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Fa’Real isn’t just a name, but more like a character trait that manifests through someone who is unique, and not afraid to keep it real. Reality is the state of one’s consciousness, and that’s the same essence of Fa’Real. In this day and age, full of conformist, followers, hypocrites and fake people, Fa’Real surfaces a society that isn’t ready for the truth. “Sometimes I feel like it’s me against the world”. Although, being different and odd may be looked down upon by onlookers, Fa’Real embraces the embodiment of unusual and different, “for this is my purpose of life, to embark on a journey that many have taken before me, but add a slight twist to it, and I don’t even care what people think, because only god knows best”. And above it all reality can’t be limited to one perspective, so let us all be Fa’Real and join Reality Movements. Fa’Reals birth name is Randy Thomas, and was born in Clarendon Jamaica and shortly migrated to Brooklyn New York, Which constitutes his ability to indulge in a wide genre of music. “ Sometimes you find me Chanting righteousness on a Conscious or Cultural Riddim, or sometimes you could hear me Hip Hopping on a Rap beat, or sometimes you can even hear me Chatting (DJ or SingJay) on a Dancehall Riddim, sometimes you can even hear me singing to R&B or Techno, I’m a Beast, LOL.” Fa’Real proves to be a very versatile artist whom can adapt to any given environment or beat. However, his unique persona and style seems to always leak out with ease. Even though Fa’Real is an up and coming artist who faces many difficulties and challenges, Fa’Real seems to be very focused and determined. Randy Thomas A.K.A Fa’Real is enrolled in York College, where he is working on a Bachelors degree after already achieving his Associates degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Because Fa’Real is such a Free spirit, he has been through a great amount of experiences, “most of the times I try to run my ideas by people before I go for it, because sometimes the consequences for me action are way too harsh and irreversible”. Fa’Real has been involved in music from the age of ten years old, and says “if it wasn’t for music, I would probably be dead or locked up, so I feel music is my survival”. Although, he’s not signed with any major record label Fa’Real makes due with the small resources he got. “I hustled, I worked a 9-5, I took out loans, I scammed, I grinded and scraped up monies just to feed my habit of music, and even though I didn’t get my big break yet, I still love music and will never stop putting it out until I’m in my grave, which will read; Fa’Real, to da Death of em”. Well without further due, it’s Fa’Real…."Some people call me 4Real, some say FoReal, some just call me Real, its all the same thing". Nah Mean, Nam Saying, Razzzah. Fa’Real is available to work with anyone who does any type of music, because according to Fa’Real there are no limits to music. Look out for his premiere series “Different Ting”, consisting of four different miniseries. Also don’t forget to look out for many of his singles, just to name a few; “MySpace Face”, “Independent Girl”, “Mr. Swag”, and many more. Also there are many remixes and compilations that are on Imeem, YouTube, MySpace, etc, you need to look out for Fa’Real. Just keep up with Reality Movements, Where “We Turn Dreams into Reality”.
In the best house music club in Copenhagen Denmark, Culture Box (*******culture-box****), funky DJs John Keyes aka Dandy Jack (*******www.myspace****/vortexdynamics) and Andrès Garcia (******* are playing their awesome funky live music performance on the 15th of August 2008 during the Strøm Electronic Music festival (******* This video features their original music performance, recorded with their permission, using a wireless microphone connected directly to the DJ system. You can watch this video in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****/parties/john-keyes-aka-dandy-jack-with-andres-garcia-culture-box-copenhagen-part-1/
24 Aug 2008
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Jensen Kirk aka Jaydotk Poo Bear's Red Carpet MTV VMA pre-party with De Veaux of Paxstereo & EURweb on his new CD release "Heart of the City".
10 Sep 2008
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Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia Brady) stops by the Stern Show to promote her book and gives her raunchiest interview yet. She discussed her drug problems, sex stories and troubled past. Visit HowardTV**** for more or call 1-888-4-HEYNOW. The worst is yet to come.
24 Dec 2008
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Patricia Pualani Ford (Waialae) aka: Brandi Davis (Patricia married her long-time boyfriend Russell Waialae in Las Vegas on February 14th 2001. Patricia gave birth to her first child a baby boy on November 5th 2006.)
21 May 2009
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Johnson Boys aka "Bad Boyz" video montage. Stratford CT Snellville GA Bunnell high school bulldogs brookwood high school broncos brothers johnson humor funny shower scene practical joke jokes scare tactics prank pranks hobby model rocket rockets launch belly flop street fight fighting dance contest in jamaica inner circle macho man village people chicken suit grand canyon kung fu crazy second hill lane elementary boxing rope swing shawn christmas tree disasters ssstevetv records songs shawn taco bad boys 4 life show high school fights 2008 brookwood high school snellville GA backyard brawls episode face slap belly flop boxing knock outs school fights 2008 family class reunion middle school junior high fight fights at school
11 Feb 2011
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First single from Amira's debut album "Legko Lubit aka Easy To Love"
28 Oct 2008
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Woman and AKA 47
2 Nov 2008
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Obama Girl - aka Amber Lee Ettinger - talk with Josh Cohen of about if she's ever been in touch with Barack and what happens after the election.
5 Nov 2008
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Pool boy Ace Hanson aka Eric Reins gets challenged by Joey Meatball to wrestle at Thunder's Arena
1 Dec 2008
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Tim Walz waves to his personal blogger, Sally Jo Sorenson AKA Ollie Ox of
3 Dec 2008
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youngface aka facelift thanks and give diddy the new name godfather of the remix download youngface aka facelift single dresscode on itunes,rhapsody,emusic,amazon,napster,shockhound search youngface fwecompanygmail****
11 Dec 2008
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*******www.myspace****/money_making_prodigy Who is this Brandon Lira aka MoneyMakingProdigy? Well, he's an amazing young entrepreneur who is dedicated to help people out. He's only 14 years old but don't prejudge him. He's a BIG person with a BIG Vision
21 Dec 2008
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