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BullEx Advanced Fire Training Props provide safer, cleaner, and repeatable full-scale firefighter training scenarios. There are dozens of additional props designed specifically for your system to create a range of residential, industrial, and specialized fire training scenarios. The instructor uses the gas module to ignite the burner tray, which can be extinguished and relit immediately the gas flames and unique chamber design quickly dry and reignite the burner tray for back-to-back training sessions. In today’s environmentally conscious world the issue of emission is often a concern but BullEx smart class technology solves these problems very easily. SOS Safety International Inc. is committed to providing quality service to their clients. We are known for selling products of quality brands and BullEx is one of them. We have dozens of BullEx additional fire safety products designed specifically for your system to deal with the range of residential, industrial, and specialized fire scenarios. For BullEx props and safety equipment visit www. sos-safety. com
2 Jan 2018
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This isnt just a normal cracker anymore, its a bomb :)
20 Jan 2007
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In part two of Brian's fire eating lesson, our Revision3 hosts learn one of the advanced moves that makes fire eating look super badass! Watch Max Scoville, Anthony Carboni, Veronica Belmont and Andrew Bancroft attempt the vapor trick. Remember: Do not try this at home - it's for professionals only!
7 Jun 2012
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In honor of the Fourth of July, we bring you more fire shenanigans! We literally toss and transfer fire! Get ready to be wowed.
5 Jul 2012
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