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Well Depth Perception is one of the most critical issue for RC Pilots. There have been many crashes due to this, and finally I joined the list too and had a real bad ass banging crash into football field power lights post. Check it out. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
9 Mar 2009
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There are many videos on nitro engine tuning, this is my Version :) AliShanMao Version of how to tune the Nitro engine properly. I did my best to share the basic and most important knowledge for all of you. Hope you will find it useful. remember I am always available if you have questions. remember and are my other channels too :) Cheers
14 Sep 2009
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First video in the coming up line of videos for RedCat Racing Nitro RC Vehicles is here. It's basically targeted towards the beginner users of RC Nitro Vehicles or the people just starting with RC nitro Vehicles. Later I will post the intermediate user versions. Plus many more will come ;) so stay tuned. Check and and
25 Jan 2010
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This is the 3rd Video that all of you were waiting. Thanks for all your comments and support. I am simply overwhelmed by the feelings that I have got so many supportive viewers out there. Doing my best to bring you best videos. New videos of Breaking in running clips, some warm up of Volcano SV running after breaking in and Tornado doing some speedy stuff will be up soon So tune in later n don't forget that got awesome RC Plane n Heli videos by Ali Shanmao Cheers
11 Feb 2009
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After assembling this big ass Foamy bird with a big wing span and still made of foam, I was never sure that this is going to fly n get back safe. It did fly well but did not get back well. Well check it out, the nice crash after a long time for you to enjoy. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
22 Feb 2009
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In this video you will learn how to replace the pull starter of an RC Nitro Vehicle with Electric Drill starter or power starter. This video is made for RedCat Racing Arizona USA and is one of the many tutorials on RC Nitro Vehicles that I am doing. I’m using VX.18 Engine of RedCat Racings Shockwave 1/10 Scale 4WD RC Nitro Buggy. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
3 Feb 2010
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After doing some 3D on Honey bee king 3, I got my confidence back to fly ESky 600 Series Belt CP V2 with idle up and do some aerobatics. I find Belt CP V2 to be very stable n easy for 3D Heli beginners to do 3D n inverted hovers. Check out n tell me what do you think. This heli is available at <> and remember when checking out, type “Ali” in the discount code box n get instant 5% Discount. Also check <>, <>, <> , and <>. Cheers
11 Apr 2009
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My Friends RC F4 EDF Jet loses control and gone. Check out the footage Favor me and check these links out. Thanks
8 Jan 2009
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This guy is a JerkOff becuase he's calling this a 600 series heli it is a 400 series theres no excuse for that not even because he's indian and not a woo woo indian either............JerrrrKoffff This is the new ESky Belt CP V2 600 Series Electric 3D Heli Introductory video, showing what comes in the box. Later I will post videos on how to setup 3D heli, how to fly 3D helis, Beginner RC Heli Flying Lessons and flight videos. Don't forget to check <>, <>, <> <>. Cheers
31 Mar 2009
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Video Tutorials for RC Nitro Vehicle Beginners showing how to adjust or set the front wheel alignment. Hope this video will serve it's purpose and all the people with RC Buggy or trucks will have fun. All videos are available at and Cheers.
25 Jul 2010
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This is the video n review of E-DoModel’s RC Foamy EDF Jet F-15 Fighting Eagle. Enjoyed flying this big looking light weight EDF Bird. Check out the review n maiden flight. Also check <> for some more great planes. Cheers, Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
27 Apr 2010
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New Nitro RC Trucks and Buggies videos will be coming up soon. Check and channels too. Cheers
11 Jul 2009
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In this tutorial new tutorial you will see how to set the 2 speed transmission of you RC Truck or Buggy to shift early or late. I am using RedCat Racing’s 1/8 Scale Sandstorm 4WD nitro buggy for this tutorial. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
4 Mar 2009
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Check out RedCat Racing's 1/10 SCale RC Shockwave 4WD Off Road Buggy in Action finally. Listen to engine sound turning into an awesome powerful sound inside covered Car parking. More Videos are on their way. Don't forget to check, Cheers
24 Apr 2011
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In this tutorial you see how to take the nitro RC Vehicle's nitro engine out. This tutorial is for beginners. Don't forget to check,, and Cheers
14 Feb 2009
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Coming up new videos for all of you RC Hobbyist, my viewers and fans. Already flew these babies and they are simply awesome in sky. Soon will post Flight videos and many more vids of these if they don't get crashed hehehe. Don't forget to check <>, <>, <> <>. Cheers
31 Mar 2009
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