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*******tinyurl****/d44x8w6 - Crochet Kids Afghan - She shared her photo from the Krochet Kids photo booth via Twitter and won a KKi tank. We got some great photos of the event. - Crochet Kids Afghan - *******tinyurl****/d44x8w6
23 Jun 2013
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Afghan rugs are handmade in a special type of mountain wool in different regions of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Most of these Rugs are made in typical colors and tones of red, Maroon, brown, cherry and other earthy shades. These Afghan rugs and carpets are primarily geometrical or floral in design and pattern and are most ideal for a home decor with rustic interiors. Such Afghan Rugs usually have vegetable dyed fringes or Tassles.
21 Dec 2016
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Afghan Rugs are one of the most popular rugs in current trend. The design of Afghan rugs is just awesome and it can be used in any kind of home decoration. See the beautiful Afghan area rugs and enjoy home decoration with ease.
18 Sep 2017
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sik flips by a friend
24 Jan 2007
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hot_lyk_firehotmail**** www.soundclick****/faridap
19 Mar 2007
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faridap www.soundclick****/faridap hot_lyk_firehotmail****
15 Mar 2007
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faridap www.soundclick****/faridap hot_lyk_firehotmail****
15 Mar 2007
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Not too serious a video about the war in Afghanistan and the hunt for Osama
12 Apr 2007
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*******www.aviationvids**** Home video of yet another in a long series of Airbus nosegear extension failures. Here's the story, from contributor Peter Metz: "This shows FG flight 709, bound from Kabul to Dubai, which left the Kabul Airport with 261 passengers on board. After departure the pilot had a problem with the front wheel gear and could not retract it. Instead of proceeding to Dubai Airport (flight time 2:30 minutes), with all relevant security measures he decided to land back at Kabul Airport." "Capt. Abdul Rahman asked the tower to investigate the problem. Kabul Airport sent an ICRC plane to investigate the problem from beneath the aircraft. After the problem was located, the captain released most of all the full tanks of kerosene and made a final approach at Kabul Airport. At this time there were still about 30,000 mines lying around beside the apron." "After the plane came off the runway nothing happened, and the fire brigades went to rescue the aircraft and passengers. The plane came to stand about 50 meters beside the runway without any problems. All passengers escaped the aircraft safely. Capt. Rahman got out of the plane, had a cigarette smoke, and took all the passengers to Dubai in a second plane approximately an hour later. ISAF than pulled the plane from beside the apron, stretched the wheel straight, and pulled it to the maintenance department."
23 Jun 2007
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These bundles of fur were doing a hot lap around the dog track.....two slow coaches at the back!
19 Nov 2007
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Dear ALL, I hope that you like this movie clip and if so you can send me your comments at aniazihotmail****** or asadabcaol**** or simply add me to your messenger for instant messeging.
8 Dec 2007
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effinfunny**** comic Fahim Anwar stars in this commercial for Time Life's new holiday CDs. Order now! (don't actually order, they don't exist).
19 Dec 2007
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