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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 What is the lymphatic system? It’s a critical part of the immune system, vital for protecting us from illness and damaging, disease-causing inflammation. Essentially, the lymphatic system is the the body’s inner “drainage system,” a network of blood vessels and lymph nodes that carry fluids from tissues around the body into the blood and vice versa. The lymphatic system has the primary role of protecting the body against outside threats such as infections, bacteria and cancer cells while helping keep fluid levels in balance. The best way to protect the complex series of criss-crossing lymphatic vessels and “nodes” that span almost the entire body (every one except for the central nervous system) is to eat a healing diet, exercise and take steps to detoxify the body naturally. Lymphatic vessels carry fluid that is managed through “valves,” which stop fluid from traveling the wrong way, similar to how blood flow works within the arteries and veins. In fact, the lymphatic system is very similar to the circulatory system made up of branches of veins, arteries and capillaries both bring essential fluids around the whole body and are vital for keeping us alive. In comparison to veins, lymph vessels are much smaller, and instead of bringing blood throughout the body, the lymphatic system carries a liquid called lymph, which stores our while blood cells. (1) Lymph is a clear, watery fluid and also carries protein molecules, salts, glucose and other substances, along with bacteria, throughout the body.
28 Mar 2017
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Lucky to be alive.
27 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 When a man reaches his mid-40s, the area of the prostate that encircles the urethra begins to grow. This overgrowth of prostate tissue is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. With continued growth, the expanding prostate may constrict the urethra, causing symptoms such as difficulty starting urination or a weak urine stream. BPH occurs in approximately 31 percent of men between the ages of 50 and 59, 36 percent of men age 60 to 69, and 44 percent of those who are age 70 and older. Not all of these men experience urinary tract problems related to BPH, but many do. Although BPH can cause a number of bothersome symptoms, it is not life threatening. Prostate cancer Cancer of the prostate is a much more serious health problem than BPH. After skin cancer, it is the second most common cancer in American men and is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer deaths. In 2010, an estimated 218,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and about 33,000 died of the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. The good news is that today, reliable diagnostic tests and numerous treatment options are available, and death rates from prostate cancer are now on the decline. Nearly 100 percent of men are still alive five years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, more than 93 percent are alive 10 years after diagnosis, and approximately 79 percent are alive 15 years after diagnosis. Although the symptoms of prostate cancer are similar to those of BPH, the conditions are not related. Having BPH neither increases nor decreases a man's risk of prostate cancer. In addition, it is possible for a man to have both conditions at the same time.
22 Mar 2017
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DJ Sean Doroudian deserves to be in the top 5 because he is one of the best djs alive and made very very good songs.
18 Mar 2017
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Searching for Life on Mars youtube dot com /MarsAlive
17 Mar 2017
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Hexabaloo Pictures Presents: Season opera series episode. “Night of the Clown.” Somethings pounding on my door From the conspiracy music series JaKOBS DIaRY “TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY” about the Mind Control experiments in a rogue top secret New World Order and CIA Nazi Program called Project Monarch under the control of 800 German Scientist’s brought to America after WW2 along with the nortorious Dr. Josef Mengele the Nazi angel of Death who is still alive taking youth drugs he developed the easy way, through child medical experiments in the German concentration camps. Mengele now goes by the name Dr. Green now living in Lancaster, Pa with his three sons. Hitler resides there too living hiding among the Amish population. In this episode Jakob is caught off guard and becomes involved in a “Game Play,” by the Dracs. Draconians, the reptilian shape shifting Dracula’s shifting into clowns who play games with victims on what’s known as the Cybernetic Killing Floor. Reptilians shape shift through a process known as sped up evolution. Traveling through underground rogue military tunnels throughout the Hex County region to experimental human eugenics units the Nazi’s and Mengele are working with the NWO for a complete Fascist Stalinist Dictator style takeover of the world using mind control technology. Jakob was abducted as a child growing up in the 60’s on the family farm during the summer and sent to Monarch Mind Control school at a rogue underground military facility near Aberdeen Military base in Maryland where during an experiment a psychic hole was torn open in his Pineal Gland forming a psychic supernatural tunnel to paranormal Dimensional worlds gaining access to strange psychic, telekinesis, remote viewing powers where he traveled back through time traveling a celestial “reincarnation route” back to the middle ages where he became a member the Knights Templars as a Trumpet Templar Minstrel.
16 Mar 2017
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Vega Kazinskaya sent in Omsk region, to find her classmate, whom she accidentally saw the video of the parcels from unknown little girl. In the video, people were not alive and not dead in an abandoned house. Vega easily penetrated into a world where there is no other way but to join the rest of the participants of this curse...
11 Mar 2017
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Have you ever been to the Monkey Beach Dive Site in Puerto Galera Philippines? If not, let me show you one of the most beautiful scuba diving site there is. The Monkey Beach. In this video you’ll see the awesome scenery underwater and understand why this is a perfect place to go scuba diving in Puerto Galera. The Monkey Beach dive site in Puerto Galera has a gradual slope to 18 meters in a sandy bottom, you will find a 20 feet long yacht laying on her port side and home for Anthias, Damselfish, Snapper, Batfish, Moorish Idol, Gobies and Basslets. Wrasses, Trigger, Puffer fish, Cods and Lionfish are also common in this area. Scorpion Fish and Nudibranch can also be seen along the hull. When the current is present, there are Sweetlips, common Jacks and Emperor Fish patrolling the area hunting for their prey. In mid-water, there are school of Fusiliers and Long Jawed Mackerel swimming randomly that makes this dive site more alive. Here at Monkey Beach a short drift over densely populated hard and soft coral reef can be done where, Banded Sea snake, Moray Eel, and Green Sea Turtle can also be part of your dive while cruising along. Generally, the current flow can be from east or Westside of this dive site bringing you further without exerting effort while kicking. If this is a site you would like to visit, BADLADZ Scuba Diving goes to this location as one of our dive spots in Puerto Galera. Cheers, Sean
9 Mar 2017
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Few years ago Dustin had a strange happening in the local swamp. He usually goes hunting there and most of the times everything goes just fine but that day something unusual has happen. Dustin was attacked by a strange creature and he barely stayed alive from this happening. From that day until now, Dustin is wondering what that was, what creature attacked him that night? Definitely it wasn't something normal and seen before but the fact is that it was something big and dangerous!
8 Mar 2017
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Atif Aslam & Maher Zain - I'm Alive HD
4 Mar 2017
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Could You Be Loved Bob Marley Could you be loved and be loved? Could you be loved and be loved? Don't let them fool ya, Or even try to school ya! Oh, no! We've got a mind of our own, So go to hell if what you're thinking is not right! Love would never leave us alone, A-yin the darkness there must come out to light. Could you be loved and be loved? Could you be loved, wo now! and be loved? (The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too, So while you point your fingers someone else is judging you) Love your brotherman! (Could you be, could you be, could you be loved? Could you be, could you be loved? Could you be, could you be, could you be loved? Could you be, could you be loved?) Don't let them change ya, oh! Or even rearrange ya! Oh, no! We've got a life to live. They say: only, only, Only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, Stay alive! Eh! Could you be loved and be loved? Could you be loved, wo now! and be loved? (You ain't gonna miss your water until your well runs dry; No matter how you treat him, the man will never be satisfied.) Say something! (Could you be, could you be, could you be loved? Could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! Say something! (Could you be, could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! (Could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! Say something! (Say something!) Say something! Say something! (Could you be loved?) Say something! Say something! Reggae, reggae! Say something! Rockers, rockers! Say something! Reggae, reggae! Say something! Rockers, rockers! Say something! (Could you be loved?) Say something! Uh! Say something! Come on! Say something! (Could you be, could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! (Could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! (Could you be, could you be, could you be loved?) Say something! (Could you be, could you be loved?)
22 Feb 2017
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House / Deep House / Nu Disco 2nd Session 2016 This session was recorded in July 2016 by Dj Dias, the style is House. If you enjoy it please don't forget to leave some feed back and follow my social networks, thanks. Tracklist 1 SUNSHINE by LOKY WAXY 2 SCREAM FOR PLEASURE by CROATIA SQUAD 3 RYTHM OF THE NIGHT by FEDDE LE GRAND 4 MONEY ONLY by RAMON KREISLER 5 THE BOY IS MINE by PASCAL JUNIOR 6 YOUVE BEEN CHEATING by SUPERDANSE 7 SEX by GREGOR SALTO REMIX 8 AHH! SMASHING BEAT by SAMUELE SARTINI 9 ALL I WANNA DO by SURF & MART 10 BLACK BETTY by JL & AFTERMAN 11 ALIVE by PROXY BROWN
13 Feb 2017
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Crocodile attacks zebra
10 Feb 2017
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Carpet cleaners in Winters Ca? E&R Carpet is the name to remember! Call 449-8757 now and keep hope alive by having E&R Carpet do your carpet cleaning!
9 Feb 2017
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A cat owner in Shenyang, Liaoning province in China was shocked when his pet gave birth to a two-headed, three-eyed kitten. Xiao Wei, the owner, claimed that the kitten was alive and in a healthy condition, reports The Star via AsiaOne. However, he is unsure about how long the kitten will live. Despite having two heads and two mouths, the kitten can only eat using one of them. When Xiao uploaded a photo of the kitten on Weibo, it quickly went viral. Netizens were relieved that the kitten was able to feed but hoped it would be able to live longer. | Stomp
7 Feb 2017
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बच्ची गुड़िया बच्चों के लिए एक इंजेक्शन उपचार रखो कार्टून और एनिमेशन लाइफ बार्बी motorhome। ट्रेलर, रसोई फर्नीचर, बेडरूम बार्बी, स्टेफी, केन स्टेसी लड़कियों के लिए समीक्षा खिलौने: बार्बी गुड़िया, स्टेफी, और CPMP बच्ची गुड़िया एनीमेशन, मकान और महल, नाटक सेट और रसोई फर्नीचर, छोटे जानवरों और टट्टू, इंटरैक्टिव और संगीत नायकों कार्टून और परियों की कहानियों, और भी बहुत कुछ .. बच्चों, शैक्षिक कार्टून, नई संचरण, खिलौना के बारे में वीडियो, मजेदार कहानियां, अच्छी कहानियों, शैक्षिक खेल और दिलचस्प खिलौने के लिए वीडियो। गुड़िया, घरों, कारों, कुत्तों, घोड़ों और बार्बी श्रृंखला के दूसरे खेलने के सेट: हम रोचक और मूल खिलौने का एक बड़ा संग्रह इकट्ठा करने की कोशिश करेंगे। हम सर्वेक्षणों करते हैं, नए खिलौने और गुड़िया के साथ दिलचस्प, शैक्षिक कार्टून unpacking हमारे बच्चों के चैनल में, आप अपने पसंदीदा कार्टून चरित्रों के साथ बच्चों को कहानियों के लिए एक सुपर vlogs देखेंगे, पेचीदा चुनौती, unpacking आश्चर्य और नए खिलौने। गेंदों Orbiz और Geli शौकीन के साथ खेल निकालें। यहाँ आप एक गुड़िया बच्चे कूपन, बार्बी गुड़िया और विभिन्न सामान देखेंगे। प्लास्टिसिन खेलने DOH पूरी तरह से अपनी मां के साथ खेलने के लिए उपयुक्त। Unpacking दयालु आश्चर्य मेरी पसंदीदा गतिविधियों में से एक है। बच्ची गुड़िया खिलौना, gudiya khilona, बच्चों के लिए खिलौने, बच्चे के खिलौने, बच्चो के खिलोना का बजार बताई, बच्चों का खिलौना, बच्चों के खिलौने, बच्चे गुड़िया, बच्ची गुड़िया, छोटे बच्चे का कार्टून गुड़िया, gudiya ka, बच्चों यूट्यूब, nenuco गुड़िया, nenuco बच्ची, बच्चे बदलने के लिए, बच्चों के चैनल, детская साथ खेल रहा है, बच्चे जिंदा, खिलौना, बच्चे को कपड़े, बचो का खीलोनै, गुड़िया, Barbie, बच्चों का नाटक हिन्दी में, गुड़िया फर्नीचर, बार्बी बच्चे, unknown, गुड़िया कपड़े मज़ा, खिलौने, सुपर, हीरो, एल्सा, बच्चे, बार्बी, गुड़िया, nenuco, जिंदा, खेलो, रसोई, डिज्नी, muñecos, ज़र्द-doh, juguete, juego, brinquedos, राजकुमारी, mlp, पेप, papig, spielzeug, खिलौना, समीक्षा, आश्चर्य, अंडे, के, लिए, दयालु, fun, toys, super, hero, elsa, kids, barbie, doll, dolls, baby, alive, play, kitchen, disney, paly-doh, juguete, juego, princess, p
5 Feb 2017
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