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Ron Paul Fox News 9/17/08 AIG bailout
18 Sep 2008
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A little dismay over the AIG bailout
18 Nov 2008
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Panel 1 Dow down 3.5% Lowest since 1997 S&P 500 hit hard Citi, AIG bailouts March 3, 2009 Panel 2 3rd bailout each U$300 bln total Record AIG loss March 3, 2009 Panel 3 HSBC rights issue Biggest UK issue 48% discount Shutting US bank March 3, 2009 Panel 4 800 offices shut 6,100 staff gone FTSE fell 5% HSBC down 19%. March 3, 2009
6 Mar 2009
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The government will make a profit on the AIG bailout, IF shares stay at their same level as the government divests itself of AIG ownership.
4 Nov 2010
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Stocks tumbled Monday after the House failed to pass the proposed $700 billion AIG bailout. Jack Hough, Columnist for SmartMoney****, looks ahead to America's financial future.
25 Aug 2012
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped below 7,000 for the first time since 1997. Jack Hough, Columnist for SmartMoney****, weighs in and discusses the latest AIG bailout as well.
10 Sep 2012
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Many know him as a martial arts master and actor. But these days, Chuck Norris is playing another role -- political activist, backing GOP candidate Mike Huckabee . His new book Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America tells about his new political passion. See his interview with Pat Robertson. The Christian Broadcasting Network . To see more from The 700 Club , go to**** TAGS: Actor Walker Texas Ranger Action Film TV Movie Dallas Prestonwood Preston Baptist Church Karate Black Belt Total Gym Workout Kicking Kick Boxing Stunts America Patriotism Patriot USA America Responsiblity Morality Founding Fathers Greed Power Corruption Mike Huckabee Taxes Offshore Manufacturing NAFTA Jobs Union Government Unemployment Immigration Illegal Mexico Youth Culture Wars AIG Bailout Bankruptcy Banks Housing Crises Mortgage Foreclosure Wall Street Democracy Washington Ron Paul Depression Recession Borders Border Patrol Citizenship Barack Obama Politicians Politics Policies Legislator Congress Senate Ethics
18 Sep 2012
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