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EnRgy & Appetite Control is easier said than done. Consider this: Weight maintenance and weight loss are just simple mathematics. Eat less and you reduce calories. Reduce calories and you will lose weight. Add exercise and speed up the process. But not so fast! The difficult part is actually maintaining your enRgy while reducing our dependence on certain comfort foods. You may have tried fad diets, cleansing and fasting, pills and a hundred other ideas to try and lose those unwanted pounds around your midsection. But ultimately they all fail. You end up enRgy-deprived, lethargic, starving for real food. And let's face it - stress, age, poor diet, excess weight, and, well, just plain life can slow you down. And without the enRgy you need each day to keep yourself moving …your work, social life, and self-esteem can all suffer. So what now? What if you really could take control of your body by finally controlling your enRgy and your appetite...starting right now? Introducing GBG enRgy, perhaps the single, most important enRgy & Appetite control you can Take Today!* enRgy for Men includes a full spectrum of essential and trace minerals, Vitamin B-6, plus the energizing “feel-good” benefits of GBG’s proprietary Jet-Black Dutched Cocoa Blend. This special “cocoa cocktail” is chock-full of remarkable natural compounds that have been shown in numerous studies to: Ø Boost enRgy & Metabolism Levels * Ø Elevate Cognitive Functioning & Alertness * Ø Increase Vitality & Performance * Ø Enhance Mood Levels by Increased Endorphin & Serotonin Activity * Ø Burn Calories with Increased Activity* Now you can rev up your enRgy levels – and your life - with GBG’s new enRgy for Men! This amazing powerhouse formula goes to work quickly to boost performance levels and burn calories and fat -- all day long! And because enRgy is a non-ephedrine formula you get sustained enRgy – without the crash and burn a lot of formulas leave you with. Start controlling your enRgy and your appetite right now! Get your product ordered now. For as low as just $49.95 per 60 count one month supply bottle!! Most importantly, there's a 60-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee. If the GBG enRgy doesn't meet 100% of your satisfaction, box it up and ship it back and we'll send you your money back. No one quits GBG enRgy to pay more for an inferior product!
25 Jun 2008
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The clip a kind of fairy tale from Child's Play 2 (1990) with Grace Zabriskie, Jenny Agutter Naturally, he was badly traumatized by the murders, but they bounce back pretty fast at that age. Poor kid. What Andy needs now... is a normal family environment, a fresh start... and a chance to forget the past. Since you've done so well with so many kids, we were hoping you'd foster him until his mother recovers. There's always room for one more. Mmm. What does that mean? Uh, well... he seems... normal enough, but how has all this affected him? In order to come to terms... with something he couldn't possibly understand, he turned it all into a kind of fairy tale. He insisted his doll was responsible. He said it was possessed... by the soul of Charles Lee Ray. Who? The Lakeshore Strangler. He murdered a dozen people... in this series of ritual voodoo killings. Are we even qualified... to take care of a boy like this? I understand your concern, Mr. Simpson, but this is just a child's way... of coping with a difficult situation. Andy's fine now. He just wants to get on with his life.
14 Nov 2011
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