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The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic of South Mississippi offers detox and treatment programs for drug abuse, substance abuse and alcohol abuse. Are you or a loved one struggling with prescription painkillers, alcohol or street drugs like heroin? An addiction to alcohol or drugs may require detoxification and a personalized treatment program. We are an outpatient medical clinic dedicated to assisting patients to become free from drug and alcohol abuse and dependence. Our clinic director - Dr. Kevin Passer is a Johns Hopkins trained, Triple Board Certified Physician with over 30 years of experience. He is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and General-Adult Psychiatry. Dr. Passer is one of 70 National Mentors for a program designed to help teach other doctors as the most effective and safest treatment with the medication Suboxone for Opiate Addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility can help anyone break free from drugs, regardless of whether the addiction is to opiates, a
In this video, Dr. Steven Scanlan, Board Certified Psychiatrist and Recovery Specialist discusses the physical effects of alcohol and drug detox and Palm Beach Outpatient Detox’s painless and withdrawal free treatment programs. Dr Scanlan discusses how many people are afraid to start treatment because of fear of withdrawal symptoms but Palm Beach Outpatient Detox can treat alcohol addiction, opiate addiction and benzodiazepine addiction without the withdrawal period that addicts are often scared of. Palm Beach Outpatient Detox offers effective detox programs for opiate addition treatment, alcohol addition treatment, and benzodiazepine addiction treatment. Visit the website for more information on Palm Beach Outpatient Detox’s drug treatment and recovery programs - *******www.pbod****. Palm Beach Outpatient Detox is located in Boca Raton, Florida.
25 Jan 2010
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In this video, Dr. Steven Scanlan and David Remland discuss how to achieve sobriety and have a painless withdrawal free recovery through Palm Beach Outpatient Detox’s treatment programs. PBOD Life is a 60 day outpatient treatment program that allows patients to start the treatment and recovery process from the comfort of their own homes. Palm Beach Outpatient Detox specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction and is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Palm Beach Outpatient Detox offers effective detox programs for opiate addition treatment, alcohol addition treatment, and benzodiazepine addiction treatment. Visit the website for more information on Palm Beach Outpatient Detox’s drug treatment and recovery programs - *******www.pbod****
25 Jan 2010
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Drug addiction recovery consists of voluntarily abstaining from the use of medicines as well as additional things and/or individuals that may trigger the addict to think about coming back to previous habits.
10 May 2010
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*******www.MyTherapySession**** - Our world is filled with substances and behaviors we can become addicted to. This is a comprehensive and innovative bio-psycho-social approach to addictions problems using an enhanced version of the Transtheoretical Model for Change. Dr. Coyle breaks this difficult challenge into manageable parts such that you have the opportunity to build success upon success in overcoming your addictions. (To view this video series in its entirety, as well as the accompanying free journal, or to learn more about this topic and others, visit *******www.MyTherapySession****.)
1 Jun 2010
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The story of my alcohol and drug abuse and what lead up to it put into its proper place.
26 Jun 2010
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KNOW OUR CHILD ( Kenali Anak Kita ) is a Prevention Program developed and organized by PENGASIH, an NGO in Malaysia. more info at : www.kenali**** This program brings parents together in face-to-face sessions with experts. The main goal is to empower parents as effective partners in preventing teenagers from substance abuse and other high risk behaviors. Substance abuse has triggered very severe repercussions in society. The medical, social and economic consequences of substance abuse have been very destructive. Substance abuse has led to the spread of infectious diseases, violent crimes, mental disorders as well as the disruptions in family, workplace and educational environments. Billions of dollars are being wasted to manage and respond to the situation. content & music authored by
28 Oct 2010
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******* Do you experience alcohol sensitivity symptoms when you consume alcoholic beverages. The most common symptoms from an alcohol sensitivity include a red face, patches that are red and sometimes itchy on different parts of the body most commonly the chest shoulders and back, runny nose, stuffy nose, and pressure. More serious and life-threatening symptoms related to alcohol sensitivity include nausea, vomiting, dizziness. If you experience these more serious symptoms related to your alcohol sensitivity you should quit consuming alcohol immediately and permanently. If you experience the less severe symptoms then you can treat your alcohol sensitivity eliminating its symptoms completely and immediately. The website ******* is devoted exclusively to providing you more information on your alcohol sensitivity and its symptoms and how to stop the symptoms he immediately. You can also visit the site that has a home remedy for curing your alcohol sensitivity and its symptoms: *******
12 Dec 2010
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A new study says that Facebook photos can determine if a person has a drinking problem.
6 Oct 2011
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Reality star Kim Richards checked herself into rehab at an undisclosed location.
6 Dec 2011
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Are you or a loved one living a life where addiction is taking over? Cliffside Malibu is a luxury drug abuse treatment and alcoholism treatment center that uses holistic, evidence based, cutting edge treatment protocols to create a completely individualized program to suit all of your needs. We guarantee results. Get your life back. Get your family back. Call today 1-800-501-1988.
29 Dec 2011
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Julianne Hough has a great relationship with Ryan Seacrest, Daniel Radcliffe partied hard back in the day, David Beckham likes his long johns, Willow Smith shaves her head, Kristin Cavallari will marry after her child is born, all in today's celebrity gossip.
6 Feb 2012
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Following the famous singer's unexpected death, we take a look back at the glamorous and tumultuous life of Whitney Houston.
12 Feb 2012
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Dave Marlon of Solutions Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center of Las Vegas discusses the dangers of pseudophederine abuse on our communities and how its used to create meth. For more information about this drug and its effect visit our website at ***********/index.php
20 Jun 2012
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