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MySpace Friend Me *******www.myspace****/psychtruth Pleasure, Pain & Addiction, Psychology by Shannon Why do things like video games, the Internet, sex, porn, drugs, gambling, coffee, chocolate, etc. become addictive? This video was produced by psychetruth ***********/psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth *******psychetruth.blogspot**** Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul *******www.tubemogul**** © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Feb 2011
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Four brothers who have inherited the “gambling bug” of their progenitors feel cursed and unable to shake the addiction. All four attempt to cure themselves of the bug, but the youngest is the only one finally able to do it. Some scenes from their 19th century riverboat gambler ancestor are also played by the same actor who plays the youngest brother. The film is based on a novel by Edgar Wallace.
22 May 2008
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www.newliferecovery**** was the birth child of my own recovery. My life changed when I got sober, which I was scared to death of. I thought life would be boring if I ever stopped drinking. Actually, on a deep level I really thought I could never stop. As a functioning alcoholic my life looked ok on the outside, great job, nice home, cars and all the stuff. However, on the inside I was deeply lonely and always felt afraid. After the age of 30 I quit getting DUI's, and better controlled my drinking but if I went out to party, no telling what could happen. That is the baffling part about alcoholism, and what I have since learned, is that if a person cannot predict with any certainty what will happen after they take a drink, they are probably an alcoholic. The bottom line is that I finally got to a place where the hole in my soul so was big I no longer wanted to live. If I had any idea what sobriety meant, I would have tried it long before. If you are at that point where something needs to change, let me suggest to you that there is a better way. Call or visit us at newliferecovery****-we are recovered alcoholics and addicts, and we can help point you in a new direction.
24 May 2008
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Griffin struggles with her treat addiction in the opening episode of Catervention.
26 May 2008
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Dan Dan Pocky Addiction Fanime 2004 - #02 Schoolgirl
20 Jun 2008
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Why I believe addiction leads to success.
3 Jun 2008
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A video about ADDiction!
10 Jun 2008
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Drug Addiction is a scare tactics video which attempts to illustrate the dangers of marijuana as a gateway drug for callow youths such as the main character, Marty, who we see spiral down from one hit of reefer to heroin and jail time. Slippery slope arguments follow a litany on the dangers of marijuana and the bad side effects of marijuana. Featuring great shots of Chicago’s Juvenile Protection Association, this film captures stoners and drug addicts drinking from broken Pepsi bottles, buying drugs on the street, stealing from family members, and sitting in court for their crimes. Marty is eventually jailed, then rehabbed and reformed to his previous “good boy” status through hard physical labor and playing checkers with his fellow ex-addicts. This retro movie that contains hilariously dated marijuana facts and opinions on smoking weed. The physical effects of marijuana particularly emphasized.
11 Mar 2009
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Crystal meth addicts can get help with crystal methamphetamine addiction here at methaddicts****
18 Jun 2008
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This is my first attempt at a conventional narrative of personal experience. It is meant to relate my effort to quit smoking with the green movement at large. I intend for it to be a subjective account of the psyche of an addict as he relates the larger problems in the world to his own personal ones. DISCLAIMER: The name of the tree is not confirmed.
19 Jun 2008
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This poor kid is so addicted to runescape, that it's not even funny anymore, .... or is it?
1 Jul 2008
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Once an error is clearly and fully understood, it need not be repeated. Addiction is to the false Self. Drugs and Alcohol are just self-medication trying to alleviate the pain caused by that addiction. Visit:*******the-drug-addiction-treatment.blogspot****/
12 Feb 2009
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Local Coffee Shop extends itself to help the recovering addict through sober coaching program sober coaching recovery coffee shop help addiction
17 Jul 2008
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Learn how to bridge the gap between rehab and transition back into society Sober com was featured on WBPF news channel 25 in Palm Beach County httpwww sober com The story was about the recovery coaching program that has been established by Harold Jonas and is gaining popularity across the country addiction sober recovery sober com help sobriety support treatment
9 Feb 2009
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This story shows how the recovery coaching program brought to you by Sober com changed the life of one recovering addict httpwww sober com addiction recovery addict sober coaching drug rehabs drug treatment relapse prevention recovery coaching
9 Feb 2009
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This is Clive Worth is second book, (Internet Dating Kings Diaries), and again the most amazing book I have ever read because it is full of true stories on how Clive Worth his alcohol addiction turned into sex as he slept with more than 1001 women, he now has two books out, this one, (A Serial Shaggers Guide to Internet Dating), 2rd is, (Internet Dating Kings Diaries),
31 Jul 2008
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