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My Gosh! Matt Davis (from The Vampire Diaries Alaric Saltzman) promised, if Ian wins the competition (The Ultimate Sexy Beast), he give a gift for Ian. Well, here's a surprise! Follow the boys on Twitter!! Ian: www.twitter****/iansomerhalder Matt: www.twitter****/ernestoriley
26 Aug 2010
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The Vampire Diaries Cast member Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) discusses the friendship between Elena and Elijah (played by Daniel Gillies). Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) is teased by the panelists for promoting a relationship between Alaric and Elena on Twitter.
18 Mar 2012
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The Vampire Diaries Executive producer Julie Plec and cast member Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) discuss Alaric's ring and its role in turning Alaric to the dark side. Plec also discusses potential implications for Jeremy Gilbert (played by Steven R. McQueen).
22 Oct 2013
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