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Kidney disease often goes undetected in the general population, but children and adolescents are at an even greater risk due to the nature of the causes of the diseases and the ambiguity of the symptoms. In adults, 90% of cases are related to glomerular based renal disease caused by diabetes, hypertension and glomerulonephritis, which cues physicians to suspect kidney disease. In children, 70% of CKD is associated with tubulointerstitial disease and lack the obvious symptoms such as hematuria (red blood cells in the urine), hypertension (high blood pressure) or edema (swelling). (1) Adding to this difficulty, children might not be aware of some of the changes that are impacting their body and will not always let their parents know of potential issues. Common symptoms for children are: Swelling (even mild) of the hands and feet and/or puffiness around the eyes caused by excess fluid build-up, to the point where the child’s ability to move around normally is compromised After initial swelling, socks or a belt can leave an indentation in the skin that will persist Lack of or decrease in appetite. In children with ESRD it is especially important to keep their appetite up because transplant eligibility is based partially on growth.
28 Jun 2017
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Every child is different and residential treatment centers that attempt to apply a standardized treatment program for your child is probably not a good fit. The staff at Elwyn’s residential treatment centers understands your child’s specific issues, as well as their needs and goals. Elwyn’s residential treatment centers located at their Media campus provides intensive behavioral assessment and treatment for children and adolescents, from ages 6 to 20. Elwyn’s residential treatment centers focus on children who have a range of disabilities from autism spectrum disorder to unresolved chronic behavioral issues. Their program uses a holistic approach in assessing and treating the “complete child”. Program services include a warm, family-like cottage setting, educated and clinically trained staff, active therapies and special on campus education. Therapies also include community integration and active family participation. Elwyn’s comprehensive evaluation and individual treatment plans benefit your child by tailoring a program that matches directly with your child’s needs. This personalized approach makes your child feel more engaged, enriched and empowered. To learn more about Elwyn’s residential treatment centers, call 610-891-2000
10 Jul 2017
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Radiation damage to tissue and/or organs depends on the dose of radiation received, or the absorbed dose which is expressed in a unit called the gray (Gy). The potential damage from an absorbed dose depends on the type of radiation and the sensitivity of different tissues and organs. The effective dose is used to measure ionizing radiation in terms of the potential for causing harm. The sievert (Sv) is the unit of effective dose that takes into account the type of radiation and sensitivity of tissues and organs. It is a way to measure ionizing radiation in terms of the potential for causing harm. The Sv takes into account the type of radiation and sensitivity of tissues and organs. The Sv is a very large unit so it is more practical to use smaller units such as millisieverts (mSv) or microsieverts (μSv). There are one thousand μSv in one mSv, and one thousand mSv in one Sv. In addition to the amount of radiation (dose), it is often useful to express the rate at which this dose is delivered (dose rate), such as microsieverts per hour (μSv/hour) or millisievert per year (mSv/year). Beyond certain thresholds, radiation can impair the functioning of tissues and/or organs and can produce acute effects such as skin redness, hair loss, radiation burns, or acute radiation syndrome. These effects are more severe at higher doses and higher dose rates. For instance, the dose threshold for acute radiation syndrome is about 1 Sv (1000 mSv). If the radiation dose is low and/or it is delivered over a long period of time (low dose rate), the risk is substantially lower because there is a greater likelihood of repairing the damage. There is still a risk of long-term effects such as cancer, however, that may appear years or even decades later. Effects of this type will not always occur, but their likelihood is proportional to the radiation dose. This risk is higher for children and adolescents, as they are significantly more sensitive to radiation exposure than adults.
16 Jul 2017
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Call Me Sonya Grey A Young Girl's Poems About Death, Life & Adolescence SONYA TUPONE LLOYD This personal collection of poetic verse is at once inspiring and challenging. Beginnng with the loss of her mother at age nine, Sonya began collecting her thoughts in 40 poems in a diary from early childhood through her twenties. She describes the daily battles of self-image and self-expression she experienced growing up after the passing of one parent and the estrangement of another. With the death of her mother, Sonya lost a part of everything she had known. Two states away, she finds herself with a different family, school, friends, home and a new name. The verses written during this time are one woman s exploration of her raw, emotional responses to dramatic life changes. This is Sonya's story. Purchase your copy at: *******tribute-books****/minicart/products.html
24 May 2008
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Physical Aspects of Puberty, a sex-education film, details the different developing sex characteristics and emotional upheavals of the “in-between period of adolescence.” Using animated diagrams as well as live action, the film shows Johnny and Janey as they suffer through body hair growth, uneven physical development, changes in appetite and brain cells, blemishes, and a fluctuating endocrine system. It even discusses the emotional effects of adolescence, including mood swings, and a tendency to be overly emotional.
24 Oct 2008
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Act Your Age is a fantastic vintage social guidance film full of campy moments, ludicrous characters, and unintentional comedy. Jim, a disruptive adolescent, gets a lecture from the principal about the “infantile reactions” of teens who are struggling to mature. While Jim is serving his punishment, he flashes back to times when he witnessed his friends succumbing to tantrums or “acting like babies.” The behavior of these kids and the ways in which it was considered objectionable are sidesplitting. With the help of family, and school officials, Jim devises a bizarre “How Old Am I?” chart which allows him to assess his own maturity, personality, and ability to work out his own problems. Act Your Age soars with kookiness and a bit of timeless advice for adolescents.
21 Oct 2008
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l'adolescent par Franck Dubosc à voir !
7 May 2009
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Reed Olson playing Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys. For more info about Reed or his kits, please go to www.ReedTheDrummer****
14 Apr 2009
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Caution: Adolescents at Risk military manuals, survival books The video was designed for health professionals working with adolescents. Adolescents recount personal struggles in their lives such as homelessness, drinking and driving, pregnancy, substance abuse, gangs, violence, prejudice, and peer pressure. Take a look at our site at www.survivalebooks**** for more info about military manuals, survival books, military, army, survival, preparedness, emergency preparedness, emergency, survival guide, military manuals, survival book, survival manual, us army, us military, U.S. military manuals, USA Army manuals, USMC Marines manuals, USCG Coastguard manuals, USN Navy manuals, USAF Air Force manuals, FM field manuals, sniper rifles, USACE Army Corps of Engineers, military aircraft manuals, Army trucks, military police, military training courses, EOD, TM technical manuals, military helicopter manuals, military vehicles manuals, military weapons manuals, NATO, SKS rifles, special operations, army rangers, army tents, AK47 rifle, survival schools, military intelligence operations, warfare combat skills, aviation, artillery, armor, mines, civil disturbance, NEETS, Navy Advancement programs, first aid, sniper schools, Army Rangers School, FEMA, M16 rifle
3 May 2010
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While investigating Kell's Irish Pub in Seattle, Washington, the crew comes across a creepy adolescent figure at the top of the stairs. Ghost Adventures is all new Friday at 9pm E/P on Travel Channel. Visit: *******travelchannel****/ghostadventures?refcd=ga-yt
14 Dec 2010
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*******www.goodfutureteenrehab**** Its time to send your adolescent to a teen drug rehab program when their life is impaired physically, legally socially, educationally & spiritually. Speak to an adolescent addiction Medical Specialist about rehab at Good
19 Feb 2013
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*******www.goodfutureteenrehab**** Teen drug use and adolescent violence in school has stormed the nation and at Good Future Teen Rehab in Delray Beach FL we have seen addicted adolescents overcome these negative behaviors with intervention from professio
18 Mar 2013
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Kid talk consists of trusted professional psychiatrist for adolescent’s therapy situated in Frisco. We have a board certified psychiatrist for adolescent’s therapy. These days’ youngsters face many problems which led them to involve in unsocial and other dangerous activities. So a special counseling therapy is given by our psychiatrists. Our common therapeutic techniques are making teenagers to involve in art, music, and media.
17 Feb 2017
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Learn more at *******www.SaberHacer**** - Experts say kids as young as 8 need factual information about sex. Here are tips on what to talk about when, and how to share values so you can help your child make good decisions.
30 Oct 2008
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danseuse très sexy images vertes écran en roulant After Effects vj ralenti fichiers R3D ***********
16 Sep 2011
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Nino a 16 ans, les vacances commencent et son coeur balance entre Natacha, une très belle fille, comédienne au théâtre comme dans la vie, et la délicieuse Nathalie qu'il connait depuis toujours. Celle-ci refuse que "l'homme de sa vie" s'éloigne d'elle aussi inexorablement que son enfance...
25 Apr 2012
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