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Alex welcomes back to the show constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein, who will talk with Alex about recent decisions on the Fourth Amendment, specifically the Indiana Supreme Court ruling that citizens may not challenge law enforcement during raids. Fein was a top Justice Department official during the Reagan administration and has heavily criticized every president since. Alex also talks with television host Adam Kokesh, who was arrested with several other activists participating in a flash-mob at Jefferson Memorial for silently dancing in response to a ruling by a federal judge that the practice at the memorial does not show due reverence. Alex talks about a recent New Mexico Supreme Court decision allowing police in that state to violate the Second Amendment and confiscate firearms. He also covers the latest news and takes your calls. ___________________________________________________ *******infowars**** ******* *******prisonplanet**** ___________________________________________________ Alex jones authorizes the use and distribution of his materials for non-profit, educational purposes. Keywords: alex jones show "alex jones show" radio "alex jones" constitutional lawyer bruce fein "bruce fein" fourth amendment "4th amendment" "fourth amendment" indian supreme court ruling law enforcement raids justice department "justice department" reagan adam kokesh "adam kokesh" flash mob "flash mob" jefferson memorial "jefferson memorial" new mexico supreme court second amendment "2nd amendment" firearm gun confiscation 911 truth infowars prison planet
1 Jun 2011
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Http://Www.Freedomsphoenix.Com/Article/053651-2009-07-18-Life-On-The-Road-With-The-Liberty-Rider.Htm The Phoenix R3volution Saddles up in a motor home and Heads to Meet the Liberty Rider Michael Maresco and to jump start the Kokesh Revolution and show the patriots in Santa Fe just exactly how to wage a propaganda war. And We have already WON! One the way the Brave patriots travel across Arizona by bicycle and perform outreach on the people in Arizona. The patriots move down I-40 from the New Mexico border to Winslow, Flagstaff, Seligman, and Kingman traveling 70 miles per day. Visiting with Sheriff's and freeing Minds *******Www.PhoenixBizTV.Org *******Www.PhoenixArizonaBusiness.Org*******Wwww.FreedomsPhoenix.Com
9 Jul 2009
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