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Kids Magic Science Trick - Suck water out of a bowl with air, magic science trick for kids. Kids Magic Science Tricks. Matchstix, water and air kids science magic tricks. What you will need: 1) A bowl 2) Two matches 3) Clear glass 4) A coin
12 Dec 2007
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16 Jun 2017
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Learn how to pull a card from thin air!!!
15 Mar 2007
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Learn how to grab a card out of thin air. Magic trick instructions showing how to perform this exciting card sleight. Come and join in the party at *******www.goodtricks****
18 Jun 2009
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13 Apr 2013
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I perform this trick many time Live. And people really love my this trick. I hope you enjoy it very well.Please comment and rate my video. Thanx and Take Care.
31 Aug 2009
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13 May 2012
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