabi
18 Oct 2006
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Koenigsegg Abu Dhabi Showroom Sweden's Koenigsegg Automotive, the maker of Koenigsegg 'supercar' that has a top speed of over 400 kilometres per hour and costs up to 868000
17 Dec 2007
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Get a live look at the awesome Cityscape exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The opening day had two hour queues of people trying to get in and was described as "Like a Wild West Gold Rush. Come see what all the fuss is about at Citiscape Abu Dhabi 2008
1 Jul 2008
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Abu Dhabi and the Middle East in general is known for its amazing hotels. We get to go inside the inner sanctum of the Royal Meridien and check it out.
17 Jul 2008
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Abu Dhabi is a surreal place. Check out this exclusive look at the future of this crazy city which is looking to increase its visitors ten fold in the next 5 years. A Louve Museum, Guggenheim. You can't knock their ambition!
11 Jun 2009
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Ever wondered what expat life was all about? We get the insider's view of life in Abu Dhabi, Middle East. Great insight into what goes on behind the scenes including the Mall running club and other quirky things
17 Jul 2008
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Free SUCCESS downloads at *******www.keystosuccessclub****/yourgifts Touted as the island of happiness, Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi is an extraordinary vision that will transform Abu Dhabi as a cultural tour de force and tourist mecca including the Louvre, Guggenheim museum Come on this extraordinary tour with Mark Taylor, Keys To Success Club
5 Oct 2008
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