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You and Your Joints A joint is the connection between two bones. Joints and their surrounding structures allow you to bend your elbows and knees, wiggle your hips, bend your back, turn your head, and wave your fingers to say bye-bye. Smooth tissue called cartilage and synovium and a lubricant called synovial fluid cushion the joints so bones do not rub together. But increasing age, injury -- even sitting the wrong way or carrying too much weight -- can wear and tear your cartilage. This can lead to a reaction that can damage your joints and lead to arthritis. The best way to care for your joints is to keep them and your muscles, ligaments, and bones strong and stable. Here are some tips for good joint health. Watch Your Weight for Healthy Joints Keeping your weight within a healthy range is the best thing you can do for your joints. Weight-bearing joints, such as your knees, hips, and back, have to support some, if not all, of your body weight. That's why so many overweight people have problems with these areas of the body. The higher the number on your bathroom scale, the more wear and tear you put on your joints. Losing weight reduces pressure on your knees, hips, and back and helps prevent joint injury. Research has shown that with every pound gained, a person puts four times more stress on the knees. Exercise for Healthy Joints Exercise can help you lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Some research suggests that aerobic exercise -- activities that get your heart rate up -- can reduce joint swelling. If your joints bother you, opt for exercises that won't give your joints a pounding. Instead of step aerobics, try low-impact exercises such as swimming or bicycling. Another healthy idea: Don't sit still! Couch potatoes, computer addicts, and all who remain glued to a chair all day long have a high risk for joint pain. Less movement means more stiffness in your joints. So get up and get moving. Change positions frequently. Take frequent breaks a
10 May 2017
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In this video you can see why you should reduce the addiction to foreign oil and what your contribution might be.
13 May 2017
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If you are a fashion addict or you simply want to change your hairstyle without altering your natural hair then European hair wigs are for you! They are made with natural hair which leaves them feeling just like normal hair to the touch. The perk of the European hair wigs which you can get at Bloomsbury Wigs is that they can be washed, dyed and styled according to your wish without it being damaged!
15 May 2017
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17 May 2017
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Addictive 2D physics puzzle and skill game... Easy to learn and very challenging to play! Suitible for all ages with 3 different game modes, such as "Random", "Sequence" and "Endless". Simply drop the 72 different blocks on the ground and let them not fall over the edges. Each block has a different shape and color, hence different properties. Orange is light, green is simple, blue is slippery, lila is sticky, pink is jumpy and red is heavy. In the "Random" mode is the order of the spawning objects randomly chosen. In the "Sequence" mode is the order always same, where you can try over and over again to find the best strategy. In the "Endless" mode are the blocks also ramdomly generated, but if you let one fall the game isn't over, however you get a penalty point for each one. • Very realistic 2D physics • Challenging and entertaining • 6 colors and 12 shapes to handle • Easy to learn and simple controls • Playable in landscape and portrait • Full game controller support* • No in-app purchases or ads • No internet required How to play? Just click left or right to steer the block while it's in the air and click the drop-button to let it fall. Your goal is to place as much as possible blocks on the ground without letting them fall over the edge. To be succesful, you'll need logic, patience, timing skills and experience. The more you play, the better you'll get and have fun!
18 May 2017
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How to quit smoking via Bioresonance therapy is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking tobacco is addictive and you can safely get rid of it with bio resonance therapy
19 May 2017
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Being a Wakefit mattress I would definitely say that it’s a good mattress that help you to maintain good body posture while you are sleeping. After using Wakefit memory foam mattress for couple of months I would love to say that it’s a good mattress. Now I am a Wakefit mattress addict because I can’t sleep without it. For more details of the Wakefit products
22 May 2017
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A public service announcement from The Brandon Show about My Space addiction. Watch this short to find out if you're addicted.
28 May 2006
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Amazing video: Iranian leader Ahmedinijad admits he is addicted!
8 Dec 2006
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Addictive Football is similar in style to the great games of yesteryear such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. Play 5-a-side rules on a variety of different pitches with 5 different game modes to choose from. Including Knockout Cups and League style games as well as a Custom Game Mode where you set the team skills yourself. More info and the demo can be found at *******www.addictive247******/addictivefootball.htm
30 Jan 2007
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If you exhibit these symptoms, you may suffer from addiction to the newest hit game: Guitar Hero 2 for Playstation
19 Jan 2007
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A very funny and creative docu-drama about humans who struggle with Elmo Addiction. How are their lives destroyed by this little toy? Find out for yourself.
20 Jan 2007
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Using the Custom Game mode and the Team/Player Name Editor in Addictive Football (www.addictive247******) we setup a Liverpool V Everton match. The CPU plays as Everton. Enjoy!
24 Jan 2007
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Try this addictive game and see for yourself how far you can go before crashing
1 Feb 2007
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This film is about a deaf guy who is addicted to the tv. Something went wrong after his roomate show up.
11 Feb 2007
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Hop On and Buckle Up... We're Goin Flyin... Then please..., take a moment to Rate This Video. Thank You. I do appreciate it. There will be more clips by, FlyFreedomRoad. Series - WARNING: Risk of Addiction. I hope you enjoy and will Book Mark and Share this Clip. Your help and input or advice is welcome. Thanks Again and FLY SMART.
19 Feb 2007
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