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El Ahly El Nahrda اهداف مباراة الاهلى & سوبر سبورت 2-0 ذهاب دور الـ 32 ابطال افريقيا
19 Mar 2011
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*******www.werkzeugland**** Bosch AHS 550-24 ST Heckenschere Der Shop für die Heimwerker, Bastler, Bau Herren
10 Jun 2011
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*******www.werkzeugland**** Bosch Garten 0600849001 Akku-Heckenschere AHS 52 Der Shop für die Heimwerker, Bastler, Bau Herren
15 Jun 2011
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28 Jun 2011
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to watch on your computer - *******tinyurl****/watch-soccer-tv-here/?Watch-Soccer-Live-2010 to watch on your cell phone - *******tinyurl****/Soccer-Mobile-tv/?Watch-Soccer-on-mobile-Live-2010 - (-tgs))) United Arab Emirates v, Lebanon at Al Ahli Club 12:00 GMT, World Cup Qualifying, AFC , Tajikistan v, North Korea Webcast at 8:00 GMT, Live , Japan v, Uzbekistan at Saitama Stadium 2002 10:30 GMT, Fixtures , Australia v, Saudi Arabia Webcast at 9:30 GMT, Scores , Oman v, Thailand at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex 9:30 GMT, Results , Bahrain v, Indonesia at National Stadium 13:30 GMT, World Cup Qualifying, AFC , Iran v, Qatar at Azadi 13:30 GMT, World Cup Qualifying, AFC , Jordan v, China Football, World Cup Qualifying, AFC Live , Singapore v, Iraq Football, World Cup Qualifying, AFC Fixtures , Kuwait v, South Korea Football, World Cup Qualifying, AFC Scores , Live Football , Soccer Tv , Football Tv , Trueonlinetv , Soccer.trueonlinetv , Lebanon v, United Arab Emirates Football, World Cup Qualifying, AFC Results , North Korea v, Tajikistan Football, Live World Cup Qualifying, AFC , Uzbekistan v, Japan Football, Fixtures World Cup Qualifying, AFC ,
29 Feb 2012
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1 Apr 2012
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Melis Bilen, Ah Istanbul adli parcayi TRT Arapca Tv’de yorumluyor. Melis Bilen is singing Ah Istanbul in TRT Arabic Tv. Melis Bilen singt Ah Istanbul in TRT Arabisch Tv.
8 Apr 2012
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Melis Bilen, Ah Istanbul adli parcayi TRT Arapca Tv’de yorumluyor. Melis Bilen is singing Ah Istanbul in TRT Arabic Tv (behind the camera). Melis Bilen singt Ah Istanbul in TRT Arabisch Tv (hinter den Kulissen).
8 Apr 2012
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Download here: ******* DESCRIPTION Diablo 3 AH Bot is a C++ open source LUA scripted Diablo 3 auction house bot. Major features supported: - LUA functions exposing key AH operations - Works with D3 window in background (see NOTES) - Several sample bots included - Multiple client support - Multiple language support (english, russian, chinese) Happy botting! INSTRUCTIONS 1. Run bin/bot.exe 2. In Diablo 3 visit the auction house 3. Hit CTRL-F12 to start/stop the main script (SnipeBuyout bot by default). The taskbar icon will change color while script is active. 4. Edit bin/Lua/Main.lua to enable other sample scripts. INCLUDED BOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - SnipeBuyout: Traditional buyout bot that will buyout loop first item. - SnipeDps: Will buyout loop first item if when desired DPS. - LogResults: Sets filters and scans all results logging all items to a file - LogStash: Logs all items in your stash. Includes item sell example. - BestMojo: Finds the highest damage mojo. - GemMiner: More complex and useful bot that scans multiple searches for cheap listings with expensive gems. NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The PAUSE key will pause/unpause a script. See HOTKEYS section to change. - HappyAuction can run with D3 in the background (not minimized) while you do other stuff. The only exception is if you use haStash* functions. - Interacting with D3 while a script is running is not supported and can cause unintended script operation. - There will be a brief 2-3 second delay before running a script the first time. This is necessary to run a memory scan of Diablo 3 to detect everything HappyAuction needs to operate. - Beyond network latency performance depends on your FPS. Disabling vertical sync should also help. - Do not use Video/Letterbox option. HOTKEYS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Hotkeys and PauseKeys are configured using bin/Settings.cfg. - This file is generated the first time you run HA - The hotkey format is MOD.KEY or KEY. Examples: HotKey1=C.F12 first instance hotkey set to CONTROL-F12 HotKey2=F11 second instance hotkey set to F11 HotKey3=CS.NUM0 third instance hotkey set to CONTROL-SHIFT-NUMPAD0 - Supported Modifiers: A:ALT, C:CONTROL, S:SHIFT, W:WINDOWSKEY - Supported Keys: 0-9, A-Z, F1-F12, NUM0-NUM9, PAUSE - HappyAuction must be restarted (right click taskbar icon) to update hotkeys MULTIPLE CLIENTS (tutorial) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Edit settings.cfg and add a new hotkey for the 2nd D3 client (see HOTKEYS) 2. Have 2 D3 clients running with both at the auction house 3. Hit the configured hotkeys like you originally would a single one. They will each run bin/Main.lua independently for each D3 instance. 4. The taskbar icon should contain a "2" indicating two sessions are running. 5. Use haGetInstance() or haGetAccount() to distinguish clients. The following example will run Bot1 in user1gmail****'s client and Bot2 in user2gmail****'s client: if haGetAccount() == 'user1gmail****' then require('Bots.Bot1') elseif haGetAccount() == 'user2gmail****' then require('Bots.Bot2') end SECURITY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Diablo 3 AH Bot uses the following "human like" methods to reduce detection: - Random delays between actions (simulated mouse clicks/keyboard keys) - Random buyout adjustments - Positioning of mouse clicks is randomized by a few pixels - Sent input is minimized. It's mostly mouse movement for a search scan. - Diablo 3 AH Bot uses the following measures to interact with Diablo 3: - Win32 Messages: To send keyboard/mouse events - Read Process Memory: To determine item values such as DPS and armor - Write Process Memory: Yes it's safe because only text/data memory is altered, not instruction memory. It's used only to set the filter combobox values and clear item tooltip state. - The following is recommended to reduce chance of ban: - Include additional delays with haSleep() and haSetGlobalDelay() - If you do not use delays don't run scripts too long - Note that no matter which AH bot you use you WILL get banned IF you spam the AH 24/7. No bot, including D3 AH Bot, is 100% safe even if they're completely invisible to Diablo 3 client side. Use at your own risk.
16 Oct 2012
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10 Nov 2012
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Молитва мусульман «Ла Ил Ла Ха Ил Ал Ла Ах» -« La IL La Ha Il Al La Ah» также поётся на 8 ударов сердца на выдох. При выдохе голова внизу. Усиливается кровообращение головы, глаз за счёт усиления самотока артериальной крови вниз. Вдох плавный 8 ударов сердца, во второй половине вдоха руки раздвигаются в стороны, помогая расширить объём лёгких при вдохе! При этом усиливается отток венозной крови от головы и глаз. Надо делать НАМАЗ утром, в полдень и вечером повернувшись глазами к Солнцу. Имеющий глаза – ДА УВИДИТ!
28 Dec 2012
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Raumausstattermeister Axel Herrmann – stilvolle Atmosphäre und frischer Wind für Ihren Lebensraum. Vertrauen Sie dem erfahrenen Team von AH Design: Wir stehen Ihnen unkonventionell und mit vielen Ideen bei der Verwirklichung Ihrer Wohnträume zur Seite. Vom ersten Entwurf bis zur fachgerechten Realisierung Ihres Projekts bis ins letzte Detail. Individuelle und professionelle Lösungen bieten wir Ihnen auch im Bereich Sicht- und Sonnenschutz – für den Innen- und Außenbereich. Vertrauen Sie unserer mehr als 25-jährigen Erfahrung. AH Design, Axel Herrmann Wohnraum-und Objektausstattung, Röderstr. 9, 08315 Lauter-Bernsbach, Tel. +49 3771 23734
9 Feb 2017
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ah 2020
2 Jun 2017
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Nice gool by Emad Metheb in Zamalek
21 May 2006
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The magician Abou Treka makes an amazing goooooool.
21 May 2006
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Watch this amazing footballgame.
30 May 2006
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