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Most of us love that faithful furry friend roaming about the house, wagging its tail and gleefully running to us at every beck and call. Yes, I am talking about dogs, those faithful and amazing creatures that really know how to give unconditional love to their owners. Just recently one of my friends adopted a Labrador puppy. And it was just amazing to see how the animal started behaving so obediently and how quickly it acquainted itself to my friend’s wife and children. My friend named it Spykar. He told me that Spykar was so well behaved because he was already trained by his previous owner who had to give him up for adoption as he had to move back to his native place and his mother who stayed there, was afraid of dogs. He came to know this through the owner of the pet shelter
28 Mar 2017
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The imperial beard is talk of the town and here are the 5 looks that will surely convince you into adopting this style as your staple fashion statement.
28 Mar 2017
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This lacing machine is suitable for lacing multi-species, less yield or more lead wire stator. This stator coil end lacing machine adopts vertical loading structure, Main spindle speed is adjustable. This machine is consist of machine body, needle, nozzle rotating part, needle fore and back movement,nozzle swing part, needle up and down movement part, stator indexing part,thread feeding,thread cutting part
1 Apr 2017
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The Sample Preparation Machine - Yornew Cut XK200 is cost effective in motion control application of up to3 axes. The motion control of the Sample Preparation Machine - Yornew Cut XK200 is based on numerical control Technology. The Sample Preparation Machine - Yornew Cut XK200 adopts a simple connectivity and a single commercially available USB cable is used for communication between the PC and control board which can be placed as per user preference. In addition to the above the Sample Preparation
6 Apr 2017
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Les hamburgers, qui n'aiment pas ça ? Lorsque nous voyons la publicité, cela nous fait toujours rêver. Mais au résultat, le rêve s'en va. Vous préférez le Mc Do au Quick ? Rien d'étonnant et pourtant, maintenant aussi vous en avez marre du Mc Do... Bonne nouvelle ! Si le Mc Do reste, le Quick, lui, laisse sa place de perdant au roi du hamburger. Après avoir racheté la chaîne de fast food, le Burger King s'installera progressivement. Habitué du Mc Do, essayer donc le Burger King, c'est l'adopter !
8 Apr 2017
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12 Apr 2017
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Today anyone will agree to the general understanding that pets are members of the family, and that they are expected to be treated no lesser than us humans. Whether we are taking a pet for adoption or buying pets, it involves a lot of emotional baggage! It is as if we were taking in a new family member. Hence buying animals is BIG DEAL to many people! All pros and cons should be considered!
17 Apr 2017
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The IVF treatment is a boon to infertile couples and also for those who want to become the single parent. The treatment is the better option than the adoption of the child as it allows to have a child of their own sperms and eggs. You can watch this video if you want to know the positive results of the treatment. For more details, you can call us at +91 8427128615
19 Apr 2017
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Demo PSA for Greyhound Adoption
9 Nov 2006
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MICHIGAN ANIMAL SANCTUARY ADOPTS 511 RABBITS OF “THE GREAT BUNNY RESCUE OF 2006” ALL 1600 Homeless Rabbits Now Spoken For! For animal lovers, the idea of saving homeless animals is hard to resist. But for one Nevada woman, her good intentions turned into a huge problem. Last Spring, the Reno resident had to contact the Best Friends Animal Society, an organization that works with shelters and rescue groups nationwide, when her effort to save a few homeless rabbits got out of hand because they were not spayed or neutered. By the time the volunteer veterinarians showed up for “The Great Bunny Rescue of 2006”, there were 1,600 rabbits in her backyard on less than an acre of land. Today, it is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: 511 rabbits were recently taken in by the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Willis, Michigan. With the arrival of the “Reno 500” Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is probably the single largest rabbit rescue sanctuary in the country. In addition to these 500, one person adopted some of the bunnies into a specially constructed home with a special "bunny area" including a patio. Fifteen adopted rabbits put on a daily show at their new home in Huntsville, Texas, with people stopping by to watch them run and sprawl in the sun on their back. This has been Best Friends’ largest rescue operation since Hurricane Katrina. About 450 rabbits are still at the “rescue ranch” in Reno but are just waiting for transport to their new homes with families or rescue groups.
6 Nov 2006
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celeb for animals, adoption day 11/11
12 Nov 2006
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The adoption is an important themee,please adopte an umby
22 Mar 2007
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Amazingly,the lioness adopts this calf,taking care of her
24 Apr 2007
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Aaron can't afford a video Ipod, so he decided to adopt a kid instead.
20 May 2007
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For only $0.99 a week, YOU could help a Guatemalan in need. These workers are struggling with an American lifestyle and are in dire need of your help. Adopt-A-Guat is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go straight to the ones in need. Stephen is the head advisor and is stepping up to the epidemic that is starving Guatemalans. So please, take a moment to check out this video and help out your fellow man. Thank you Stephen Head Advisor Adopt-A-Guat.
14 Jun 2007
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This is the outake of the final copy of the Adopt-A-Guat Series. This final took two times to shoot. And this was the first copy. Its awesome and has a slightly different script with some funnier parts. Thanks and Enjoy. Check back for more videos on this series!! Stephen. ANd dont forget to vote 4 me!
14 Jun 2007
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