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Anyone, please tell me how the f*ck is that trash still alive and intact after so many angry bulls charged at him with the intension to kill?
4 Apr 2018
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It was a surprise at a kindergarten, a huge alive Easter bunny. Instead of getting excited and happy the children were terrified and created a horror situation.
2 Apr 2018
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He is coming back very soon
30 Mar 2018
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the big red machine vs the dead man who will win and who will be buried alive find out in this video
30 Mar 2018
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I don’t know how that man agreed to wear that helmet even if it is bulletproof. Somehow, if the gunman missed the target, he would be dead.
27 Mar 2018
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Watch as this man makes your day with laughter
26 Mar 2018
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This rooster is the largest cock alive in the whole world. The breed he belongs to is called Brahma and this is the largest chicken breed in the world.
13 Mar 2018
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11 Mar 2018
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GO RICHH Hair Shampoo & Conditioner are an amazing products which provide nutrition to hair and scalp and fights against dandruff, dirt and other hair related problems. These can be used by both males and females. These herbal hair products penetrates scalp and protect hair roots by providing nourishment, nourishes whole shaft and make them smooth, shiny and healthy. These consist of many useful and wonderful herbs which work amazingly. These also help in baldness, premature grey hair and hair loss.
10 Mar 2018
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4 Awesome Videos That Make You Hap
8 Mar 2018
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How To Exercise Your Brain, How To Improve Brain Memory, Can You Improve Your Memory, Memory Help. Stress Relief, With the hectic pace of modern day life everyone is looking for ways to reduce stress. From long hours at work and caring for children or elderly parents to information overload and fears about the worsening recession people have a lot to worry about, but sometimes the stress gets to be too much and can have adverse effects on sleeping, eating and one's overall health. Reducing the stress in your life can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being, and one way to achieve stress reduction is through guided meditation and meditation with brainwave entrainment technology. Since the mid-1800's scientists and researchers have experimented with sound waves, in particular binaural beats and isochronic tones, to try to guide the brain into a specific frequency using pulses of sound that can stir productivity and creativity or cause feelings of calm and relaxation. The practice of brain training and brainwave entrainment are not entirely new but the use of computer generated pulses and tones has become more popular of late since the results from isochronic tones have proven to be more effective than binaural beats. By exposing the brain to special computer generated tones that are pulsed at a specific rhythmic frequency, the brain will synchronize its own electrical impulses to that same frequency. This means the brain becomes "entrained", or matched, to the specific frequency of the pulses, which gives you the ability to choose the primary frequency you want to experience in your brain. By guiding the brain into deeper (slower) frequency brainwave patterns, you can induce a profoundly deep state of relaxation and meditation with almost no effort. But YOU can be different! You can use Genius Brain Power to empower your brain so that you come alive with more energy, learn quicker, think more creatively,
8 Mar 2018
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How To Increase Memory Power, How To Improve Memory Retention, How To Boost Memory Power. Brain Exercises, When people think of exercising it often involves physical exertion to strengthen muscles. The human brain is also an important "muscle" in the body and with the right brain training and brain exercises you can help keep your mind fit, alert and ready to handle the rigors of a typical working day. Often brain exercises come in the form of games that help train the brain improve memory, strategize and think in advance. Some common forms of brain exercise include chess, memory games and mathematical problem solving. Another way to exercise the brain is through brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are computer generated tones that are pulsed at specific frequencies to achieve desired effects such as productivity or relaxation. Although brainwave entrainment is not a new practice -- binaural beats have been used in brain training since the mid-1800's -- the use of computer generated isochronic tones has become more popular lately and are also proving to be more effective in helping people improve their memory and intelligence. Unfortunately when most people stop formal schooling, either by achieving a degree or choosing to drop out, the study habits and brain training that was part of their daily schedule also ends. The memorization and critical thinking that helped get us through school shouldn't have to stop just because a specific goal has been reached. In fact, if you don't keep up with brain exercises your mind will become lazy and won't function in the as sharply as it used to. The fact is, most people will never learn what it REALLY feels like to have their brains operating at a high capacity. They'll haphazardly try a few things, wonder why nothing is working, then go back to their mundane existence. But YOU can be different! You can use Genius Brain Power to empower your brain so that you come alive
8 Mar 2018
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