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18 May 2010
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funny prank on a kid comming home from school.
11 Apr 2007
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Welcome to Max-Splat Training, where the most elite operators meet to train and teach you the best tactical ways to be tactically tactical! Just kidding. Join Jake, Max, and James, three airsoft players with over 100 years of airsoft experience as they teach you airsoft tactics, techniques, and strategies. They'll teach you real tactics, while not getting too serious about it all, airsoft is about fun too. This is all in the name of spreading the good word of airsoft, watch and enjoy!
9 Sep 2011
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Hey everybody!! It's Friday!! Today we'll be going over the basics of communication and cover in an airsoft scenario. They'll perform check drills, reloading, leapfrogging, and calling out targets. Follow along with the scenario and after action report. Communication and teamwork beats out high end gear any day of the week . Hi Fives for everybody!! (not really, especially you.)
20 Oct 2011
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*******www.airsplat****/Items/ERM-BI-74-RK03.htm *******www.airsplat****/Items/AC-APP-CO-CR-TN.htm *******www.airsplat****/Items/AC-UP-NOVKE-KX3.htm Hello fellow Comrade in Arms! Today we go over greatest weapon ever built, from greatest fatherland of all, Mother Russia! Watch as we go over many style of venerable AK47 aeg rifle, from custom build to how to run your chest rig, to some fancy reload. then we show you difference between airsoft AK and Real AK. Long live AK47!
20 Oct 2011
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Jake's Pistol: *******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-HGBB-614-G.htm James' Pistol: *******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-KSC-G17-MET.htm Max's Pistol: *******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-KSC-USP-TACT.htm In this vid, the MaxSplat Crew go over some real steel shooting drills that are also very useful in an airsoft training application. MaxSplat performs these drills on a regular basis to keep their pistol skills sharp. Topics covered are Basic Stances, Two Shooting Drills, and muscle memory for reloading. These drills help with target acquisition and on the fly decision making in a firefight situation, the more you train, the more these movements become ingrained into your action and you'll be able to focus more on positioning and tactics.
28 Mar 2012
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