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The more he drinks, the hotter she gets. Eventually, she will be his ultimate fantasy.
29 Apr 2008
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funny cartoon
7 Mar 2010
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Watch as the inside of a SEALED banana is turned into an alcoholic treat.Is this science, or a clever trick?Watch and decide for yourself.This is also a great treat for your next party. Hand your guests one of these bananas and watch their surprised look when they open it and reveal what's inside!Yes, I know the end result looks gross and a little pornographic. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter!Since I can't seem to keep my comments around, the scientific explanation for what's happening inside that banana follows:In this experiment we have both water (H2O) and Vodka (ethanol).Because the peel of the banana is a semi permeable membrane, it allows the ethanol to pass through it. This is caused by the difference in the concentrations of salts inside and outside the peel.High concentration of potassium and other salts inside the banana and the low concentration of salts outside the banana will encourage the ethanol to pass through the peel into the banana to equilibrate the system.According to an article in Experimental Botany, 1980, volume 31, number 4, pages 975-982, the banana pulp will begin to leech electrolytes. The high concentration of potassium inside the banana will drop. This will also help the system come to equilibrium.The coagulation of the inside of the banana is readily dependent on the temperature of the system.Ethanol is a great solvent for biological molecules. It will dissolve some of the inside of the banana, but at the same time all the lipids will not go into solution. So it is no surprise that the ethanol makes the banana become 'softer.' It is essentially liquefying the inside.In the process, the transition temperature inside the banana has raised above the temperature in the refrigerator. Dropping the temperature will cause the lipids and the ethanol solution to congeal.Hence the 'gel-o-shot' like state. Simple science!
24 Jul 2007
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I guess he forgot about the candles... They don't go too well with the alcohol...
28 Aug 2006
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You wouldn't start a night like this, so why end it that way?
9 Mar 2010
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A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to drink his beer. Following directions is always the best way to get to the alcohol the fastest.
18 Jun 2006
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Alcotest Fail
17 Apr 2009
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Oxana Malaya is a feral child, one of only about 100 known in the world. The story goes that, when she was three, her indifferent, alcoholic parents left her outside one night and she crawled into a hovel where they kept dogs. No one came to look for her or even seemed to notice she was gone, so she stayed where there was warmth and food - raw meat and scraps - forgetting what it was to be human, losing what toddler's language she had and learning to survive as a member of the pack. A shameful five years later, a neighbour reported a child living with animals. When she was found, at the age of eight in 1991, Oxana could hardly speak and ran around on all fours barking, mimicking her carers.
17 Oct 2006
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Quite a scary commercial against alcohol abuse. Don't let alcohol abuse you!
11 Apr 2006
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28 Nov 2008
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I bet you didn't see that comming.
31 May 2006
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Don't drink so many
20 Apr 2008
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Careful with Alcohol
13 Jul 2008
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forest animal eating alcoholic fruits in forent trees
21 Jun 2009
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Check out this ultralight alcohol stove. It weighs only 1 oz and has no moving parts. You can make it yourself in just a few minutes and it will outlast most conventional stoves. Boils in under 5 minutes and the fuel is cheap. This is a perfect stove for ultralight backpacking!
15 Jan 2009
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So little alcohol, so much energy. 5mL of methanol or ethanol is ignited in a 5 gallon water bottle. The alcohol burns at such a high rate itcreates a rocket engine effect. If the mixture is just right, it can knock ceiling tiles off. It looks really amazing atnight. After the burn, the bottle is capped and Charles Law is 8demonstrated. As the temperature decreases the volume decreases. The atmosphere crushes the cooling air in the bottle.Kent
30 Mar 2007
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