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Sean P – Guitar, Programming Chris – Vocals Tim – Drums Ryan – Keyboard, Guitar The members of The White Tie Affair have musical A.D.D. Every thing they hear, touch and see influences them. The White Tie Affair is an adventure into pop, exploring many different styles and sounds. Whether it be sung, strummed, or programmed, you can bet they have tried to make it work. Front man Chris Wallace explains that the goal of the band is to “communicate their love for different kinds of music to anyone who wants to listen.” Growing up in Chicago, the group started piecing together sounds - everything from Stevie Wonder to AFI to The Police and came up with original, catchy songs. The White Tie Affair finally unveiled their musical work, playing shows all over Chicago. Their home city greeted them with open arms selling out a recent show at the Beat Kitchen. It only took a couple of months before Slightly Dangerous/Epic Records took notice and the band signed a deal in 2007. Since then, The White Tie Affair has toured extensively across the country, playing one hundred + shows, garnering press and die-hard fans alike. “We are living the life we always heard rock bands talk about when they were starting out … the band in a van, playing great venues in a different town every night,” says guitarist Sean P. “this is the life we always wanted " The White Tie Affair’s debut album Walk This Way, available this spring, is a soundtrack for the iTunes, PlayStation generation. "At the end of the day, if our music makes you smile or dance or sing in some way, then we are accomplishing our goals. We want to bring a little fun back to music. We want to brighten up your bad days. We want be the soundtrack to your great days." - Chris Wallace For more info please visit or
Erotic Music Illustrated is an upscale nightclub act that explores the erotic side of electronic music. Integrating sexy singers, dirty talkers, and filthy dancers with live instruments, sound modules, special effects, custom visuals and sensual performance art, Erotic Music Illustrated is the evolution of electronic entertainment The sultry stage performance incorporates several methods of performance art. Choreography, costume changes, live dominatrix, flash art, body painting, performance fashion and audience participation whip the crowd into a frenzy. Relentless dance floor anthems unleash an arsenal of big dirty beats that drive the audience into an erotic trance. Projectors, video feedback, animation, and live video sampling set the stage ablaze. The DJ Affair is a recording and production label started by media visionary Loxley and multi-instrumentalist Joshua. Erotic Music Illustrated is the premiere show on The DJ Affairs roster.
An unexpected way of finding out where your wife's lover is hiding...
27 May 2008
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Ever wonder what happens in those rare cases where an affair between a teacher and a student ends up in marriage? This is one of those situations.
3 Jul 2006
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From *******www.playboyu**** Playboy at the University of Michigan with the Girls of the Big 10 and The White Tie Affair
17 Nov 2008
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Todd celebrates Valentine's Day the only way he knows how: watching a whole lotta DVDs in his basement. What's new this week? Tower Heist, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Take Shelter, and more.
14 Feb 2012
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Katie Holmes Turning The Tables - Steamy SEX
30 May 2010
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While most Americans are well aware of The Boston Tea Party of 1773, very few know of the preceding event that took place in New York Harbor in 1772. So sit back, relax, enjoy your favorite slice of The Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake and take in this most delicious lesson in American History. National Cheesecake Day is July 30. Dine in and enjoy any slice at half price.
14 Jul 2011
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Kiss from real affair
14 Oct 2007
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These Mobile videos were shot by Musa who used to be Meera's boyfriend & a big-shot drug-dealer of Lahore (Pakistan). The poor guy was her boyfriend until he was busted alongwith his boss and his subordinate (boss's gf). The boss got himself and the subordinate bailed out telling Musa Bhai that they will get his bail once they get out. But they never did. Tonns of cocaine was found in possession of this drug-dealing triangle. Meera was obviously in for the money and the moment he was arrested she din't keep any contact with him. These videos were shot from Musa Bhai's mobile phone during this affair.
22 Jul 2008
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If you need to get away fast... Commercial for last minute travel
1 Jan 2009
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A hauntingly tragic story of lesbian love, overwhelming jealousy, and betrayal.
8 Apr 2007
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A Current Affair does a story on a teacher who had sex with her thirteen year old student. This is not real, folks, it is stupid.
18 Oct 2006
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Watch Bollywood Actress Real Sex Affair desi hot sexy Indian Actress Scandal videos..
17 Oct 2012
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On this celebrity edition of X-Factor (like American Idol), Sharon Osborne completely rips apart Rebecca Loos (who was David Beckham's lover) and James Hewitt (who had an affair with Princess Di while she was still married). The song, by the way: Addicted To Love.
26 Jun 2006
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