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Let’s go to the game film. Comedian Baron Vaughn gives his in-depth, play-by-play analysis of one of his favorite viral videos, the infamous Afro Ninja. *******tinyurl****/InternetExplorer8History
1 May 2009
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resurrection afro samurai
11 Jun 2009
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Kiliann 3 years old ask his father to become a photographer with his afro-hair style.
26 Jul 2009
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The wearer of the number 2 headband attracts a multitude of skilled enemies. As Afro Samurai you must kill them all.
12 Aug 2009
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Afro Samurai lays waste to an oncoming onslaught of ninja thugs.
12 Aug 2009
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Learn the story of the two sacred headbands and how Afro Samurai came to be.
12 Aug 2009
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Archer (also known as Jamie Afro) looks like a bit of a quirky one... After years playing the pubs and clubs, Jamie has always given constant effort but has never been able to break into the big time Music means everything, Ive played in all sorts of horrible places, says Jamie. Nobody seems to enjoy what Im doing or appreciate it, your confidence gets knocked and you think is it ever going to happen for me. Today is the most important thing Ive ever done Im 33 years old its now or never really Simon asks what he does, Im a musician, I play small places and wanted to play a bigger crowd. Im going to sing Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. - That's such a hard song. X Factor Series 6 2009 Jamie Afro Kings of Leon Daryl Markham Miss Fitz Britney Spears Toxic audition Simon Cowell UK england singing reality competition winner song Dannii Minogue Louis Walsh Cheryl Cole season episode part full online new premiere fun funny creazy 09/29/2009 bad worst the great performance Check Out Twitter World *******twitter-world.blogspot****/
29 Aug 2009
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a preview from "Learn to Cut Fades, Tapers and Afros by David Warren" you can purchase this a full length copy of this video at www.LearnToCut**** it will teach you everything you need to know about cutting hair, you might make some money
17 Sep 2009
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*******playingforchange**** - After meeting Afro Fiesta a few nights earlier in downtown Cape Town at one of their gigs, we set up a time to shoot and record some of their songs outside. We all met up and were excited to record but once Mark started testing his equipment, he realized the car battery we were using to power the gear was dead. Now what? Fortunately, the band's manager had just rolled up in his SUV, so Enzo had the idea of using the battery inside the vehicle! About 15 minutes later, we had power and were rolling. "Equal Rights" was the song they had sound checked with. We loved it so much that we asked them to perform it again-- here it is! Sign up at *******playingforchange**** for updates and exclusive content. You can also buy cool stuff in our online store! Join the movement to help inspire people from around the world to come together through music.
26 Jan 2010
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afro's father tribute
3 Mar 2010
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28 Feb 2011
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Este es un amv q' hice hace muxo Anime: Afro Samurai Musica: Motorhead - The Game
23 Aug 2011
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