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30 Aug 2012
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a few thoughts about labia lips HANG OUT WITH ME ON TEH INTERWEB sex posi pics, gifs, posts all week (SFW) - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** be my fwend? *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen tweet me! - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 RESEARCH AND RESOURCES: Increase in labiaplasty, attributed to porn: *************/lifeandstyle/2011/feb/27/labiaplasty-surgery-labia-vagina-pornography Documentary covering Australia's obscentiy laws: *******dodsonandross****/blogs/carlin-ross/2011/03/photoshopping-labia-comply-obscenity-laws-australia Labia pulling in Africa: *******www.orijinculture****/community/2011/african-sex-series-labia-elongation/ LABIA GALLERIES & SELF LOVE RESOURCES: Genital Art Gallery: *******dodsonandross****/gallery Femalia, book mentioned: ***********/Femalia-Joani-Blank/dp/0867197587 Some of my favorite tumblogs on labia: *******beautifullabia.tumblr****/ *******beautiful-labia.tumblr****/ *******lovelargelabia.tumblr****/ *******largelabiaproject.tumblr****/ *******fuckyeahawesomevulvas.tumblr**** VIDEO SUMMARY I open the video talking about how pornography shaped my insecurity with my labia and later learning that I wasn't so abnormal afterall. The first section of the video covers labia basics: what it looks like, its benefits, and function. The second section of the video talks about how labia is regarded in other parts of the world and the rise of labiaplasty (a surgery to "tuck" or remove the labia) and vaginal rejuvenation (surgery to "restore strength" to the vagina). In the third section I talk about viewer email including pressure from partners to modify their vulva and general insecurity with how they look. I close with a few tips to become more comfortable with, and loving of, your labia. CREDITS: Music by Josh Woodward Intro by Clean Motion Media
25 Oct 2013
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