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The clip The Story Of Jack Rollins Part 2 from I'm Not There. (2007) Today, the name Jack Rollins might best be remembered as the tortured singer battling his conscience in the 1965 drama, Grain of Sand. The role, of course, that launched the career of Hollywood rebel Robbie Clark. Hell, I don't pick what I sing. It picks me. Some of it ain't pretty. I mean, how you ever gonna change anything if you only wanna show what's pretty? In his first exclusive interview in 20 years... Tonight, we bring you face-to-face with the real Jack Rollins. William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll With a cane that he twirled 'Round his diamond ring finger He saw what was going on in the world, and he had the ability to distill it into a song. And this elevated the discussion. I mean, certainly within the folk world, but all through popular music, the bar had risen. Alice Fabian was herself a leading figure in the folk revival, achieving international success a few years before their first meeting in 1962. Hey, you're in my chair. I was at a party in the Village, and this twerpy little kid who'd been hanging around, kind of flirting with my baby sister and kissing up to me, starts playing these songs that he'd written on guitar. Now, this was '61, '62, and all anybody sang were traditionals, and here's this kid, applying traditional form to contemporary concerns, but with such insight, you know? It was devastating. You couldn't believe this was coming out of this little toad. Nobody was writing songs like that. It was as if he was giving voice to ideas that I wanted to express but didn't know how. Um, his finger-pointing songs, he called 'em. He was churning them out like ticker tape. Well, folk music has always been a political music,
28 Nov 2011
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