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A short lesson on how to make an acoustic guitar sound like it has a whammy bar on it.
11 Jul 2008
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20 Jul 2008
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Ellis Stomp Box is the original hand crafted amplified acoustic solid timber box which you tap with your foot to provide a rhythm to accompany your stringed instrument playing both in the Studio and in a live situation. Also known as a foot pedal, cajon, stomp board, percussion box, wood drum djembe, porchboard, rhythm box, hand drum, bass drum, bass drum pedal, hand pedal, beat box, chicken box, percussion instrument, wood drum, wooden drum and many other names around the world. The Ellis stompbox is used for innovative percussion, latin percussion, as a drum trigger, solo guitarist foot rhythm, foot percussion, hand percussion, indian percussion, folk music percussion, country music percussion, high hat simulation, and is known for it's flexibility, durability, compact size and ease of use. Ellis Stompbox Players include Harry Manx, Phil Keaggy, Bjorn Berge, Jamie Cullum, Joe Camilleri, Michael Fix, Don Ross, Bruce Mathiske and many more from around the world.
22 Jul 2008
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Learn the basics of mic placement, EQ, pick-up use, and panning for an ideal acoustic sound. Videos here are in parts - for free downloads of the full, uncut, high quality videos, go to *******www.ivideosongs****/search/tutorials.aspx
31 Jul 2008
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Dry Acoustic Flooring with Fermacell. Fast installation, alternative to wet screed. Environmentally friendly & no plastering required
9 Aug 2008
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Hey, my names lachlan and this is nothing else matters by metallica on my magnum semi-acoustic. I got the tab from www.ultimate-guitar**** and its a power tab. If you don't have power tab editor its free and you can download it from *******www.harmony-central****/Software/Windows/powertab.html
17 Aug 2008
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How To Play Acoustic Guitar Learn The Secrets
22 Aug 2008
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LIVE Acoustic from Forever the Sickest Kids. We filmed their acoustic set in San Francisco. Here's some footage of a few songs from that set.Enjoy! Want to see anything else, let me know. I will go and film it for ya.
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.howtoplayonguitar**** This site reviews the Best How To Learn Acoustic Guitar resources and sites. Caution! Avoid Mistakes! View the independent reviews here before starting your Guitar lessons.
28 Aug 2008
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First and foremost, Boston is an engineering company, and every Boston system is optimized to meet the highest performance standards (our own). Of course, performance is only one measure of value. So we’re careful to build all our products with strict attention to everything from the choice of materials to the fit and finish. It’s how we’ve been exceeding the expectations of serious music listeners for nearly thirty years.So check out the latest in Boston Acoustics with the following showcase of the Solo, Duo and Duo-i products.
29 Aug 2008
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*******www.AndyRogersMusic**** - Here is an unplugged "acoustic worship" version of the opening song from Mercy Tracks Me Down
30 Aug 2008
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If you want to know how to play acoustic guitar as part of band, this is the video for you.
31 Aug 2008
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resonator tricone dobro steel guitar with acoustic bass drum *******www.tompo**** *******ellisguitars****.au *******ellisguitars**** *******customguitarshow****/ Blending the sounds of Delta slide greats such as Blind Willie Johnson and Robert Johnson with his own eclectic past experience and training in classical guitar and heavy metal, Tompo is a 27 year old Australian blues musician with a big voice and a quietly endearing stage presence, using his guitars, blues harp, stomp-box and shakers to convey his heartfelt songs of ‘good news blues.’
8 Sep 2008
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Brian Kennedy, producer of Rihanna Disturbia, tx 4 the props. Acoustic 2-piano cover of Rihanna Disturbia performed live by Two4One. Check out our original songs *******www.myspace****/two4onemusic and ***********/Two4OneMusic
19 Sep 2008
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A Foreign Acoustic song.Its smooth and slow.
23 Sep 2008
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thats is my first attempt of playing x japan - tears acoustic.. sorry for the video and sound quality.. my firts time recording.. please rate and comment it.. *******
3 Oct 2008
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