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The Good Fairy (1935)
10 Feb 2012
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In this scene from the TV Movie "The Castaways on Gilligan's Island", Gilligan and the gang leave the Island in a plane they built from scrap plane parts. But all does not go well.
16 Jul 2010
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From the movie Imitation of Life - Directed by John M. Stahl and starring Warren William, Ned Sparks, Alan Hale, Henry Armetta, Wyndham Standing. A widow and her housekeeper go into business together but almost lose their daughters.
11 Jan 2012
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Gilligan's Island reunion on The Late Show with Ross Shafer from 1988. FULL CAST! The last time the entire cast was together. Part 1 of 4
13 Jan 2010
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The castaways must try to readjust to life in civilization after they are rescued from the island.
10 Mar 2010
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Hollywood came north to Canada in 1941 (prior to America's entry in the war) to shoot a war movie about the Royal Canadian Air Force in technicolor. The plot of the movie was about a group of bush pilots who decide to join the RCAF as pilots. The film had some great historic scenes at places like RCAF stations Uplands, Trenton, and Jarvis as well as what looks like the CNE grounds in Toronto. The film, Captains of the Clouds, starred James Cagney, Alan Hale, and George Tobias (Abner Kravitz on TV's Bewitched. The film is a tribute to the men of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan pilots and had a wing ceremony conducted by Air Marshall Billy Bishop (The WW1 Ace). I first saw this film many years ago on Elwy Yost's Saturday Night at the Movies on TV Ontario, with interviews & background info. I'm pleased that it is available on DVD, if you'd also like to see the entire movie. "Per Ardu Ad Astra".
24 Feb 2011
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The clip having dinner with grandmother and Connie from Dragnet (1987) with Dan Aykroyd, Lenka Peterson 9:00 p. m. Exactly one night after witnessing the satanic cult rally... I escorted my grandmother to her favourite restaurant, the Brown Derby. There was someone I wanted her to meet, and it wasn't Detective Streebek. Sergeant Friday, your table is ready. I took the liberty of pouring the Dom Perignon. What Dom Perignon? I stopped and phoned in an order in honour of Granny Mundy's birthday. You'd want her to have the most expensive kind, wouldn't you? What a thoughtful gesture! Don't you think so, Joe? Yes, Granny. It was very considerate of him. Hello, Joe. Guess I'm early. I was kind of excited. You sly minx! I'd like you to meet my maternal grandmother, Mrs. Grace Mundy. Granny, this is the virgin Connie Swail. You're kidding? Hi. Well, allow me. The place of honour for Granny. Thank you. Certainly. And if I may, a toast. To Granny Mundy. May you live as long as you want but never want as long as you live. Hear! Hear! Ahhh. This is such a happy restaurant. Commissioner Kirkpatrick, how nice to see you again. Reverend Whirley, it's a privilege. An aperitif, perhaps? I once saw Alan Hale, Jr. In here. Alan Hale, Jr! Wow! "Gilligan, little buddy!" Don't order anything more expensive than the Cobb salad. That is an order. Oh, my God! Connie? That's him. That man with the collar. The Reverend Whirley?
29 Nov 2011
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Young at Heart is an old classic ballad composed by Johnny Richards & Carolyn Leigh. Frank Sinatra was the first to record the song, and it became a million-selling hit for him in 1953, and the song became more popular because of him in 1954. The song was such a hit that Sinatra, while filming a movie with renowned singer & actress Doris Day, decided to rename the movie to the song title, with his version of the song posted at the beginning and the end of the movie. Although a lot of other artists like Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett & Connie Francis made a cover of the song, Sinatra's version is the most popular not just because of his first record, but also, at the same time, because of the 1954 film Young at Heart, which was directed by Gordon Douglas, and starred Sinatra himself, together with Doris Day, Gig Young, Ethel Barrymore, Alan Hale Jr., and Dorothy Malone. "Young at Heart" was the first of 5 films that Gordon Douglas directed with Frank Sinatra, since this was a remake version of the 1938 film "Four Daughters" which was directed by Michael Curtiz and starred Priscilla, Rosemary and Lola Lane as the main characters of the movie.
8 Mar 2013
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On This Day Find out what happened on January 2 including famous birthdays like Kate Bosworth and Taye Diggs; famous deaths like Alan Hale Jr and notable events like Peyton Manning winning his record-tying third NFL MVP award
1 Oct 2013
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Compilation of several classic television shows with American Band by Grand Funk Railroad. TV shows include The Beverly Hillbillies(Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Max Baer, Nancy Kulp, Raymond Bailey), The Muppet Show(Connie Stevens, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem), Married with Children(Christina Applegate, Amanda Bearse, David Faustino, Anthrax), The Monkees(Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork), Gilligan's Island(Dawn Wells, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Russell Johnson, Mosquitoes, Honey Bees ), Bewitched(Elizabeth Montgomery, Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart) and The Munsters(Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, The Standells).
5 May 2015
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