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School Information System Our Administration Module is the heart and soul of EdConnect System. Its main purpose is to manage all the Sschool administration work such as: new student & staff login details, student details, exam details, timetable details, and more. It's an effective tool to maintain student admission process and saves all student records
12 Mar 2017
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AxpertTM HMS : An ERP for Hassle Free Hospital Management Here and now the word “digital “ is getting more cliché than ever and the reasons behind it is ,no business entity wants to get deprived from it for the obvious reasons . It becomes ubiquitous and is a much efficient way to reach people , get their feedbacks ,queries and revert them back accordingly. Technology comes as a boon for hospitals these days, which makes the hospital management so easy and lucid. It has created a trouble free way out for hospitals, for managing their everyday’s stuff by using an appropriate ERP for them. To puzzle out the quest for some proactive solutions by finding the crux of the problems like Proper Inventory Management,Efficient Human Resources and New Technologies for Evolving the ways of Treatments,Contemporary Treatments, Networking amongst the Different Departments across the hospital and etc. AxpertTM HMS (Hospital Management System) is an ERP developed by Agile Labs, which aims at providing a Transparent, Effortless, and Easy flow of Hospital Management. It primary designed to mitigate the bafflement amongst the doctors, staffs, patients and other ground staffs. The thought behind of this ingenious ERP is to make it a user friendly product which is easy as pie to conceive even by a Layman/Amateur .If Doctors are the caretakers of a society then AxpertTM HMS (Hospital Management System) takes care of them by being as a reminder, overseer, and a constant companion. In addition to that AxpertTM HMS is a Patented Product which is built on the reliable AxpertTM Platform and it is utterly ready to spread its charisma on all over the hospitals around the globe .It is certainly future ready and some of its Components / Modules are worth giving a thought. Key Modules Front Office OP Registration & Visit Management Doctor Schedule & Appointment Management IP Admission & Bed Management
13 Mar 2017
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Our parents Aishwarya & Anand speaking on the intellectual mind growth of their daughter Sahana after placing her at Aachi Global School. For admissions please reach us on +91 99620 95567 #ags #aachiglobalschool #parenttestimonial
20 Mar 2017
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Before applying to your first college you had better make sure you do it right. You might not get a second chance. Doing everything right in the college admission process is key to standing out against other college applicants. These 10 college admission tips could mean the difference in getting into your first choice school and sitting out a semester. Visit to have colleges apply to you.
27 Jul 2007
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1:56 Anna Ivey, graduate admissions consultant and friend of the Financial Aid Podcast, was recently interviewed about trends in college admissions and waitlists.
12 May 2008
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Free videos on College Admissions and Financial Aid. For High School Students and Parents
25 Oct 2008
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The video for The Cost of Admission, by seminal Toronto band Blue Dog Pict's from their critically acclaimed album "Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines," was originally completed in 1996 and has never before been seen by the general public! SECRET: If you look very closely you can find a young Kevin Drew bouncing around in the crowd alongside DJ Shine. Look for it at iTunes.
8 Oct 2008
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Tips on how to "ace" your college admission application and get into the college you want
9 Oct 2008
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1:58 Free video reveals 3 tips to writing a killer college application or college admissions essay. More free information at
22 Oct 2008
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Statement to DYFS worker under emergency is admissible. State v. Buda 195 NJ 278 (2008) The trial court did not abuse its discretion in determining that the child’s statements to his mother and the DYFS worker were properly admitted into evidence as “excited utterances” under N.J.R.E. 803(c) (2). The Child’s statements were not testimonials and, hence, their admission at trial did not run afoul of the Confrontation Clause. KENNETH VERCAMMEN & ASSOCIATES, PC ATTORNEY AT LAW 2053 Woodbridge Ave. Edison, NJ 08817 (Phone) 732-572-0500 (Fax) 732-572-0030 website:
20 Jan 2009
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Penn & Paper has been helping students prepare brilliant admissions essays for years. Whether you're applying to college, business school, law school, medical school or graduate school, you can trust Penn & Paper's editing services to make your personal statement shine. Visit -
3 Jul 2009
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Penn & Paper has been helping students prepare brilliant admissions essays for years. Whether you're applying to college, business school, law school, medical school or graduate school, you can trust Penn & Paper's editing services to make your personal statement shine.Visit -
3 Jul 2009
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Here's what one college admissions coach is doing with his new seniors before Labor Day. Here's what is likely if you don't have proper guidance. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jul 2009
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College admissions help must come from a pro, and someone who knows how to market a student to a college. This is the guy. Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Jul 2009
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This website is an informative website and one stop place for education. I bookmarked it the first scale teacher and college freashman admissions.lesson plans teacher fot teacher k 12 and be a power teacher
28 Jul 2009
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College admission can be painful. Here's a fast instruction on what you can do about it now. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Aug 2009
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