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INFO: ******* CD: ******* iTunes: ******* ALBUM: ******* LIKE A&B: ******* Featuring the distinctive vocals of Zoë Johnston, "You Got To Go" is the latest single to be taken from Above & Beyond's critically acclaimed second artist album "Group Therapy" -- described by Mixmag as "the biggest artist album of the year". The new music video for the song draws on its optimistic lyrics about seizing the moment and realising your dreams. Directed by the prodigious Nathan Camponi, the video continues the UK dance act's tradition of evocative, narrative-based films and focuses on a group of friends embarking on one of Britain's greatest traditions - the road trip. "You Got To Go" will be released on 2nd October on Anjunabeats, including remixes from Kyau & Albert, MJ Cole, Dusky and Above & Beyond themselves, plus the A&B vs. K&A Radio Edit, which appears in the video. IMPORTANT - Jumping into water from any height can be dangerous unless you know what's below you. Ocean currents can also be dangerous for even the strongest swimmers. The jump in this video was thoroughly researched and carefully supervised
23 Nov 2011
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Sting - Fields of Gold - from his 'Ten Summoners Tales' - ©A&M Records Hauntingly beautiful - Sting singing Fields Of Gold with Dominic Miller - Guitar, Vinnie Coilutta - Drums and David Sanctious on Synthysizer filmed and performed at Sting's English Lakehouse in '93. The whole album was filmed and played over 24 hours at his Wiltshire home. The music is beautifully played, with depth and soul. Dominic Miller is equally captivating as are all the musicians. A classic . Ten Summoner's Tales is the fourth solo studio album by the rock musician Sting. The title is a combined pun of his given name, Gordon Sumner, and Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales character, the summoner. Released in 1993, it explores themes of love and morality in a noticeably upbeat mood. Sings' knowledge of english is reflected in the lyrics. Ten Summoner's Tales was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 1993 and nominated for the Grammy Awards Album of the Year in 1994. Sting has just re-created himself in Guitar Hero, the World Tour Edition 2008 Launched this year. Check out my other videos to find him. I hope you play it as often as I do..... You'll remember me when the west wind moves Upon the fields of barley You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky As we walk in the fields of gold So she took her love For to gaze awhile Upon the fields of barley In his arms she fell as her hair came down Among the fields of gold Will you stay with me, will you be my love Among the fields of barley Well forget the sun in his jealous sky As we lie in the fields of gold See the west wind move like a lover so Upon the fields of barley Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth Among the fields of gold I never made promises lightly And there have been some that Ive broken But I swear in the days still left Well walk in the fields of gold Well walk in the fields of gold Many years have passed since those summer days Among the fields of barley See the children run as the sun goes down Among the fields of gold You'll remember me when the west wind moves Upon the fields of barley You can tell the sun in his jealous sky When we walked in the fields of gold When we walked in the fields of gold When we walked in the fields of gold After disbanding the Police at the peak of their popularity in 1984, Sting quickly established himself as a viable solo artist, one obsessed with expanding the boundaries of pop music. Sting incorporated heavy elements of jazz, classical, and worldbeat into his music, writing lyrics that were literate and self-consciously meaningful, and he was never afraid to emphasize this fact in the press. Sting began work on his first solo album late in 1984, rounding up a group of jazz musicians as a supporting band. Moving from bass to guitar, he recorded his solo debut, 1985's The Dream of the Blue Turtles, with Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, and Omar Hakim. he delivered Ten Summoner's Tales, a light, pop-oriented record that became a hit on the strength of two Top 20 singles, "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You" and "Fields of Gold." At the end of 1993, "All for Love," a song he recorded with Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams for The Three Musketeers, became a number one hit. The single confirmed that Sting's audience had shifted from new wave/college rock fans to adult contemporary, and the 1994 compilation Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting played to that audience. judep22 For those of us in need of a little help to achieve that once fabulous bikini line: *******weightlossmagic****/ *******www.icephone**** If you are one of thousands of people with a direct interest in your or the health of others, or have a medical condition which requires immediate attention, then you need TheMedicalPhone - themedicalphone *******www.themedicalphone**** Themedicalphone iCEphone Mobile Phone Built To Save Your Life. is what you need. There are many thousands of organizations worldwide that provide emergency medical care, employing hundreds of thousands of emergency workers: These organizations are often in the public sector and may be civilian or military but may also be in the private sector. There are also large numbers of contractors, world travellers and back-packers travelling to remote parts of the world, indulging in high risk activities in areas where medical services may be sparse. All of these require the ability to access up to date medical protocols as well as accurate medical records, to record any medical interventions and to keep these records up to date in a safe, secure manner, wherever they are, and at whatever time of day. Themedicalphone™ provides an end-to-end solution to these specific problems via three core technologies, and offers out-of-the-box mobile network connectivity in 95 countries worldwide. *******www.themedicalphone****
12 Dec 2011
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André Benjamin (Clarence) André Benjamin is best known for his work as half of the world-renowned, pioneering, Grammy Award-winning duo, OutKast. Their album "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" sold over ten million copies, propelled by Benjamin's number one single, "Hey Ya!" For their distinguished body of work spanning over a decade, OutKast has received multiple Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" in 2004. Fueled by his artistic passion, Benjamin now has turned his attention to other creative outlets and is making an indelible mark on the film and television world, having recently starred in Universal Picture's Idlewild, a musical set in the prohibition-era South in which Benjamin stars and for which he co-created the story and co-wrote the soundtrack with his OutKast partner, Big Boi; the drama Four Brothers for director John Singleton, in which he received rave reviews for his portrayal of an adopted brother opposite Mark Wahlberg; and Be Cool the sequel to the smash hit comedy, Get Shorty and co-starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn, and Cedric the Entertainer. Benjamin also lent his voice to the anime feature Whasango and Paramount Picture's live-action/CG feature, Charlotte's Web. Benjamin will next be seen in the drama, Battle In Seattle, co-starring Charlize Theron and directed by Stuart Townsend. Benjamin is also creator and executive producer of "Class of 3000," an animated series for the Cartoon Network which is entering its second season. He also provides the voice of the series' main character as well as composes the series' music. André Benjamin is also an accomplished painter and clothing designer, further solidifying his role as a true multi-media artist and entrepreneur. Among his many accolades, Benjamin has been named the World's Best Dressed Man by Esquire Magazine and was named as one of Premiere Magazine's "New Power Players." André Benjamin, a musician and actor who is half of the acclaimed, multi-platinum selling music duo Outkast and has appeared in films such as Four Brothers and Idlewild, plays Clarence Withers, the flamboyant "superstar" of the Tropics. "I guess he's the most athletic of them all," says Benjamin. "He has this natural ability from the neighborhood or from the playground style of playing. He likes to go for all the shots and doesn't like to pass the ball. He doesn't even run down the court to play defense." Will Ferrell was impressed by Benjamin's contributions to the film. "For André to be thrust into a comedy like this and have to be the best player on the court, he's been amazing. He brings his whole charisma to the film. And he may be the most stylish person I will ever meet in my life!" A BlackTree Media Production Produced By Jamaal Finkley Hostess: Ms. Brooke Christopher *******
11 Jan 2012
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Taylor Swift / You Belong With Me 第52回グラミー賞 主要部門含む4冠獲得! ・Album Of The Year:album 『Fearless』 ・Best Country Album:album 『Fearless』 ・Best Female Country Vocal Performance:「White Horse」(from album 『Fearless』) ・Best Country Song:「White Horse」(songwriters:Liz Rose & Taylor Swift) ユニバーサル ミュージックのグラミー賞受賞及びノミネート・アーティスト動画を公開中! ***********/view_play_list?p=F870575EA08C4225 *******www.universal-music***.jp/u-pop/artist/taylor_swift /news.html
15 Feb 2012
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• Editing, presentation: yanniszita ® • Taken from Buddha Bar ft. Bliss ©09-2005 • Artist: ft. Bliss & guest vocals by Zero 7s Sophie Barker • Title: Wish you were here. . . • Album: Quiet Letters • Genre: Ambient • About this album:Bliss North American debut is a chill out masterpiece, deeply rooted in a fine collage of western, African and classical musical influences, and representing the vast musical backgrounds of the band. Bliss has inspired comparisons to Sade, Norah Jones, Enya and Ennio Morricone. With its captivating vocals, gentle percussion and gracious orchestration, Quiet Letters is described by Buddha Bars DJ Ravin as The Album of the Year, one of those albums that you have always been looking for without ever finding. Featuring guest vocals by Zero 7s Sophie Barker, Quiet Letters is an album that transports you far beyond the beaches of Ibiza, on a travel through African soul, Scandinavian jazz, and ethereal pop. • Bliss : Wish You Were Here [Lyrics] like waves to the shore part of the ocean the stars high above part of the sky now i drift to you i dream of a river a water so blue wish i could live there wish you were here.. like the air that i breathe u'll always be there the wings that i need when i wanna fly now i drift to you i dream of a river a water so blue wish i could live there wish you were here.. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS OF THIS SONG & VIDEO !!! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. IN CASE OF BEING OFFENDED, PLEASE NOTIFY ME TO REMOVE THE SONG FROM MY ACCOUNT. ____Rate and enjoy ____ ...
23 Feb 2012
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Adele performing Rolling in the Deep from her album '21' live at The Brit Awards 2012. Adele won MasterCard British Album of the Year & British Female Solo Artist.
27 Feb 2012
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Taylor Swift / Love Story 第52回グラミー賞 主要部門含む4冠獲得! ・Album Of The Year:album 『Fearless』 ・Best Country Album:album 『Fearless』 ・Best Female Country Vocal Performance:「White Horse」(from album 『Fearless』) ・Best Country Song:「White Horse」(songwriters:Liz Rose & Taylor Swift) *******www.universal-music***.jp/u-pop/artist/taylor_swift/
2 Mar 2012
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SSPU - The Royal We off the new album "Swoon" . . . Here in AUS we didn't get Carnvas in store untill 2007 so I bet we will be waiting an extra year for SWOON in stores here too. So I thought I would share another track off it, it is an amazing album. GO BUY IT ! ! ! ALBUM OF THE YEAR ! ! !
26 Mar 2012
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They became popular with their self-titled first album, Gipsy Kings, which included the songs "Djobi Djoba" , "Bamboleo" and the romantic ballad "Un Amor". The song "Volare" on their fourth album Mosaïque is a rumba version of Domenico Modugno's Italian hit "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu". The Gipsy Kings were enormously popular in France and throughout Europe, as well as in the Middle East. In 1989, Gipsy Kings was released in the United States and it spent 40 weeks on the charts, one of very few Spanish language albums to do so. Their cover version of "Hotel California" is an excellent example of fast flamenco guitar leads and rhythmic strumming (this version was featured in the Coen Brothers' movie The Big Lebowski as well on the HBO series Entourage). In 1991 the Gipsy Kings provided flamenco guitar and backing vocals on Bananarama's version of "Long Train Running", using the pseudonym "Alma de Noche" ("Soul of the Night"). Also in 1991, for a multi-artist project called "Simply Mad About the Mouse" — a compilation of new versions of songs from Disney films — the Kings contributed an annaly-crafted, fast-paced rumba flamenca version of "I've Got No Strings" from "Pinocchio", replete with feverish flamenco guitar leads and rhythmic hand-claps (palmas). The lyrics' enthusiasm for freedom, not being tied down, fit the gypsy creed perfectly. Their 1993 album Love & Liberté won the Latin Grammy Award for "Best Pop Album of the Year," and contained the enduring song "Montana," an emotional account of Romanis chased from their birthplace by prejudice and persecution. The 1995 compilation The Best of the Gipsy Kings went platinum, staying on the charts more than one year. Albums Mosaïque, Allegria, Este Mundo, Gipsy Kings Live, Love & Liberté, Tierra Gitana, Cantos de Amor, and ¡Volaré! - the Very Best of the Gipsy Kings went gold.
30 Mar 2012
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Click for discounts on Beats headphones & more at Amazon here!! *******funpal****/Headphones Rihanna - You Da One (AHMIR ft Alexa Goddard cover) Available NOW on iTunes: ***********/us/album/you-da-one-alexa-goddard-single/id486065952 Make sure you subscribe to our UK girl Alexa Goddard!! ***********/AlexaMusicTV Follow Alexa! *******twitter****/AlexaGoddard *********** VIDEO QUESTION: Who do you think will win Album of the Year at the Grammys?!? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!! Rihanna - Loud Adele - 21 Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Lady Gaga - Born This Way Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans *********** GET ALL AHMIR covers on iTunes: *******www.itunes****/ahmir FOLLOW US on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/ahmir LIKE US on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ahmirmusic Get AHMIR T-shirts and other merchandise available at: *******www.cafepress****/ahmir OFFICIAL WEBSITE: *******www.ahmirmusic****
10 Apr 2012
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iTunes: ******* Beatport: ******* CD: ******* Full Buy Links: ******* Group Therapy UK Tour: ******* LIKE A&B on Facebook: ******* Group Therapy Collector's Edition: ******* Group Therapy Deluxe iTunes LP: ******* Group Therapy CD: ******* Group Therapy iTunes UK: ******* Group Therapy iTunes US: ******* "The video for "Love Is Not Enough" follows the thoughts and emotions of two lost lovers in the final moments of their relationship - just as they realise that the relationship really isn't going to work. The whole video is filmed and edited in reverse, reflecting upon the cyclical nature of relationships. The backwards footage highlights the ambiguity and uncertainty of whether they are emotionally leaving or returning." Vicky Simmons, Director Directed by Vicky Simmons, the video for Above & Beyond's "Love Is Not Enough" (feat. Zoë Johnston) was shot on Hampstead Heath last December and features two rising stars of the acting world; Emily Beecham and Liam Boyle. Liam has starred in Powder (2010), Awaydays (2009) and Land Girls (2009). Emily has featured in The Calling (2009), 28 Weeks Later (2007) and was considered one of the 55 Faces Of The Future by Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood issue. A poignant tale of a deep love that wasn't quite to be, the video for Above & Beyond's "Love Is Not Enough" (feat. Zoë Johnston) captures the confusing, frustrating and, ultimately, heart-breaking emotions of those final, fracturing stages of such a relationship in a stirring and cinematic style. Released on 19th March 2012, Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston "Love Is Not Enough" is the latest single from the album "Group Therapy" - last year described as "the artist album of the year" by dance magazine Mixmag. A full remix package will include the new Above & Beyond Club Mix, and mixes from Kaskade, MRZO (aka Mat Zo), Maor Levi & Bluestone and Sykro. Website: ******* Tour Dates: *******www.abwall**** Facebook: *******www.facebook****/aboveandbeyond Youtube: ***********/aboveandbeyond Twitter: *******www.twitter****/aboveandbeyond Google+: ******* TATW Podcast: *******bitly****/tatwpodcast iTunes: *******www.itunes****/aboveandbeyond Anjunastore: *******www.anjunastore****/ Spotify: ******* Mixcloud: *******www.mixcloud****/aboveandbeyond Soundcloud: *******www.soundcloud****/aboveandbeyond
25 Apr 2012
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Buy on iTunes: ******* Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/unidiscmusic Aquarius Records - Sum 41 is a Canadian rock band from Ajax, Ontario,[1] active since 1996. The current members are Deryck Whibley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jason McCaslin (bass guitar, backing vocals), Steve Jocz (drums, backing vocals), and Tom Thacker (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboard). In 1999, the band signed an international record deal with Island Records. The band released their debut album, All Killer No Filler in 2001. The band achieved mainstream success with their first single from the album, "Fat Lip", which reached number-one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and remains the band's most successful single to date.[2] All Killer No Filler was certified platinum in the United States, Canada and in the UK.[3] The band has since released three more studio albums: Does This Look Infected? (2002), Chuck (2004) and Underclass Hero (2007). All three albums were certified platinum in Canada. The band often performs more than 300 times each year and holds long global tours, most of which last more than a year.[4] They have been nominated for seven Juno Awards and have won twice (Group of the Year in 2002 and Rock Album of the Year for Chuck in 2005). Chuck is the fourth studio album from Canadian rock band Sum 41. The album was released on October 12, 2004. It is the band's last album to feature lead guitarist Dave Baksh. He left the band on May 11, 2006 to pursue his own career with his new band Brown Brigade. The album is named after a UN peacekeeper Chuck Pelletier, who was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the band was filming a documentary for War Child Canada. Fighting broke out during the filming and Chuck helped the band evacuate from their hotel during the fighting (Chuck was staying in the same hotel during that time). The album received positive reviews from critics, and it won a Juno Award in 2005 for Best Rock Album of the Year. The album was certified platinum in Canada and gold in the United States.[1][2] In an online poll, "No Reason" was voted the favorite song, with "We're All to Blame" coming in second.
30 Apr 2012
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Elvis` first day at work on a film set was at the Twentieth Century-Fox lot on August 20th, 1956, on what was initially known as The Reno Brothers, a movie set in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. Elvis had recently signed a multi-picture deal with Paramount but the Colonel shrewdly incorporated a clause allowing him to work with other studios. Principal photography began two days later, and soundtrack work two days after that. The movie wrapped on October the 8th,1956, though not before a less melancholy ending was filmed. According to Hal Kanter, Elvis` role in the movie was expanded from one that had just a few lines. The part had already been turned down by Jeffrey Hunter and Robert Wagner by the time it came Elvis` way. Another movie about the Reno Brothers, Rage at Dawn, had been released just a year earlier, starring Randolph Scott and with Denver Pyle playing the Elvis role. Elvis got cold feet about doing the picture at all when he read the script and saw that his character died at the end. Girlfriend June Juanico recalls persuading him by saying that she tended to remember the characters who had a tragic fate far longer than those who live happily ever after. Love Me Tender turned out to be the only Elvis movie in which he did not get top billing, and in which he played an out-and-out anti-hero (as opposed to a good guy with redeemable character flaws). Elvis developed an enormous crush on Debra Paget. Elvis attended a private preview at the Loew`s State Theater in Memphis on November 20th,1956, accompanied by his parents and June Juanico. The movie premiered at the Times Square Paramount in New York City on November 15, 1956. As many as 1,500 Elvis fans began lining up for tickets the night before, stretching as far as Grand Central Station, rumor has it that the Colonel organized this stunt, which was as highly visible as the 50-foot tall Elvis cut-out looking down from the theater awning. Twentieth Century-Fox is said to have distributed more prints of this movie than any other movie in its history. In its first week, the movie made $540,000, beaten only by (posthumous) James Dean / Elizabeth Taylor blockbuster Giant. It finished the year as the 23rd highest grossing movie. Norah Jones (born Geethali Norah Jones Shankar on March 30, 1979) is an American singer-songwriter and actress. In 2002, she launched her solo music career with the release of the commercially successful and critically acclaimed album Come Away With Me, which was certified a diamond album in 2002, selling over 20 million copies. The record earned Jones five Grammy Awards, including the Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist. Her subsequent studio albums, Feels Like Home, released in 2004, Not Too Late, released in 2007, the same year she made her film debut in My Blueberry Nights, and her 2009 release The Fall, all gained Platinum status after selling over a million copies and were generally well received by critics. Jones has won nine Grammy Awards and was Billboard magazine's 60th-best-selling music artist of the 2000--2009 decade. Throughout her career, Jones has won numerous awards and has sold over 37 million albums worldwide. Billboard magazine named her the top Jazz artist of the 2000--2009 decade, establishing herself as one of the best-selling artists of her time.
1 Jun 2012
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A masterpiece, but not at first listen. 1. Everything In Its Right Place - 0:00 2. Kid A - 4:12 3. The National Anthem - 8:57 4. How To Disappear Completely - 14:45 5. Treefingers - 20:41 6. Optimistic - 24:24 7. In Limbo - 29:41 8. Idioteque - 33:11 9. Morning Bell - 38:20 10. Motion Picture Soundtrack - 42:55 Hidden Track - Genchildren - 47:14 Kid A is the fourth studio album by English alternative rock band Radiohead, released in October 2000. A commercial success worldwide, Kid A went platinum in its first week of release in the UK. Despite the lack of an official single or music video as publicity, Kid A became the first Radiohead release to debut at number one in the US. This success was credited variously to a unique marketing campaign, the early Internet leak of the album, or anticipation after the band's 1997 album, OK Computer. Kid A was recorded in Paris, Copenhagen, Gloucestershire and Oxford with producer Nigel Godrich. The album's songwriting and recording were experimental for Radiohead, as the band replaced their earlier "anthemic" rock style with a more electronic sound. Influenced by Krautrock, jazz, and 20th century classical music, Radiohead abandoned their three-guitar line-up for a wider range of instruments on Kid A, using keyboards, the Ondes martenot, and, on certain compositions, strings and brass. Kid A also contains more minimal and abstract lyrics than the band's previous work. Singer Thom Yorke has said the album was not intended as "art", but reflects the music they listened to at the time. Original artwork by Stanley Donwood and Yorke, and a series of short animated films called "blips", accompanied the album. Kid A has been considered one of the most challenging pop records to have commercial success. The album won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. It also received praise for introducing listeners to diverse forms of underground music. Despite the band's new direction alienating some fans and critics, Kid A received generally positive reviews from notable music publications. It was subsequently listed by multiple publications as one of the best albums of recent years, and in 2009 was ranked No. 1 in lists of the best albums of the 2000s by Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and The Times.
5 Jul 2012
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"The Girl from Ipanema" ("Garota de Ipanema") written in 1962 by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics in Portuguese by Vinicius de Moraes and in English by Norman Gimbel was recorded by Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz, in March 1963 as part of the album Getz/Gilberto, released March 1964 on the Verve label. It was released as a single, reaching number one on the Pop Standard chart and was named Record of the Year in 1965. The album won the 1965 Grammy Awards for Best Album of the Year, Best Jazz Instrumental Album - Individual or Group and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. The personel are Stan Getz - tenor saxophone, João Gilberto - guitar, vocals, Astrud Gilberto -- vocals, Antonio Carlos Jobim - piano, Sebastião Neto -- bass, and Milton Banana - drums. The version presented here is the long one from the album and is, in my opinion, superior to the shortened one which received a great deal of play on the radio during the summer of 1964. The album is available on CD on Verve.
1 Aug 2012
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XXX Deluxe Edition on iTunes: ******* Check out "Radio Song," the latest video from Danny Brown's acclaimed "XXX" (named Best Rap Album Of The Year by Spin), out now on Fool's Gold Directed by Alex/2tone *******www.foolsgoldrecs**** *******www.twitter****/xdannyxbrownx
25 Aug 2012
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