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Accoustic Cover of "Hai junoon" from the movie of "New york" by Vocalist Akshi & Pooja Chaudhary Hope you like it. Video credits: Vocals- Akshi & Pooja Guitar- Akshi Originally Credits Singer: KK Music: Pritam Lyrics: Sandeep Shrivastava Movie: New york Hit Like and Share if you enjoyed it.
15 Apr 2018
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this is some rare material shot back in 1924. k_chico had an accoustic session going on and somebody filmed it. found it on some film roll. digitally remastered as far as that was possible.
6 May 2007
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I came up with this a while ago, to demonstrate why it is important to learn scaales and chords at the same time.+tap your bend and sound like a whammy bar, even on an accoustic! I urge you to rate this high so that others may suscribe to this channel and learn the professional way!
15 Sep 2007
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my mate tony playin "rewind" upside down... feel free to coment on this vid...
14 Apr 2008
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hi guys hope u like this song, as its my first song i ever wrote (the day b4 i made this vid) ,feel free to make a comment and please rate ,go easy on me coz im only a begginer...hehe
4 May 2008
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tony and nelson again!!! just for our loyal
24 Jul 2010
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Site internet : www.myspace****/dabwmb**************************************************************************** AFREECA KENKENKE parle entre autre de l'Afrique qui a tendance à être complexé, il faut que les africains soient fières de leur langue et que celle-ci soit presente en avant et là seulement ils pourront être vraiment libre. Les présidents africains parlent dans les medias en francais ou en anglais mais où est l'Africain sans sa langue ?.... Cette chanson s'adresse également à tout ceux qui veulent LA VERITE, LA JUSTICE EN CE MONDE POUR TOUS. C'est ensemble que nous construirons un monde meilleur, un monde ou tout le monde a sa place car tout le monde a déjà sa place mais les détracteurs sont là pour endormir les cerveaux. ***************************************************************************************** AFREECA KENKENKE speaks about Africa complexed so that African puts their dialect ahead and there only they will be really free. Africans presidents speak in English or French on tv or radio but where is the African without his language ?.... This song is for all who want TRUE, JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD FOR ALL. It’s together we’ll build a best world where everybody can live but the oppressors are here. We must fight. *********************************************************************************** L'Afrique est la poubelle du monde mais elle survivra même malgré les complexes... Africa is the garbage of the world but it will survive even of the complexes... En famille, au village, ni électricité, ni eau courante, juste des ânes et des chevaux et des charettes et sa guitare... In family, in town, neither electricity, nor tap, just water and horses and his guitar...
7 Nov 2008
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Original Arrangement on guitar! Never seen, or heard this on guitar!
24 Sep 2007
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A cover version of 'God Save the Queen' by Sex Pistols. evilbrainproductions****
13 Aug 2009
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8 Mar 2011
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26 Jun 2013
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Ever seen "malaguena" (flaminco) guitar played on STEEL strings? accoustic/electric?
24 May 2007
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Me playing aroung with an alientype accoustic version of the Bee Gees classic I started a joke
12 Apr 2011
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1 Apr 2013
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This is a video I shot for the Band Three Beards during an accoustic practice
23 Dec 2017
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