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Being one of the advanced countries, China advances in case of public surveillance too. They install public cameras equipped with AI and this is how they have decided to watch the people.
27 Sep 2017
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Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego
14 Oct 2017
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Technology is changing every industry in significant ways. In recent past we saw the emergence of some cutting-edge IoT and AI innovations in Healthcare IT. There is numerous key transformation that the Healthcare Industry is currently undergoing. 2017 has begun shaping up as a year where healthcare providers are focusing and investing more on patient needs rather than bringing efficiencies within their internal processes. They are focusing on exploring patients’ behavioral needs around more choice and control as well as their digital preferences. Following are some of the key technology trends that are shaping up the enormous transformation that Healthcare Industry stands to witness in 2017-18: 1. Telehealth - Increase Patient Engagement - Address Consumer Driven Demands - Enhance Patient Experience 2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Robot Assisted Surgery - Virtual Nursing Assistant - Dosage Error Reduction 3. Cloud Services - Flexible Architecture - Accelerate Business Operations - Electronic Prescriptions Management 4. Connected Care - Seamless Data Sharing - Encourages Virtual Visits - Manage Last-Minute Patient Cancellations Know more about Gateway TechnoLabs' contribution in Healthcare Evolution at https : / / goo dot gl / nDpzAG or mail us on gateway at gatewaytechnolabs dot com to discuss about your Healthcare IT requirements.
27 Sep 2017
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This is roleplay of Skyrim. Watch as you follow Lumina find her Uncle and try to show off her powers as a mage. I have a very long mod list, I don't know if I can get them all down Mods: Unofficial Skyrim Patch RaceCompatibillity ApachiiHair Lanterns of Skyrim RaceMenu RaceMenuPlugin IcePenguinWorldMap CharacterMakingExtended EnchancedCharacterEdit TheEyesofBeauty Brows KS Hairdos Weapons & Armor Fixes remade aMidianbom Skyforge Clothing & Clutter Fixes Battlemage Amour Book Covers Skyrim Alternate Start-Live Another Life JKs Skyrim Immersive Stables 2.0 Cloth Immersive Edition SkyUi Immersive Horses Immersive Sounds Wet and Cold and ashes Cloaks Immersive Armors v8 iHUD Navae Follower SofiaFollower Inido DanarielStombow ESO Altmer Armor Light Elven Armor AmazingFollowerTweaks Bags and Pouches UnreadBooksGlow Point the Way FantasySoundtrackProject REP_tattoes RealsticWaterTwo Skyrim Immersive Creatures Immersive Patrols II Immersive Citizens AI Hunterborn Better Harvesting 3DNPC 3dnpc Overhaul Sneakus Peekus Real Clouds Unique grasses Enhanced Lights Riverwood Hunter Cabin Battle Mage armor Realistic Needs Frostfall Campfire Forest Fantasy Overhaul Dark Fantasy Overhaul The honor Dead Better Free camera Climates of Tamriel HighRes TexturePack1 HighRes TexturePack2 HighRes TexturePack3
1 Oct 2017
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Double Arm Inside Block Used In Karate Taught By Master Keith F. Mendelssohn 7th Degree Black Belt Of Ai Jeet Kwon Karate Do / Tae Kwon do
16 May 2007
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Jo - Kata Ai Jeet Kwon Karate Do / Tae Kwon Do Taught By Master Keith F Mendelssohn 7th Degree Black Belt
17 May 2007
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Eklectiks Crew en répète au studio Reprod. J'ai rêvé
5 Jul 2007
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hanging at home filming my studio space even less light now... which anime was I watching? 藍より青し ~縁~ Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ not as awesome as the original series but this continues the story so I rent this from time to time Ai Yori Aoshi The title is taken from a quote from the Chinese philosopher Xun Zi: "Blue comes from indigo, yet is bluer than indigo" (青は藍より出でて藍より青し Ao wa ai yori idete ai yori aoshi) (青出於藍而勝於藍 Qīng chū yú lán ér shèng yú lán in Traditional Chinese). The phrase is used in both Chinese and Japanese to mean that, although people are molded by their teacher, they surpass that teacher through their own efforts. The name of the main character, Aoi (葵?), is pronounced the same way as a ao(i), a version of ao "blue". - from wikipedia hope you enjoyed the art.
31 Aug 2007
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Halo 2 AI Revission Mappack! Just halo 2 modz with AI. about 12 maps all with working AI!
22 Sep 2007
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Y1,020 -- ( .A.)o Minihamuzu no Ai no Uta Minimoni PV (Minihamuzu) Disp/Av 2001/Dic/05. LYRICS-- (Ah Uh Ah Uh) Pa Pa Pa~ Love Love Love Love I LOVE YOU Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Love Love Love Love I Need You Ai Ai Ai Ai Mini Hamuzu! DE-TO ni sasotte kudasai na Koukyuu himawari RESUTORAN KekkyoKu itsumo no mise desu ka Himawari tane ton dai morine HONTO wa MU-DO ni yowai kedo ROMAN to MARON ja oochigai Sore demo ohara wa heru mitai Himawari no tane Yappa oishii wa~! MINI SUKA haite MINI HAMUZU CHEKKU no SUKA-TO niatteru? AIDORU dakara MINI HAMUZU Honto wa renai kinshi nano Ashita wa kitto ii o tenki da yo~ WOW WOW WOW WOW Love Love Love Love I Love You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Love Love Love Love I Need You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Ah Uh Pa Pa Pa~ DE-TO ni sasotte kudasai na DOKI DOKI na ryoukou shite mitai Kekkyoku itsumo no chika HAUSU Shiranai machi toka mitemitai HONTO wa MU-DO ni yowai kara Yasashii koto bani NOKKUDAUN Anata no mae ha ga daisuki yo Himawari no tane Motto kanjitte yo~ MINI SUKA haite MINI HAMUZU CHEKKU no SUKA-TO kimatteru! AIDORU nano yo MINI HAMUZU Kyaku kara yon dara 'ZUMAHANIMI' Ashita mo kitto tanoshii hazu dayo! WOW WOW WOW WOW Love Love Love Love I Love You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Love Love Love Love I Need You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Love Love Love Love I Love You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! Love Love Love Love I Need You Ai Ai Ai Ai MINI HAMUZU! MINI HAMUZU!. *******iimouto****/goaikora mx
22 Sep 2007
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Lisa to Isshoni Dairoku Oudan : AI Ressha de Gyoukou for PSP
14 Oct 2007
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This Crysis tutorial covers creating AI Formations and having the instructions you give to one Leader carry through to a group saving you time and making for smaller and cleaner Flow Graphs. Enjoy.
26 Dec 2007
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