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Clint shows you a sampling of all that's awaiting you at Adventure-Crew**** and Adventure-Space****: adventure treks, insiders' ti Clint shows you a sampling of all that's awaiting you at Adventure-Crew**** and Adventure-Space****: adventure treks, insiders' tips & stories, been-there videos & photos, National Parks info, and much more!
29 May 2008
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Chronicles of a true advneture seeker
16 Apr 2009
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Two young adventure seekers try to escape from math class.
17 May 2007
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India's amazing diversityoffers you everything you could ever want in a holiday. From the moment that you set foot in India to be greeted by a graceful namaste, a gesturethat denotes both welcome and respect, you are on the way to one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by a spectacular coastline surrounded by three seas, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes,magnificent historical sites and royal cities, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colorful people, rich cultures and festivities. At any part of the year India can offer you a dazzling array of destinations and experiences. In summer, when the subcontinent is sizzling, there are spectacular retreats amidst the heady beauty of the Himalayas or the lush heights of the Western Ghats with cool trekking trails, tall peaks to conqueror stretches of white water for the adventure seekers. In the cool of an Indian winter, cities come alive with cultural feasts of music and dance. The balmy weather is an ideal time for you to go century hopping in romantic cities studded with medieval forts and palaces. The sun drenched beaches are inviting and wildlife sanctuaries with their abundance of flora and fauna are a buzz with the nurture of the young. You can taste the delights of the Indian monsoon anywhere in the country- on a camel safari in the Rajasthan desert when nature comes alive and the peacocks dance; along the west coast where the relentless slantingrain paints the countryside in brilliant greens or even trekking amidst the stark grandeur of mountain valleys lying in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. Experience exotic India live like a maharaja in the rich ambiance of royal forts and palaces that are now heritage hotels; luxuriate in the serene beauty of a coral island with its turquoise lagoon; participate in the exuberance of a village fair or a colorful festival; day dream on a house boat drifting down the palm - fringed backwaters; delight in the grace of a dancer or shop till you drop - buying exquisite silks, carved figurines, brass and silver ware, marble inlaid with semi-precious stones,finely crafted jewelry, miniature paintings, carpets unbelievable prices. India, always warm and inviting, is a place of infinite variety - one that favors you with a different facet of its fascination every time you comeon a visit.
3 Jan 2008
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This highlight reel was made by a filmmaker during his 2009 trip with Pacific Delight Tours. The journey began in Beijing with a scenic visit to the Great Wall. From there, the filmmaker spent time exploring the Forbidden CIty & Tiananmen Square. The tour then took our adventure seekers to the Mighty Yangtze River to board Victoria Cruises, the most luxurious river cruise line in China. The river cruise took the filmmakers through the legendary Three Gorges where we saw the impact of the Three Gorges Dam and its contribution to the modernization of China. Finally, the trips concludes in the electric city of Shanghai, the financial center of China. Footage is courtesy of Tripfilms****.
17 Oct 2009
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Home to nearly 500 miles of idyllic Caribbean beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Honduras offers some of the world's finest sand and sea. Underwater discoveries abound for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts in the Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. A tropical paradise of swaying palms and white sand, these secluded islands are surrounded by the spectacular Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Adventure-seekers can swim with dolphins and whale sharks here year-round, or learn to windsurf in the destination's tranquil coves. For a more laid-back approach, visitors can enjoy activities like kayaking, glass bottom boat rides, sailing or simply lounge on the pristine shoreline. Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences: anthonyskey****/en/rims/rims.html Wind & Fun Windsurfing School: windsurfroatan.blogspot****/ (This video was filmed in July and August 2009, in conjunction with the Honduras Institute of Tourism. Underwater footage courtesy of Strange Media.)
12 Nov 2009
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******* -- Mr. Squiggles is a light brown plush critter who sells very quickly both online and in the real retail stores. Mr. Squiggles looks the closest to an actual pet hamster, but his personality is also the most adventurous of the group. He's an adventure-seeker who holds wisdom and experience compared to the others. One of the cool things Mr. Squiggles does is brush his teeth when he's used in the bathroom of the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Funhouse! This guy loves Explore mode, but can also be cuddled in Loving mode as
2 Dec 2009
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*******www.buildasolar-panel****/ If you are a determined and adventurous seeker of alternative energy, you can build solar panels capable of supplying solar power to your entire household. You can say goodbye to your electric bills by utilizing solar power, the best and the most reliable renewable energy source. Visit our website for more info!
6 Dec 2009
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The Kodak EASYSHARE C190 Digital Camera brings high-clarity pictures right into the palm of your hand. Featuring a sleek and sophisticated silver exterior, the Kodak EASYSHARE C190 Digital Camera is ideal for photo enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Grasp each fine detail and the full vibrancy of every shot with the integrated 12.3-megapixel sensor that allows you to develop prints up to an astonishing 30 x 40-inches. Capture pictures in a widescreen format then see them in high definition on your HDTV. With Kodak’s Perfect Touch Technology, your images will look richer and brighter, and built-in editing features will instantly enhance color and light settings as you preview shots on the large 2.7-inch screen. The SD/SDHC memory card slot expands your storage capacity. Other incredible highlights include Face Detection capability, Smart Capture feature, 5x Optical Zoom, multiple scene modes and an integrated multimedia slideshow. Get theKodak EASYSHARE C190 Digital Camera today!
11 Dec 2009
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Whistler, British Columbia is an adventure-seeker's paradise. In the winter, it is known as one of the world's top ski and snowboard destinations -- and for the remainder of the year, it provides a vast array of equally exciting activities for both local residents and visitors alike. Explore the various sports and popular attractions that Whistler has to offer -- this includes ziptrekking, golfing, and numerous trails for mountain biking, hiking and running. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
21 Dec 2009
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***********/diy-solar-power-kits/build-solar-system-diy-solar-power-solutions If you are a determined and adventurous seeker of alternative energy, you can build solar panels capable of supplying solar power to your entire household. You can say goodbye to your electric bills by utilizing solar power, the best and the most reliable renewable energy source. Visit our website for more info!
21 May 2010
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LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue Complete review Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete for Sony Playstation. Love stories and video games.....they sometimes can go well and sometimes can go horribly wrong. When you think of romance and RPGs, the LUNAR series comes to mind. Alex and Luna of the Silver Star Story were realistic lovers who you cared for, and the trend continues in LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue Complete, a remake of the original Sega CD sequel to the Silver Star. Hiro, an adventure seeker, meets Lucia, a blue haired babe who's come to his world from the Blue Star to save the world. Hiro's and Lucia's relationship starts awkward, but grows, realistically, as they travel together. Along the way you meet a group of the best characters ever, such as the gambling and boozing ex-priest, Ronfar. With the same level of quality from Working Designs in the translation and localization, LUNAR 2 is a truly complete RPG experience. A fantastic game that goes down easy with innovative and fun RPG gameplay. This video review features video gameplay footage of LUNAR: Eternal Blue Complete on the Sony Playstation, and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Jonathan.
14 Sep 2012
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Desert Safari Adventure of Desert Safari & Dune bashing activities are waiting! Never miss a chance to roll on red dunes with our premium desert safari. Experience real thrill of desert safari with expert driver and specialized tourist consultant and get ready for amazing tours in Dubai where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Golden sand while your dune bashing adventure. we have trained and dune bashing licensed driver which are crazy about off-road driving. So, if you are adventure seeker and looking for best desert safari and dune bashing then book your journey today with us. Family at Desert With Evening Desert Safari you can enjoy the sunset in the west with golden sunshine. Let’s memorize these moments to capture with evening desert safari. We have best deals for Group tours, desert buggy riding in desert safari evening; we design each buggy for your comfort and safety. We have VIP Camp Area, VIP Sitting in the camp is available. you can enjoy the Luxury in the desert with comfortable sitting and dine in. Evening Desert Safari Enjoy the adventure of evening desert safari adventure (Brave Activity) & view the golden sand, experience the camel ride, quad bike ride, Dinner, soft drinks, tea, Shows. We have experienced and professional desert safari staff, with reasonable price, vintage quality services and delicious buffet dinner with BBQ. Grab our best desert safari deals with exclusive bundle offers.
28 Jan 2017
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