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Educational vide describing the condition of the shoulder known as adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. The patient loses the ability to perform active and passive movements of the shoulder joint.
6 Apr 2012
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*******www.frozenshoulderpainblog****/uncategorized/defining-frozen-shoulder Frozen shoulder is the general name for adhesive capsulitis.
26 Jan 2010
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Frozen shoulder treatment at *******www.BackCareTreatment**** by chiropractors in San Diego at New Century Spine Centers. Discover latest stretches, diagnosis, and treatment of adhesive capsulitis also known as frozen shoulder syndrome. Shoulder injury can cause shoulder and neck pain. It can also refer pain down the arm. Consult with your doctor prior to starting any stretching program.
2 Jun 2011
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Anatomy for Massage Therapist by Real Bodywork, from our 74 minute DVD. Vital information that every therapist should know! Learn the function and anatomy of each system, corresponding diseases and disorders, & examples of bodywork techniques that affect each system. Journey through the skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and muscular systems. This video has hundreds of images and animations to make learning easy and fun! This DVD covers the following conditions: Fractures, Osteoporosis, Spondylosis, Shin splints, Postural deviations, Hypertension, Varicose veins, Diabetes mellitus, Heart attack, Hematoma, Swollen glands, Fever, Edema, Lymphangitis, Chronic fatigue, Hodgkin's, AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Peripheral neuropathy, Encephalitis, Spinal cord injuries, Stroke, Headaches, Strain, Trigger points, Fibromyalgia, Muscle cramps, Frozen shoulder, Subacromial fibrositis, Adhesive capsulitis, Supraspinatus tendonitis. This DVD also covers the location of over 30 bones, the name, action and location of over 50 muscles and defines over 20 specific body system structures.
14 Dec 2008
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Natural Frozen Shoulder Therapy (Adhesive Capsulitis). Correct Frozen Shoulder Quickly? Miraculous support? *******www.NutritionAnswerman**** phone# 800-597-7325 Dr. Ray Wisniewski, Pittsburgh
24 May 2009
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Natural Frozen Shoulder Treatment (Adhesive Capsulitis). Eliminate Frozen Shoulder Quickly? Miraculous support? *******www.NutritionAnswerman**** phone# 800-597-7325 Dr. Ray Wisniewski, Pittsburgh
28 Sep 2009
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