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Are you looking for Panic Alarms for elderly in Ireland? If yes, then call 01 254 4999. Home8 Security offers an affordable HealthCare Monitoring Solution for activity and fall of your beloved ones. You can follow the daily activities of your loved ones with our advanced activity sensors. You can Place the sensor on doors, appliances and other frequently used items around the house to keep track of how often they are used. For more details you can do a live chat with us on our website.
2 May 2018
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Anti Nap alarm is an innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm. It is worn over the ear and has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, it sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you and alert your passengers. This little but effective device can prevent road accidents in a very simple manner. Features: • It is very easy to use and comfortable to wear for a long time. • .It alerts the user when the head lowers from the degrees of 15° to 30°.
18 May 2018
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A loud personal safety alarm that scares the attacker and helps to draw the attention of people around you. A very useful product for personal security especially for women safety & child safety. An attacker always looks for an ‘easy mark ‘that will be submissive to their advances. If confronted with this sonic blast, they will become startled and disoriented. They will also become concerned about the attention they will soon be receiving and break off the attack Remember, for the alarm to work, it must have fresh batteries and be nearby! Without a doubt. If you use it and the attacker retreats, then the alarm has done its job. Many people opt for passive personal alarms as their first line of defense, while maintaining a more controlling pepper spray, or stun gun as their second. The combination of both really strengthens your self-defense plan. Personal Alarms are perfect devices for seniors and the disabled. Attaching one to a wheelchair, for instance, could only increase their odds of being heard in an emergency. Individuals who are uncomfortable using a defense spray or stun gun will also find value in personal alarms. During a catastrophic event such as an earthquake; hurricane; or avalanche, a personal alarm may prove invaluable. As mentioned above, they may also double as a travel alarm, used on doors. College students also will find value in personal alarms by protecting their dorms while they sleep; and protecting themselves at other times.
18 May 2018
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Remember friends, get all creative and innovative when it comes to pranking you. Have a look at this bombastic alarm that will either wake you up or send you to a state of eternal sleep.
24 May 2018
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Watch to the end!
22 May 2018
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If you are looking for a reliable security services company in the UK, then you will find exactly what you are looking for using The Security Register. The Security Register provides information about Security Guards, CCTV Installation, Shop Cameras, Alarm Installation, Doormen, Home Security and much more.
22 May 2018
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We provide best, advance and Latest Wireless Security Technology Services and HD camera system for your home and Offices to make you secure and more comfortable. You can rest easy with our wireless security system. With 24/7 monitoring centers and more experience than anyone in the home security industry, you can rely on us to stay protected. Wireless security camera system Wireless home security camera Best security camera systems Home cameras security Camera home security system wireless Ring security camera HD security camera systems DIY wireless home security systems Wireless ip security camera Security camrea systems
10 May 2018
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Man has been using up fuel at such an alarming rate that we could soon run out of gas on planet earth. Fuel Duel is an animation short film that brings up the ongoing clash of interests between the various fuel sources available to mankind and even suggests a humorous return to natural vehicles as a means of extending our existence on earth
3 May 2018
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the first pool-alarm in the world.
3 Nov 2006
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car alarm of tomorrow world
11 Apr 2007
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more fun on : *******www.funny-collection**** This alarm sounds really strange
2 May 2007
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This video will teach you how to pass by ANY alarm system. It's for educational purposes only!
16 May 2007
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