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World's best marketing firm: This is the power video marketing can have on your business. Be number one.. Accept no less.. Than perfection. "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" - Steve Jobs.
28 Mar 2012
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Season premier episode for new video series BEHIND THE SMOKE. Behind the Smoke gives a look into the real life of professional Formula Drift driver, Daijiro Yoshihara. In this episode Dai introduces us to his passion, drifting and also his team mates. GTChannel's cameras will follow Dai throughout the 2011 FD season. Shot both on and off the track, drifting fans will get an exclusive look into what it's really like to compete in the top drifting series of N.America. Behind the Smoke is produced by GTChannel in association with Discount Tire/America's Tire, supported by Falken Tire and GoPro.
2 Aug 2012
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Video by S M Jamshed Asmi Cont; No 03009252594
14 Nov 2012
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1:12 L. McPherson of US Invest is talking about the return of confidence when talking about the housing market.
16 Nov 2012
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Being overweight leads to restraints which often qualify an individual to get disability under Social Security's rules. individual listing for obesity, however it was taken out in 1999. Soon {produced SSR 02-1p that identifies information on how Social Security sees obesity in deciding whether you could be disabled.
30 Dec 2012
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In the new issue of GQ, Robert Downey Jr. admits he's getting an Oscar no matter what.
16 Apr 2013
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4:40 Laser Tooth whitening in Dallas has never been easier! One of the first things others notice about you is your smile. Our dental procedures help you improve your smile by "turning back the clock" - laser repairing the imperfections in your teeth caused by decay, darkening caused by aging, stains from food/drink, and moving your teeth back into alignment. Whiter teeth, in about one hour by this dallas laser dentist. It's that simple. Years of yellowing as well as harsh staining from coffee, cigarettes, and red wine are almost magically laser erased in the time it takes to get a haircut, a manicure or lunch. All-porcelain crowns and bridges can be used to replace missing or severely decayed teeth. White fillings look more natural than the "silver" fillings for minor decay. Veneers can reshape teeth or reduce spaces between teeth, as well as cover permanent surface stains.
22 May 2013
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1:33 Listen to Dr. Gartner as he explains about Smart Lipo and Regular Lipo.
29 Jun 2013
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Iron Man 3 was plenty sinful, so much so that we turned over to our fans the keys to the sin counter. This entire video -- every sin, every outtake, the bonus round, and even the sentencing -- is fan-suggested.
8 Oct 2013
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Kris Jenner said, "When you have a tough decision to make and you finally make it, it's always a relief to come through that process, but it is a process."
18 Dec 2013
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Car companies make cars according to what the stars want.
26 Sep 2006
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At least 25 people were killed early Sunday, including at least 19 children, when missiles struck a house where many were huddled in the basement, according to Red Cross and Lebanese army officials at the scene. Reports of the death toll varied, as is often the case with an event as chaotic as this. News agencies reported that more than 50 were killed, citing conflicting numbers from officials and eyewitnesses.
23 Aug 2006
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The Cloisters is the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to the art and architecture of the European middle ages. The Cloisters is located in New York City, specifically Fort Tryon Park near the northern tip of Manhattan island on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. The Cloisters include the museum building and the adjacent 4 acres (16,000 m²). The collection, which includes a small chapel and various artifacts incorporates elements from five medieval French cloisters: Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Bonnefont-en-Comminges, Trie-en-Bigorre, and Froville. These disassembled European buildings were reassembled in the park (1934/38) setting with gardens planted according to horticultural information culled from various medieval documents and artifacts.
4 Sep 2006
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If Getting Your Financial House In Order—Saving More And Investing For The Future—is one of your goals, you’re not alone. Research shows consumers’ lack of financial sophistication is a serious, and growing problem. According to the research, only half of the soon-to-be-retiring boomers have saved 50-thousand dollars, while 15% have saved nothing. Most Americans will not have enough cash to live the lifestyle they do now when they retire. Now learning how to make smart financial and investment choices may be as close as your local public library. Two nonprofits - the American Library Association and the Investor Protection Trust - are launching the Investor Education your library® program. There are more than sixteen thousand libraries nationwide, and many are ready to offer free investment seminars for consumers who want to invest more wisely. The Investor Education your library® seminar has been developed and will be conducted by the Evelyn Brust Foundation.
17 Dec 2006
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As part of Child Passenger Safety Month, car dealerships around the country are hosting child safety seat inspections throughout September. Thousands of dealers are expected to participate in the “Boost for Safety” awareness campaign, sponsored by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), developed in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More than 40,000 child passengers under age four are injured or killed in car crashes annually, according to NHTSA, and over 50,000 children between four and eight years old are injured or killed riding in cars annually. Approximately 40 percent of children under the age of eight who die or suffer serious injuries in fatal car crashes are completely unrestrained. For more information on child seat safety and the “Boost for Safety” campaign, as well as a partial list of participating dealerships, please visit
6 Nov 2006
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A just judge rules what is right according to the law.
18 Dec 2006
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