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First of all I think Al Pacino is a great actor and Scarface a fantastic movie but he yells a lot in his films now. Just trying to put myself in a movie sort of. Tried using Adobe After Effects 3D Camera Tracker. It works sometimes but it needs a perfect shot to track otherwise it says track failed. The blood hits at the end look like poppies don't they.
30 Mar 2017
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Tried using After Effects Turbulent Displace to see if I could get the water moving in the pool and trees. Dodge Charger General Lee is a great looking car I think. The Dukes of Hazard original was a great show, no hidden meaning or trying to tell you something, just fun. Sadly missing in TV shows today. Still using Premiere Pro 2015 CC for editing , got some updates and it is a little better now.
5 Apr 2017
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This is my first attempt at a Video that I Made with my Digital Manipulation Artwork and a month of playing around in After Effects Under the creative direction of Krista Acheson also known as the Original Krista D for one of her bands, Hooha And The Perter Guns, Song Green Mazes. Enjoy Pick up the song here cdbaby hooha and the peter guns or check out her album Janes World at cd baby just look up krista D kristad dot bandcamp dot com theoriginalkristad dot com looselambrecords dot com Or her other projects, She is a Art Music Machine kristaacheson dot com She has 6 projects going on, she is The Arts Krista Acheson MNV Gerri Harden Music Krista D Hooha and the Peter Guns Molly Grue So talented
19 Apr 2017
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20 Apr 2017
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make it by after effect
21 Jan 2007
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This is a tutorial (my first) on how to take renders from Maxon Cinema 4D into Adobe After Effects without having to use any green screen, just using Alpha Channel in the Render Settings. 1. First, select any objects that you DON'T want to appear in the render. Now in the objects menu bar select FILE >> NEW TAG >> COMPOSITING TAG and now in the bottom right you will see the Tags' properties appear, simply uncheck Seen By Camera. Now do a quick render and you will see it dissappears. 2. Go to your Render Settings, select RENDER >> RENDER SETTINGS >> SAVE >> then choose FORMAT >> QUICKTIME MOVIE. Now with Quicktime Movie selected the option for Alpha Channel appears, check this to activate Alpha Channel. Now render the file. 3. Open After Effects and create a New Composition 4. Go to the main menu, FILE >> IMPORT >> FILE and select the rendered file. Now it will come up with Interpret Footage where it looks at the alpha settings, be default it should be Straight - Unmatted, if not, select this and then click OK. 5. Once the footage is in your file library, drag it to your timelime to be automatically centred. You can now add layers underneath it to show that only the objects you left without the Compositing Tag appear over the layer under it. Any questions feel free to ask! Any hints or suggestions to make the tutorial better will be great! Thanks.
4 Feb 2007
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Adobe After Effects 7.0 denenmek üzere yapılmış bir videodur
3 May 2007
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This was a quick video put together to try out a few things I learned in After Effects. Check it out for ideas!
15 May 2007
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After Effects ve Wondertouch Particle İLLision denenmek üzere yapılmış bir videodur.
10 May 2007
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After Effects Exercise 3
1 Jun 2007
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How to make Lightsaber Effects in Adobe After Effects.
25 Jun 2007
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Here's the presentation I use for some of my videos (made with Adobe After Effects 7.0). I'll be coming out with a great tutorial... Thanks to: -Andrew Kramer-
13 Jul 2007
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Leap over buildings n stuff... easy if you know how to use after effects. I made this method up myself, if you'd like me to do a step by step tutorial send me a message.
18 Jul 2007
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A little battle scene I made in After Effects!
15 Aug 2007
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Personal intro done in After Effects
18 Aug 2007
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from vezoom**** - Cool Effects In After Effects --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
4 Sep 2007
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