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Ab Circle Pro Machine-- Check it out at: *******www.abcirclepromachine****/. Lose 10 pounds in two weeks...Guaranteed or your money back! A fast and fun workout in only three minutes a day. Unique frictionless rotational track allows exercise and development of total abdominal core strength. Folds away for easy storage. Great trial offer!
19 Apr 2010
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Check out Jennifer Nicole Lee & this amazing machine then go to *******www.abcirclepromachine**** Jennifer shows beachgoers how easy it is to exercise with the Ab Circle Pro machine, on the beach in sunny Ft. Lauderdale. Hear what they say after trying out the machine. Inner and outer abs, obliques and legs get exercised, with no strain on the back. This is a short workout that really delivers results, which is obvious when you see Jennifer & hear her story.
10 Jul 2010
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Go to ******* for more info. The JumpSnap allows the user to get all the calorie burning exercise from jump roping without getting tangled up in a jump rope. Get a great aerobic work-out with this ingenious exercise device that comes with instructional DVD's.
26 May 2010
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Shana Brady, Punk Rope's director of training, demonstrates how to do the double under, a rope jumping move that helps to improve power and aerobic capacity.
29 Jul 2010
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Shana Brady, Punk Rope's director of training demonstrates the box step, which is excellent for improving agility and lateral explosiveness. If you need a rope, go to *******punkrope.myshopify****/collections/jump-ropes
24 Oct 2010
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Shana Brady, Punk Rope's director of training demonstrates the side swing. Need a rope? Visit *******punkrope.myshopify****/
11 Oct 2010
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A lot of people believe they can not dance. This video is here to prove them wrong. So if you are a "non-dancer," try it and dance along. You might be surprised how fun it is to move to music. The Basic Dance MUVES can show you how to dance! This is an improvised dance style, so follow loosely! No need to be exact. Video shows a group of pre-school teachers in a workshop with Maggie Kunkel in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is their introduction to MUVE and their very first dance. You can see four more dances from this workshop at the MUVE website video blog.
7 Nov 2010
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Our first promo for Workout! with Erica Nix. Please subscribe and share! Visit *******workoutwithericanix****.
18 Dec 2010
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I'm on a mission to make working out fun again! This is our premiere episode of Workout! with Erica Nix. Please subscribe and share! Visit *******workoutwithericanix****.
20 Dec 2010
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Holidays got you wound up? Let loose and shake it out with me and the girls! I'm on a mission to make working out fun again! Thanks for watching, please subscribe and share! Visit *******workoutwithericanix****. XO, Erica Nix
28 Dec 2010
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Get ready to push it with me and the girls! Thanks for watching, please subscribe and share! Visit *******workoutwithericanix****. XO, Erica Nix
11 Jan 2011
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*******www.muve**** • Maggie is creating workouts for teenagers and young adults. This dance workout video it's full of simple dance moves that anyone can dance along to. However, you might want to pace yourself, we are entering aerobic dancing territory! The young adults you see here in this dance improvisation workshop are loosely following the lead dancer (MUSE) in the center. Take a deep breath and jump in! It's a great stress buster! For this, the second dance of the workshop, Maggie asked for volunteers to help her lead the group. So two participants get their first taste of being a Muse. All others dance along loosely. They are instructed to turn within their own triangles each time the Muses turn. This prepares them for the next step, the Multiple Triangles Dancing Game, where they all will be leading the dance within their individual triangles.
1 Feb 2011
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Hey guys, I'm so excited about my new workout class, Sundays 6pm at Royal Blue Grocery, 609 Congress Ave in Austin! Come in your most amazing leg warmers or just come as you are, we'll be happy to see you! Starting Sunday, July 17th! Check our website for more details. workoutwithericanix****
6 Jul 2011
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*******tinyurl****/dietsolutionproga Cute & Entertaining Diet Solution Program Review. Do you know who Isabel De Los Rios is? She has helped over 25,000 people, all over the world lose incredible amounts of weight, regain their health and permanently change their lives. She is the author of "The Diet Solution Program" and the owner of New Body -- Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey. Want to learn more about the woman, her program and discover exactly why her Stop Dieting... Start Eating... and Start Living "The Diet Solution Program" is different from anything else, you may have been told about before? Diet Solution Program Review, watch the cute video, then click on the link below to find out more about this program. Free Royalty Free Music by *******www.danosongs****
2 Aug 2011
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We're starting a new thing! Hang out with me at my place while I try different exercise equipment and further my cause to make working out fun again! :) Thanx Tim Pope for our new At Home theme song, thanks to Rachel Dobos for shakin it with us! For a good time, call Shake Weight!
14 Sep 2011
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Thanks to our Sunday class for meeting us on location this week in the dried up culvert at Pleasant Valley and Lyon! And thanks Tim Pope for the swizz beets ;) NYC! Meet us October 10th at Battery Park, and wear some neon or something!!! Check Facebook for details!
29 Sep 2011
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