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The clip Alice thinks the vet lied about beethoven from Beethoven (1992) Did I do the wrong thing? I don't know, honey. Beethoven made this house real. He put the dents in it. I know he slobbered and he smelled bad, but he loved us. Even you. I just hope your motives were pure, and you did this for the safety of the kids. I really hate to think we sold Beethoven down the river... ...for a piece of carpet or a chance to sell more air freshener. It had nothing to do with carpet or air freshener. You saw what he did. I know. But we don't know why he did it. Maybe the vet didn't hit him, but maybe he handled him too rough or something. Emily's really sticking to this. Have we ever known her to attack an adult and accuse them of lying? No, but why would a vet say something like that? Instead of listening to some guy we've met only twice... ...maybe we should try listening to our own child. Honey, something doesn't make sense. Can't we just talk to him? What do you want me to do? Dr. Varnick, are you sure you didn't hit our dog? Yes, Mr. Newton, I just remembered I did hit your dog. Come on! It'd make me feel better. Let's go. I'm coming with you. So am I. We're all going with you.
28 Nov 2011
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