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5 Jan 2013
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this is a fun Tag video. i'm not saying i think i look like her. take it for what its worth. thank you so much for watching! Questions: 1. Who do you get compared to? 2. Who are they/what are they known from? 3. Do you think that it's a compliment or a disgrace? 4. What do you think about this person? 5. Do you like their fashion sense? 6. Pick 5 fellow youtubers who you think look like a celebrity! 7. Who do you tag? where i buy the brushes i use everyday- Sigma *get a free gift with a $30 purchase!* *******www.sigmabeauty****/?Click=24935 visit my vlog channel! ***********/livinlikelindsey follow me on Twitter for daily updates! *******twitter****/beautybaby44 like my Facebook page for updates, pictures and more! *******www.facebook****/beautybaby44
12 Sep 2014
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Today, we document three rappers who have a similar look to them, genetic wise. Here's G Herbo, Dez Sanquez & OJ Da Juiceman! Do you agree? Comment and let us know.
30 Dec 2017
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At BlizzCon 2007 one of the most anticipated events is the Sound Alike, Dance, and Costume Contests at the end of day one. Join GGL Wire's Becky "aktrez" Young for a break down of this years festivities. Check out more BlizzCon AND QuakeCon coverage at
12 Mar 2008
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28 May 2008
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obama moves towards economic stimulation working with the republicans and democrats alike trying to get bipartisan participation to pass bills in the senate and house, near-sided study shows that children who spend time outside have a lower chance of developing near-sided sight, employees volunteer to work for free when restaurant owner says he's in trouble due to the economy, good news and views, myinboxnews****,
29 Jan 2009
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The tricks that i preform here are called middle to top and all alike in middle to top i let you choose a card and let you put it where ever you want it in the deck and then i make it appear at the top In all alike i show you that its a regular deck of cards but if i just put the bottum card on top of the deck i can make all the cards look alike.
2 Aug 2009
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It's like Angelina Jolie with a touch of Derp? Pretty close look alike.
13 Mar 2012
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Check out crystalxp**** to see the different faces you can put on an XP computer. If you have the right configuration, you can get the Vista look, for free. In fact, you'll probably want to use Vista once you see the look.
10 Jan 2007
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Keep the girl or keep the job? Decide in one minute.
23 Jan 2007
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very simple programs that changes everything u want to look like vista, from sounds, boot up screen, icons, even your tray icons EVERYTHING. very easy to use and easy to uninstall and go back to orginal.
18 Sep 2008
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1. Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox 2. Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Chad Smith and Will Ferrell 3. Actress and producer America Ferrera and the winner of American Idol singers Jordin Sparks 4. Megan Fox and Mexican actress Barbara Mori 5. Danish supermodel Helena Christensen and Cameron Diaz 6. Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe 7. Kira Knightley and Natalie Portman 8. Jessica Alba and Vanessa Minnillo 9. Roselyn Sanchez and Nicole Scherzinger 10. Josh Harnett and tennis player Rafael Nadal 11. Penelope Cruz and Spanish actress Paz Vega 12. Eva Mendes and Cindy Crawford
24 Apr 2008
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Http://twitter****/samproof When caught in a face off with a doppleganger there's only one way to tell who's SamProof and Who's a fake - you have to shoot them both. Meghan Falcone as the Girl Ryan Musante as SamProof SamProof as SamProof For More on Super Zeroes check out *******samproof.ning****
27 Mar 2009
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maintainmanagement**** bandaids on a plate nutrient realities dj food human fuel holding tool position fate polination of energies create *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Uroporphyrinogen_III *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Genotype *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Bilirubin_diglucuronide
15 May 2009
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The recession has meant that everyone has had to tighten their belts, and the Queen is no exception. Staff at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel treated a regal guest to breakfast in bed while she caught up on Prince Harry's latest antics in Heat magazine. The guest also enjoyed a head massage while the masseuse could not resist trying on her tiara and then explored the extensive hotel, even pausing to pose with other guests, The manager said she was the perfect guest and would be welcomed back any time. On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... This wasn't actually the Queen, just an excellent lookalike, Mary Reynolds. *******www.bestwestern******
29 Sep 2009
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Was it Boris Johnson taking full advantage of the facilities on offer at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel near Swindon? he was spotted relaxing on the balcony with I Love London pants, and then enjoying a manicure, relaxing by the pool with David Beckham and was seen walking through the gym. Staff couldn't believe their eyes when they thought that Boris had chosen to read Heat while Becks was ploughing through the Financial Times. Discretion was called for when who they thought was Boris was trying and failing to catch a frisbee in the hotel grounds - practicing for the 2012 Olympics presumably. On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... Of course it wasn't actually Boris Johnson - just a great lookalike! *******www.bestwestern******
28 Sep 2009
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