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Africa Travel Channel Video. Visit:**** Airport Indlovu Lodge and Conference Centre offers Executive accommodation and impeccable conference facilities, with a convenient shuttle service available. Guests can expect exceptional first-rate service at Airport Indlovu Lodge and Conference Centre. Contact Details Telephone +27 11 823 2267 Email indlovuglobal***.za Website****
14 Apr 2008
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Africa Travel Channel Video. Visit:**** Rachie Badenhorst Properties are the aficionados, waiting to ensure your dream is realized. The visual spectacle of Marina Martinique is one that will leave a permanent impression in any visitors mind. Navigable salt water canals, meandering through exquisite holiday homes, make for a mood and setting that is unrivalled. Contact Details Telephone +27 42 293 2776 Email rachierbprop***.za Website www.rachiebadenhorstproperties***.za
14 Apr 2008
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Daily news video by www.headlinesindia**** with latest updates on India South Africa Test Series, pratibha devi singh patil, inflation india, communist party of india. For more news, information, and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****. Anchor: Ashwani Kumar Singh, Headlines India.
15 Apr 2008
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The first chapter of tact tour to Africa. Official website:***.il
20 Apr 2008
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Filiberto talks about the growing wine industry in South Africa, and samples a few unique wines.
22 Apr 2008
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In this episode you will meet the people who keep ArcelorMittal going in South Africa, a country on the brink of economic lift-off. Hear from them about their plans, their aspirations and the challenges they face, and find out how they try to make their company an example for other corporations.
26 Feb 2009
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Africa Travel Channel Video: Buffelsdrift awaits the discerning visitor. In true African safari style, the accommodation offerings consist of 25 luxury en-suite tents, complete with air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. Each with its own private viewing deck - inviting guests to relax, admire the view and spot the wildlife – these tents add their own special dimension to a stay at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge. A centrally situated swimming pool is the perfect antidote for those Karoo summer days. The magnificent a la carte restaurant, perfectly situated on the edge of the water hole, not only serves up the finest Karoo cuisine, but boasts a unique atmosphere that has to be experienced to be believed. Catering to weddings with a difference, business conferences destined to bring out the best in delegates and luxury getaways for romantics. Contact Details Telephone +27 44 272 0106 Email infobuffelsdrift**** Website www.buffelsdrift****
3 May 2008
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Africa Travel Channel Video: Eight Bells offers family units, air-conditioned log cabins and thatched rondavels, set in charming gardens with mature trees and stunning views. Rooms range from the Rose Court rooms, through the Pool Terrace and Palm Court rooms, to the Swiss Village, consisting of five air-conditioned Swiss style log cabins. Offering two wheelchair friendly suites, the range of configurations ensures all needs are easily met. Eight Bells is renowned for its great food and wines served in the stylish Oak Room, the main restaurant, where breakfast and dinner is served. Apart from an a la carte menu, freshly prepared daily special dishes are offered. Tasty teas and lunches are served all day long on the Garden Terrace, and on the enclosed and open patios Eight Bells Mountain Inn is your gateway to explore the Garden Route and its magnificent mountain passes. Contact Details Telephone +27 44 631 0000 Email infoeightbells***.za Website www.eightbells***.za
24 Sep 2008
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Africa Travel Channel Video: The Cape St. Francis Resort and Conference Centre, offers the ideal location from which to embark on a tour of the tranquil eco destination – Cape St. Francis. The historic Seal Point Lighthouse, built in 1878, pristine beaches, surrounding nature reserves, all in a setting of mild temperatures and the longest sunshine hours on the South African coast, make for the idyllic destination. Enjoy some golf on two of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet, St Francis Bay Golf Club or the St Francis Links. Why not take a sedate cruise on the canals or a fun filled burn on the Kromme River, and for the not so feint hearted, surf the Endless Summer. All this, from the luxurious base of Cape St Francis Resort. Contact Details Telephone +27 42 298 0054 Email sealsiafrica**** Website www.capestfrancis***.za
3 May 2008
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Africa Travel Channel Video: Embracing the Vaal’s inherent tranquility and beauty, and affording the opportunity to explore an array of offerings from the water, a fleet of seven LeisureLiner houseboats awaits you. Designed to exacting marine standards and luxuriously appointed, each boat sleeps 4-5 people. A detailed briefing and a comprehensive information file answers all your questions. Formalities completed, climb aboard and captain your river cruise adventure. As you cruise the mighty Vaal river at a suitably sedate pace, the beauty of some of Mother Nature’s finest offerings present themselves in various forms. An abundance of birdlife is every bit as captivating as the many shorefront attractions are intriguing, which range from restaurants and bars, through health spas, to golf courses and a casino resort. As the setting African sun presents a vista totally unique to an adventure of this nature, the prospect of a barbecue dinner on the water, looms large. Facilitating family fun with a difference or a romantic interlude for honeymooners, Old Willow No.7 Houseboat Charters also presents itself as ideal for fisherman, bird watchers and groups of friends - all in search of that truly unique experience. Contact Details Telephone +27 16 973 1729 Email infooldwillow***.za Website www.oldwillow***.za
4 May 2008
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When doing research on African slavery I came across this video and was surprised about the slave trade in the Middle East, especially around North Africa. This explains the current genocide that is going on in Darfur and the Sudan. I could see the link with the past that this has been going on for 14 centuries. This person wrote this book about slavery in Islamic states. John Alembillah Alembillah Azumah The book is called Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue. This book reveals the dark secret of Islam and slavery of black people in Africa and the history of how Arab Muslims went to war on and captured black men, women and children and turned them into slaves. While slavery only lasted 3 centuries in the west, it has lasted 14 centuries in the Middle East and exists today in many Muslim countries. He explains the book in this short video and it is very interesting. It explains that when Arab slave traders would raid black villages to the south they would kill the adults and kidnap the children. The boy children were indoctrinated into an Islamic army for the Arabs and the girls were taken as household and sex slaves. The reason their were not that many black descendants in the middle east is because the black male children were castrated so they could not reproduce. There were a few black Africans who grew up and because they curried favor with their masters were allowed to also be slave traders. A very interesting history of black African slave trade and the Muslim Arab world. People need to know this history, BUT instead sadly people will never get enough of watching Souljah Boy dance dude, 50 cent, old Tupac Shakur Rap videos, Britany Spears and other videos and never know the truth, especially white and black converts or reverts. This is part of the legacy of slavery that most African American people should know. Many black converts or reverts do not know this history before they converted believing that they were originally Muslim before they were sold into slavery. They were not. People should research their history before they convert or revert.
18 Sep 2008
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Africa Travel Channel Video: The homestead was built more than a hundred years ago, and served as rectory to the local church from the 1950's. Heinz and Helen Meyer bought the farm in 1994, endeavoring to restore its historic splendor. Antique furnishings and tasteful décor ring true to the homestead's Victorian past, while Oregon pine floorboards and high-beamed ceilings reflect its rustic surroundings. An African atmosphere, reed ceilings and scented summer fragrances wafting in from the garden, immerse the spacious patio area, where guests are invited to dine during the long summer months. Contact Details Telephone +27 44 272 6112 Email altes.landhauspixie***.za Website www.alteslandhaus***.za
19 May 2008
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April 2008 World Report Segment Since the first branch was organized in Africa in 1853, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has spread over the continent. Now with more than 260,000 members, 46 stakes, and three temples, the Church reaches from the southern tip of South Africa north to Morocco and east to Madagascar. On Saturday October 27th 2007, members of the church across Africa joined together for a continent-wide single day service. Wearing the familiar Mormon Helping Hands vests, members served in ways ranging from cleaning streets to painting schools. Their efforts were appreciated by community leaders. The benefits of the many projects were felt by those in the communities across Africa, but the greatest rewards were for those who served. 2008 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
29 May 2008
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April 2008 World Report Segment The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has joined the effort to improve the health and well-being of people in Africa by helping in the fight to eradicate measles. As recently as eight years ago, measles caused nearly 400 thousand deaths each year in Africa. The Church was approached in 2003 by the American Red Cross—it was in a partnership with the United Nations, World Health Organization and several other organizations—if we would financially support a measles vaccination movement. So from then until now we have provided financial support, but even more importantly we've had thousand of members of the Church involved in helping with these campaigns. Latter-day Saint volunteers have turned out to serve in many areas where measles devastate communities. And the results are measurable. In all of these countries, what they've done is been able to reach more than 90 percent of the target population. So we have seen the incidence of measles drop substantially around the world in the years that the Church has been involved. John Braxton: "Fortunately. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the American Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations have come together to assist the local Red Cross organization, Red Cross and Red Crescent organization, to reach out to their own people. Therefore we've created the greatest of all partnerships. We've got local people who live in this country heading and leading and directing. While on the other hand you have outside people who have a true and genuine interest in overcoming the measles problem that exists." Overall, the number of deaths by measles has fallen dramatically in Africa, with 91 percent fewer deadly cases reported since the year 2000. Worldwide, the Church has assisted in bringing vaccinations to nearly 200 million children. In Africa, it's estimated that 360 thousand lives have been saved. 2008 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
29 May 2008
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This video features Ian McGeechan, the Head Coach of the British and Irish Lions rugby union team and Gerald Davies, 2009 Tour Manager. Recorded in Cape Town, South Africa, 6th June 2008. They are looking forward to the Lions tour which starts in a years time.
21 Jun 2008
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A short UNU podcast focusing on climate change impact in Africa and some of the priority issues and solutions. Filmed during the 2008 TICAD IV summit in Yokohama, the podcast features interviews with key UNU academics and several high-level delegates including Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai and Calestous Juma. Music by Flux and Vega, discoskonfort****
9 Oct 2008
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