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We run an epically fun chilled laid back yet high-spirited stimulating and electric foot fetish, tickling, trampling, spanking, domination/submission, role-play, BDSM fetish party/event in NYC! 45 super HOT babes yes oh so cool at every party! NO BS!! F'ING HOT!!! NO BAIT AND SWITCH! To get more info and check out the variety of many hot/cool girls at out affairs see: Fetish Affairs (Formerly FTFPNYC) Website: Email:
30 Oct 2017
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National and international bodies have determined that the use of mercury-containing dental amalgams is safe. The World Health Organization stated that "dental amalgam restorations are considered safe…", though the document goes on to note that there are instances of local allergic reactions or side effects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed 200 scientific articles and an additional 70 relevant abstracts. FDA stated that "dental amalgam is a commonly used device with a low risk of adverse events reported to the agency". The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs wrote that "the scientific evidence supports the position that amalgam is a valuable, viable and safe choice for dental patients". This assessment was supported by a literature review which stated that "studies continue to support the position that dental amalgam is a safe restorative option for both children and adults". The paragraph continues with a statement about the important "distinction between known and hypothetical risks". These reports, and a number of review articles with similar conclusions, are based on research which is abundant for children over the age of six and for adults. There are subsets of the population for which the research is less abundant; however, available summary research still supports the safety of dental amalgam use. Details and continuing research needs for special population groups are found below, in the section titled "The Evidence".
16 Nov 2017
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Trust Cassinovas for your romantic imaginations. Get this sexy Holy Plunge Harness Bodystocking for your lingerie collection. Featuring floral lace crotchless bodystocking with plunging neckline and choker.   Fascinate him with your seductive side that makes him want you to be the last person he sees that day. Let the evening begin with the seductive language. Shop Cassinovas for sexy lingerie to add to your romantic collection. Keep the romance on edge. Enjoy your romantic love affair.
17 Nov 2017
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In 218 BC, Hannibal Barca of Carthage, one of the greatest military commanders of all time, struck out from his base in Spain to travel across Europe in order to invade Roman Italy, starting the Second Punic War. However the all but impassible Alps Mountain Range stood in the way of his vast army... What if news reporters and television existed throughout all of human history? Headline Histories explores that "what if" by making stories of the past come to life in an easy, modern way with a bit of humor thrown in. Great for teachers, classrooms, or just the casual buff, this is history as current affairs.
18 Nov 2017
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Exotic car show at auto affair -ENZO, carrera gt,lambos,etc_.mpg
6 Mar 2007
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This series chronicles the incredible work of the Civil Affairs Unit in Afghanistan. Few Americans today are aware of the work of the US Army Civil Affairs Command. The Unit's sole mission is to bring order to devastated lands, while winning the hearts and minds of people that live there. Whether it's restoring power grids and sewer lines, getting hospitals and schools up and running or liaising with the local government, these soldiers get it done.
29 Mar 2007
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How To Have A Secret Affair At Work...take a look
6 Aug 2007
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The two Chinese Boys who did Back Street Boys are ack doing Jessica Simpson's new single "A Public Affair!" (more)
9 Sep 2007
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Park Ing leads a discussion on cultural affairs. He has invited a special guest to aid in the process.
9 Mar 2008
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For more, read Politico: *******www.politico**** We’ve renamed the show, Michigan and Florida sort out their revote possibilities, and the new Governor of New York admits to having an affair.
19 Mar 2008
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Sarah Thornstienson a Political Affairs Representative for Summit Association of Realtors discusses plans for Summit County.
11 Apr 2008
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Sunday Picnic Love Affair SG9
22 Apr 2008
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