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Part 4 is about the fate of Yrga Yosief and Fesshaye Johannes (Joshua). The journalists arrest and Isaias Afewerki.
24 Feb 2009
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The end of this documentary. A tribute to the people and faces of Eritrea.
23 Apr 2009
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Abraham Afewerki - Bebizelenayo
29 Apr 2009
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u know whom i am talking about......"MESAHE" "e" gual TEKESTE
8 Jul 2011
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embagaliano's shared video file.
16 Oct 2013
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This song is not by Abraham G/medhin
15 May 2009
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The way of salivation-jesus.
15 Oct 2009
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23 Mar 2010
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Eritrea is one of the most repressive regimes in the world. Helen Berhane, a gospel singer, was long detained in a shipping container because of her faith and music. In this film she testifies at the Lowlands festival, Netherlands. Amnesty International campaigns for the release of thousands of prisoners of conscience.[Tigrinya subtitles]
6 May 2010
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wedi shawl sings in mid 1999, after Eritrean defence forces anahilated the ethiopian army at Tserona/mereb alitena front.
22 Jun 2010
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Interview with Hade1Hade about EMOMCP2013 Project ******* The Eritrean Mass Online Music Collaboration Project of 2013 was a 5-month project to unite young Eritrean artists (musicians, vocalists, dancers, painters, photographers, artists) to perform an Eritrean song as they expose their talents to the world. And all completely over the internet! All these VOLUNTEER participants on this video have not met each other in person, which is what makes this project so remarkable. It shows that even just through a simple internet connection, we as Eritreans united together, no matter where we are living can work towards a common goal and do great things. As we unite, this is in memory of our great legend Abraham Afeworki. The song we sing is called "Emni'are" or "Deki Erey" by Abraham Afeworki. The last bit is a song by Tedros Ururu and Dawit Shilan called "Nirimey". Major credit goes to these wonderful Eritrean artists who have inspired us all over the world with their music. First inspired by a video on youtube called "Little Symphony" LINK: ***********/watch?v=PsHRaOd0v7A which was an online collaborative project of musicians from around the world playing music together...but all completely online. This sparked a conversation between two musicians (Hade1Hade & Erekeyz), and blew up into this huge one-of-a-kind Eritrean art project we present to you today. I would like to thank every single person who participated in this project and every person and groups that have been supporting this project with their kind words of encouragement and support. It is greatly appreciated, we could not have done this without all of you deki erey! PARTICIPANTS OF EMOMCP2013 (and contact info) Luwam (Hade1Hade) - Keyboardist/Founder (***********/Hade1hade) Minasie (Erekeyz) - Bass/Vocals/Music Producer (***********/Erekeyz) Shewit - Kirar/Organizer (***********/user/freebusta123) Tofik - Keyboards/WebDesigner (***********/user/Madness1991ful) Simon - Kirar/Organizer (********www.facebook****/pages/Krar-store/477132442322868) Noh - Keyboards/Organizer Miras - Kirar/Advertiser Fithi - Koboros/Organizer Yohannes - Kirar/Vocals (***********/watch?v=V1zX1BjVhLQ) Biniam - Vocals (***********/watch?v=4O5lE1OUlQk&feature=share&list=UU4TUkmiyaebUMq1iuQHryvg) Belina - Vocals (***********/user/seattlesgotalent) Aman - Vocals Yoel - Vocals Isaiah - Spoken Word Poetry Nahom - Rapper Desbele (Meley Band) - Flute & Lead Guitar (***********/watch?v=9G_Vagb85sw) Fnan - Kirar Estifanos - Kirar Marta - Keyboards Aman - Dance Eritrean Atlanta Dance Youth Group - Dance Salina - Dance Demoz - Dance Afewerki - Dance Kifleysus - Dance (Bilen) Temesgen - Dance Heaven - Artist/painter Teklit - Artist/painter (*******www.teklitzecarias****/) Sheweet - Artist/apinter (*******www.stkidan******/) Faven - Photographer Petros - Photographer (********www.facebook****/pages/Petrosphotography/287818877901421) Moses - Photographer (*******moztekproduction.wordpress****/) Negash - Photographer Yasser - Photoshop Artist CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE ON A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT, EMOMCP2013!!!!!
20 May 2014
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