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Primer programa de batallas La voz Mexico
14 Nov 2017
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Info from Licensor: "My friend Alex and I are technology enthusiasts. We decided to go check out the new iPhone X to try it out. Alex, his younger brother, and I went to purchase an iPhone X. Alex set his phone up with FaceID, whereas my phone had not been set up and was still at the 'Hello' screen. We went to the food court afterwards to take photos of our phones on the table for Instagram. After taking the photos, Alex's brother picked up Alex's phone to look at the build of it, and it unlocked. We thought Alex might have been too close or something as it had only been set up with his face. Alex took the phone back, unlocked it with his face, and it worked fine. He then locked the phone and gave it back to his brother, who then picked it up and it unlocked with his face also. Alex is 20, and his brother is 16. They're not twins. Upon realizing that Alex's phone unlocked with his brother's face, we were dumbfounded. I grabbed my old phone and recorded a video of it to hopefully bring attention to the issue, so that Apple could fix it with software updates. After uploading the initial video, we went back to Apple and asked them about it. They provided an explanation and a potential remedy."
9 Nov 2017
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Amazon Himalayan salt lamp. Stands about 8"- 10". Gives off a lovely warm glow...especially pleasant at night. Music. Intro. Fun energetic. 42 Studio. Uplifting Indie rock. Alex Grohl Funk & Dubstep. kloudization Never. Virtue Noir. Thanks for watching Be Happy. Darren Thompson.
17 Nov 2017
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This is a slow motion look at the Alex Zanardi F1 wreck.
6 Apr 2006
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This is the second part of ShowBizz Tonight wich inteviews Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen.
5 Oct 2006
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Outside shot by alex !!! Good Goal
24 Oct 2006
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Alex King Soirée VIP
23 Sep 2006
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Alex Smith 2006 post game interview after sweeping the Seahawks
17 Dec 2006
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this is me and Alex dancing well... I'm dancing Alex is being well... Alex. Oh and just to let you guys know I'm on the left Alex is on the right.www.metacafe****/watch/398811/marcos_special_video/ this is the link to Marco and here's the one to our camera guy *******www.metacafe****/watch/415956/bobs_talent/
29 Jan 2007
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Exercises to build your body by a professional acrobat (alex sayhi)
7 Feb 2007
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Alex Jones warns about attacks before 911
18 Mar 2007
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In this clip Alex Jones from Infowars**** discusses the 1993 WTC attack. He asserts that the FBI facilitated the 1993 attacks using intermediaries and patsies to create a 'false flag attack'.
22 Mar 2007
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Alex Schrodt plays drums in Murder by Death, one of the hardest working bands in the country. Just check out their tour schedule! Alex talks about leaving space in the music so everyone (including MBD's cello player) can have enough room. Watch Alex use mallets on the cymbals and even play the walls of the club instead of his drums. From whisper quiet to furious and screaming, Alex, who learned to hit hard from Thursday's Tucker Rule, is in charge behind the kit.
22 Mar 2007
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Apresentação do Alex e Leo na final do Festival Nacional da Múisica Setaneja.
27 Mar 2007
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Bailão do Rodeio de Osasco com a dupla Alex e Léo
23 Apr 2007
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