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This is another reflection of my soul. I produced every beat myself on this mix. I am still new at this so let me know what you think. There are two songs on there that you might recognize the beat from a song you know but still different, I am able to listen to a song once and able to copy the beat, but with my own style. I only do that to see if I can, or for practice. Not on this mix, but on some of them I take the Original Classic Soul Song and enhance it like how Jay-z, Pete Rock, J DIlla, And DJ Premier would, but of course not as well. This entire video is dedicated to J DILLA, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier. I took pictures from the life of all three, and put it in this video. I actually dedicate all my videos to all the producers, DJ'S and the Artists who made it, or are trying too. This is not simple, and takes a lot of time, and patience, I mean a lot of patience.. Ha-ha Anyway I am looking for other Producers, DJ, and or Lyricists old or new at this. As long as your serious. I prefer people who are into (Hip Hop, or R&B) who are interested in working together, or just doing a project. Here is my contact info: Please no spam or Junk, I will block. Please Respect. Much Love 2 All, Ali Jordana Maltz aka SoulQueen Ali.Maltzgmail****
6 Jul 2008
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ILUSIONES ROTAS 11M (AKA TORN BROKEN ILLUSIONS 11M) (2005) COUNTRY: SPAIN -- HONG KONG GENRE: DRAMA DIRECTOR: ALEX QUIROGA FILM RUN: 107' SPAIN PREMIERE THEATRICAL RELEASE: OCTOBER 28, 2005 CAST: LILIAN CARO, FINA MAYO, JEMI PARETAS, MANUEL BOCANEGRA, FÉLIX ORTIZ, LAIA ALEMANY, JESÚS SARMIENTO, NIDAL HOSAINI, CARLOS NIETO BALBOA, TERESA HURTADO, HELENA SÁNCHEZ CANALES, NANI SORIANO, ABELLATIF TAQUFIK A requiem of illusions Spanish cinema remembers for the first time the Madrid terrorist attacks of the 11th of March. Alex Quiroga's Ilusiones Rotas 11-M (Broken Illusions) reflects the hopes and the frustrations of four characters living very different lives in the months before the attacks, until the fatal day, when they are all touched by the same tragedy. The film opened in seven Spanish cities, distributed by Pirámide Films. Flirting with a documentary style, Ilusiones Rotas 11-M was shot in high-definition digital video and combines the narration of the characters' experiences with real sequences from the attacks. According to the director, his work is not politically committed; he prefers "exploring territories of the reality which interest me. I do the kind of cinema I like to watch". 50% of the sum collected in the box office will be given to the victims of the attack
14 Jul 2008
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The X-Family Ep 54 Scene - Wu Zun aka Huo Yan Shi Zhe,he's ON FIRE!!!!
1 Aug 2008
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In the best house music club in Copenhagen Denmark, Culture Box (*******culture-box****), funky DJs John Keyes aka Dandy Jack (*******www.myspace****/vortexdynamics) and Andrès Garcia (******* are playing their awesome funky live music performance on the 15th of August 2008 during the Strøm Electronic Music festival (******* This video features their original music performance, recorded with their permission, using a wireless microphone connected directly to the DJ system. You can watch this video in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****/parties/john-keyes-aka-dandy-jack-with-andres-garcia-culture-box-copenhagen-part-1/
24 Aug 2008
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Jensen Kirk aka Jaydotk Poo Bear's Red Carpet MTV VMA pre-party with De Veaux of Paxstereo & EURweb on his new CD release "Heart of the City".
10 Sep 2008
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Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia Brady) stops by the Stern Show to promote her book and gives her raunchiest interview yet. She discussed her drug problems, sex stories and troubled past. Visit HowardTV**** for more or call 1-888-4-HEYNOW. The worst is yet to come.
24 Dec 2008
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Patricia Pualani Ford (Waialae) aka: Brandi Davis (Patricia married her long-time boyfriend Russell Waialae in Las Vegas on February 14th 2001. Patricia gave birth to her first child a baby boy on November 5th 2006.)
21 May 2009
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Johnson Boys aka "Bad Boyz" video montage. Stratford CT Snellville GA Bunnell high school bulldogs brookwood high school broncos brothers johnson humor funny shower scene practical joke jokes scare tactics prank pranks hobby model rocket rockets launch belly flop street fight fighting dance contest in jamaica inner circle macho man village people chicken suit grand canyon kung fu crazy second hill lane elementary boxing rope swing shawn christmas tree disasters ssstevetv records songs shawn taco bad boys 4 life show high school fights 2008 brookwood high school snellville GA backyard brawls episode face slap belly flop boxing knock outs school fights 2008 family class reunion middle school junior high fight fights at school
11 Feb 2011
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First single from Amira's debut album "Legko Lubit aka Easy To Love"
28 Oct 2008
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Woman and AKA 47
2 Nov 2008
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Obama Girl - aka Amber Lee Ettinger - talk with Josh Cohen of about if she's ever been in touch with Barack and what happens after the election.
5 Nov 2008
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Pool boy Ace Hanson aka Eric Reins gets challenged by Joey Meatball to wrestle at Thunder's Arena
1 Dec 2008
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